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Rolex Sea Dweller VS Rolex Submariner

We are often asked questions about the various different diver watches from the most popular luxury watch brands as well as the differences between the different diver watches within a single brand. Our various Rolex dive watch comparisons are made to enable you to make an educated and informed purchase decision about a watch by putting the information in an easy to read format.

Divers are always looking for better equipment. It can be the difference between a successful dive and a catastrophic dive. In some cases having better equipment means you have a better chance of coming out alive. Rolex makes several dive watches that are great for diving. Their oyster cases lock down like a mini-submarine hatch and are pretty much born to take the plunge.

The two Rolex diver watches that we will compare today are the Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller 43mm / Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 VS the Replica Rolex Submariner Date. At first glance or to the untrained eye these watches look almost identical with very few yet subtle aesthetic differences. As we compare the Rolex submariner VS Sea-Dweller in greater detail you will find that they are quite different. Below is a summary of the things that these two watches have in common and the pros and cons describing the features that make each one unique. For your convenience, you can use the buttons below to view the two collections now. Otherwise, proceed with the comparison below.

  • Both of these Rolex watches use the 31-jewel, Rolex Calibre 3135 movement.
  • Both the Submariner Date and the Sea-Dweller 4000 have an approx. 50-hour power reserve. The Sea-Dweller 43mm has a 70-hour power reserve.
  • Black “Cerachrom” bezel insert which is made of a hardened ceramic that is very durable and resistant to scratches. In addition, Cerachrom has great anti-corrosion properties and won’t color fade when exposed to UV rays for long periods of time.
  • Polished stainless steel-rimmed bezel with a ribbed edge for a sure grip.
  • Patented “Triplock” crown which locks the crown down the Oyster case making it as tight as a submarine hatch.
  • Bracelet fitted with the patented Glidelock Extension System buckle – a secure deploying style with adjustments in 2mm increments to a total of 20mm without the need for tools.

The most impressive feature of the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 replica watch and the newer 43mm Sea-Dweller dive watch is the difference in Water Resistance when compared to the Rolex Submariner. While serious diving calls for a minimum of 1650 feet and up of water resistance, the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 boasts a whopping four thousand feet of resistance. See the pros & cons.

Water ResistanceHigher water-resistance of 4000ft / 1220mPrecious Material UsedMatte platinum-coated numbers & graduation indexesVisibilityLong lasting blue luminous materialBezelThe Sea Dweller 4000 features a full 60 seconds on the second track located on bezel itself whereas the Submariner has only 15 seconds printed on the bezel between the 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock position

Price TagSlightly higher price tag.Material OptionsOnly available in a stainless steel case.Case ThicknessThis watch has a thicker case

The one aesthetic difference that stands out the most is the Cyclops magnifier over the date of the Submariner while the Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 is lacking one. However, the newer Rolex Sea-Dweller 43mm does have a cyclops magnifier over the date window. For some people, this may be a deal-breaker since the date magnifier is one of the most widely used and distinct features found on most Rolex watches. There is also the functional value of the magnifier.

At Baselworld 2017, Rolex introduced a new 50th Anniversary edition, a new and larger 43mm Single Red Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller Reference # 126600 which now includes a Cyclops magnifier just like the Sub and has the name Sea-Dweller in red on the dial. This new version uses the Rolex Calibre 3235 movement which has an impressive power reserve of up to 70 hours. It also has the highly legible Chromalit display, a practical feature for an adventure to the abysmal subaquatic depths commonly explored by diving professionals.

Another plus side of the submariner series is that there are many more models in several materials and color combinations compared to the SD 4000 which is only available at the time of writing this in stainless steel with a black dial and black Cherachrom bezel insert. See Pros and Cons:

Price TagSlightly lower price tagDate MagnifierHas the cyclops date magnifierCase ThicknessThis watch has a case that is less thickStylesMore choices of colors & materials

Water ResistanceThe Submariner only has 1000 feet / 300 meters of water resistance which is a quarter of that of the Sea-Dweller which has 4000 feet / 1220 meters of water resistanceBezelOnly a partial minute and second track is displayed on the bezelPower ReserveThe Rolex Submariner Date has a shorter power reserve duration than the Rolex Sea-Dweller 43mm which has come to replace the older Sea-Dweller 4000 models

Series:Oyster Perpetual Submariner DateSea Dweller 4000Sea Dweller 43mm
Model #:116610LN116600126600
Case Material:Stainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Dial Color:BlackBlackBlack
Bracelet/Strap:Stainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Clasp Type:Folding Clasp With Safety LatchFolding Clasp With Safety LatchRolex Folding Oysterlock Safety Clasp
Bezel:Uni-Directional RotatingUni-Directional RotatingUni-Directional Rotating
Crystal:Scratch Resistant SapphireScratch Resistant SapphireScratch Resistant Sapphire
Case Back:SolidSolidSolid
Water Resistance:300m/1000ft4000ft/1220m4000ft/1220m
Case Diameter:40mm40mm43mm
Power Reserve:48 Hours50 Hours70 Hours
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Replica Patek Philippe VS Rolex Watches

Thinking of getting either a Patek or a Rolex watch? Witness as Patek Philippe goes head-to-head with Rolex in one no-joking-around watch brand comparison. Read more to find out which is best.

Let’s Compare Patek Philippe V.S. Rolex

Oftentimes we get asked: “Which is better, a Patek Philippe or a Rolex watch?”

Since this question can have all sorts of different contexts, there are many answers.

Let’s see how Rolex and Patek compare against one another in every which way, shall we?

Replica Patek Philippe

ACHIEVEMENTS: Their many notable achievements include literally inventing the wristwatch, for example, creating the Patek Philippe Calibre 89 which is one of the world’s most complicated wristwatches with 33 complications and much more are a few good reasons to give them the respect they truly deserve. Patek Philippe has been leading in innovation and is considered one of the “Trinity” watchmakers.

BRAND PRESTIGE: Patek Philippe’s the third most recognized brand of Swiss-made watches in the world with only two of the less prestigious, yet more widely known brands (Omega watches and Rolex) ahead of them at the #2 and #1 positions. 

There are many that would boldly declare that Patek Philippe is the “Rolls Royce” of Swiss watches or even call it “a Rich Man’s Rolex”. Patek Philippe’s brand value was estimated in 2016 to be at 1,885,000,000 CHF according to Interbrand, an agency which measures brand value and recognition of Switzerland’s top 50 brands.

CLIENTELE: Since 1839, (over 178 years) Patek Philippe has built an empire of super high-end watches which are worn by royalty, dignitaries, Fortune 500 CEO’s and top C-Suite executives, millionaires and billionaires the world over. There is a reason that the brand has such terrific prestige. It has lots to do with their ingenuity and innovations but also has a lot to do with how they solidified their brand’s position at the top of the luxury watch market.

BRAND MESSAGE: Their famous slogan from their iconic ad campaign goes: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You Merely look after it for the next generation.” An ad campaign that they’ve been running for over 20 years, and for good reasons too. As weird as it sounds, their ads don’t even advertise watches, they advertise family heirlooms that retain value. Patek Philippe watches can actually transfer value and oftentimes appreciate over generations.

RESALE VALUE: Patek Philippe’s watches are known to either hold their value or even appreciate over time. Patek Philippe has one of the highest resell values among their competitors with the exception of Rolex. So there is much truth to their campaign slogan, it’s an accurate description of their products. Patek Philippe arguably owns the top-tier of high-horology.

Once, the most expensive watches ever sold was a Patek Philippe with many complications and sold for over 11 million dollars, second only to a Rolex that was worn by Paul Newman. Whereas one gets its value from the fact that an actor wore it, the other gets its value from the fact that they create watches that are considered masterpieces to any master watchmaker.

Replica Rolex watch

ACHIEVEMENTS: Rolex was founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905 and is today, the one luxury watch brand that everyone in the world knows by name even though they are quite the young brand compared to Patek Philippe. That’s quite an achievement. They set out to create tool watches that are practical and make those impressively accurate with their superlative chronometers.

BRAND PRESTIGE: Rolex is the #1 most recognized and valuable Swiss watch brand in the world. Out of the top 50 Swiss companies in the world, Rolex is the 3rd most valuable Swiss brand.

Rolex is the most recognizable and valuable luxury watch brand with many celebrity endorsements over the years.Rolex’s brand value was estimated in 2016 to be at 7,387,000,000 CHF according to Interbrand, an agency that benchmarks Swiss brands to determine the top 50. So you will probably turn a lot of heads and get quite a few comments on your watch if you’re wearing one.

CLIENTELE: For over 113 years, Rolex had impressed watch collectors around the world and has attracted many high profile customers which include Hollywood celebrities such as actors and music artists. The people that tend to purchase a Rolex watch are usually the types that have a high appreciation for tough watches but also like the attention that comes with wearing one from a famous brand. On the downside, Rolex is also the most knocked-off luxury watch brand.

BRAND MESSAGE: Rolex gives off a very different message with their branding than most watchmakers. They pride themselves on being the watch that made it to the highest point on planet earth and the lowest depths underwater known to man. Their brand message is that of adventure and a watch that you can count on during these expeditions. They are indeed backing it up with built-to-last craftsmanship and have the longest warranty period in the industry with their 5-year warranty.

RESALE VALUE: Another area where Rolex comes out at the very top is resale value. There is no other watch brand that holds its value like Rolex. However, Rolex and Patek Philippe both will usually fetch a higher percentage of your principal investment compared to most brands.

Of course, when it comes to resale value, you can’t paint a brand with a broad brush. It will always depend on the watch itself, the condition it’s in, if it is still under warranty, if it has all the original documents and other variables. There are also times when a Rolex appreciates in value. For example, Paul Newman’s Rolex sold and at Phillips Auction for 17.8 million dollars

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Copy IWC and Replica Rolex

Let’s compare these two brands from many angles and through many lenses to find out if Rolex or IWC is the brand for you.

IWC VS Rolex | In-Depth Comparison

We are often asked questions such as “What’s better, IWC or Rolex?” This is not the type of question that can be answered directly without understanding the context of the question. This question has many contexts and therefore could mean any of the following questions:

“Which brand is more prestigious?”
“Which brand has a better warranty?”
“Which brand makes better watches?”
“Which brand has higher resale value?”
“Which watch brand is more expensive?”
“Which brand makes more durable watches?”
“Which brand makes more accurate watches?”
“Which brand produces more complicated watches?”

Today we will look at Replica Rolex and Replica IWC and Review them through unique lenses that address each of these questions. Once these are answered you can draw your own conclusions and determine for yourself which is best.

Rolex most recently has upped their warranty period to 5 years which is more than 200% longer than any other watchmaker in the industry besides for Omega watches which since recently all come with a 5-year warranty. Either way, you look at it Rolex has the best warranty in the business. Furthermore, Rolex also says that their period between servicing is 10 years and no other watchmaker comes close to that.

The fact is that Rolex stands behind their products longer than anyone else in the business and goes above & beyond to deliver exceptional value with the purchase of any Rolex watch; a long-term value that outshines any other brand.

IWC, on the other hand, offers that same 2-year warranty that almost every Swiss watchmaker offers.

Both IWC and Rolex offer great craftsmanship with beautifully finished mechanical movements, however, IWC is more likely to flaunt their work by using transparent case backs. Rolex, on the other hand, only has watches with solid case backs which is kind of a shame since they do makeexcellent mechanical calibers.

It also gives you a subtle hint as to what demographic they are catering to. Some even go as far as to say that people who only wear Rolexes are usually not 100% in it for the horology and mechanical marvels of watchmaking but rather for the public recognition of what they are wearing on their wrist. Then again there are others who completely disagree with that and love the fact that Rolex builds very durable and accurate watches. The same cannot be said about IWC which is a highly recognized brand but at the same time, it is recognized more within the watchmaking and watch collecting community. Some might even call it a more refined brand of watch.

It is also very important to note that Rolex produces all its calibers in-house. IWC, on the other hand, will more-often-than-not use ébauche calibers which are a template of sorts made by a 3rdparty and then adjust them in-house to built them up as they see fit.

IWC also produces in-house calibers but unless they specifically say that it is an in-house movement, you can bet that someone else such as ETA (i.e the famous Valjoux movement) or Sellita made it (for the most part). There isn’t anything wrong with using ébauche calibers. Most watchmakers do…but a certain amount of prestige is attributed to watchmakers that can do everything in-house.

Rolex is by far the winner here. No other watchmaker has as high of an average resale value compared to Rolex. Not even the likes of the “holy trinity” of watchmakers (Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin & Audemars Piguet). Watches are very similar to other mechanical products such as vehicles in the sense that as soon as you use it once, it lost a good chunk of its value.

An entry-level Rolex watch will cost about 150% more than the cheapest IWC watch. On the plus side, you can acquire an iconic IWC watch such as the IWC Pilot’s watch Mark XVIII 40mm Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) for substantially less than that of the most affordable iconic Rolex watch such as the Submariner which will cost about double the price of the most an affordable iconic IWC watches.

Most watch enthusiasts, watchmakers, and serious collectors would tell you without any hesitation that Rolex is a different type of watch than IWC. It is more utilitarian; a tool watch of sorts. Whereas IWC is a more refined watch that shows impeccable class and good taste. This resulted in Rolex achieving a 100% international brand recall whereas IWC isn’t anywhere near that. Rolex is, in fact, the most valuable watch brand in the world according to Interbrand, a brand valuation agency that rates the most valuable and recognized Swiss brands; many which are watchmakers. Rolex is the #1 most recognized luxury watch brand in the world. IWC is the 9th most recognized Swiss watchmaker in the world (which is also very impressive).

Some even go as far to say that if you want to impress your average layman, wear a Rolex but IWC is a watch to wear to impress a watchmaker or serious collector. The difference is not only seen in the brand positioning and marketing efforts of both brands but also in the public’s perception of each brand. Rolex pushes their brand aggressively and with many impressive ads that promulgate a desirable and often attainable item to the average person. You can see this in the very publications where their ads are placed. Their target demographic is basically everyone and everywhere. Doing this creates this desire in the public eye for something expensive and give one the illusion of success if they manage to purchase one.

I know this may sound like I’m beating on Replica Rolex watch but I’m not. I’m just explaining what happens when a brand with the magnitude of Rolex aggressively advertises their products to anyone and everyone. To be perfectly fair towards Rolex, none of what I said takes away from the fact that Rolex has literally perfected their watches in ways that no other watchmaker has in history. We will discuss this further in this article with comparisons in precision, craftsmanship, durability, and warranty. It’s just important to discern the difference between watchmaking know-how and the marketing side of the industry.

This is another area where Rolex shines brightly. More so too with their sports models such as the Submariner, Deep-Sea, Sea-Dweller, Explorer, GMT Master II, Explorer II, Daytona, Milgauss. Many watch enthusiasts will wear Rolexes as a “beater”; that everyday watch that takes all the hits. Why? Because as they advertise: “No one will ever test a Rolex like Rolex.”

They literally test their watches to extremes that no human being can withstand. The same cannot be said with the same of IWC Schaffhausen watches. If I were to drop both watches (which would never happen willingly), my money is on Rolex 10 out of 10 times.

Rolex has many a procedure in their quality control testing that places the watch in a situation such as shock which will usually destroy a mechanical caliber. However, their “Crash Test” uses 20 different drop tests and another called the “belier” which is literally a battering ram which delivers an impactful slam equivalent to 5,000 G. This is 100’s of times the intensity of the crashes used in testing motor vehicles. The watch needs to stay unharmed and 100% operational afterward and still have the highest of accuracy regardless. Would I dare put a battering ram to an IWC? Heck NO! Not even if you paid me. They are just far too precious to even take that chance. Rolex also performs many other tests including the depth of water resistance and are just as brutal in any other tests that they perform.

Again, an area where Rolex takes home the gold against IWC. Rolex has started bestowing all their watches with the Superlative Chronometer designation which is about 250% more accurate than the COSC Chronometer designation, the highest 3rd party designation attributed to the most accurate of watches. Whereas a COSC certified Chronometer has to have a minimum tolerance of deviation of -4/+6 seconds per day, a Superlative Chronometer first gets a COSC certificate, then the movement is cased and tested again until it achieves an accuracy rating of -2/+2 seconds per day.

Finally, a topic where IWC outshines Rolex! IWC Schaffhausen manufacture many watches which have “high complications” a horological term for extra features and often combinations of extra features other than simply telling time. Watches such as the solid platinum Replica IWC Grande Complications which offers a Chronograph, Perpetual Calendar, Minute Repeater and Moon phase all-in-one are a great example of a high-complications watch and come with a $283,000 price tag.

Simply put: IWC gets to flex their watchmaking muscles and show what they can really do (mechanically speaking) in this area and this is one of the main reasons why serious “watch-people” typically love them more than Rolex.

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Replica Ulysse Nardin VS Rolex watch

Once in a while we are asked questions like: “What’s better, a Ulysse Nardin or a Rolex watch?”. How can you compare two incomparable brands?

In this side-by-side comparison and review of Replica Ulysse Nardin and Replica Rolex we will try to answer the most common contexts in which this question is asked.

Ulysse Nardin VS Rolex
In-Depth Comparison
Let’s begin by listing a few of the many contexts in which “Which is best?” can easily be meant:

For your convenience, we’ll also list the general question categories. Click on any of the links below to jump to the section with questions discussing:

Which is a more valuable and more popular brand Rolex or Ulysse Nardin?
According to a report by Interbrand, Rolex has a brand value estimated at 7,387 million CHF (Swiss Francs) and is the 3rd most popular Swiss brand in the world. Nescafe and Nestle are the only two that surpass them. (Almost everyone consumes coffee and chocolate but not everyone has a Rolex.)

The above report covered the 50 most popular Swiss brands which included watch brands but wasn’t a report exclusively about Swiss watchmakers per se. A report from the year before Interbrand’s report was published covered just the top 20 Swiss watch brands. This Swiss watch brand report was published by BV4, a firm of brand valuation experts.

In this report, Rolex is once again the most popular and valuable brand and Ulysse Nardin is not found in the top 20. Mind you, that doesn’t change the fact that Ulysse Nardin is a master-watchmaker and manufactures incredibly well-made watches. They just fell short in a brand popularity contest of sorts and lots of that has to do with their marketing & advertising.

This is one of those cases where the younger brand (Rolex) has the upper hand. While typically in watchmaking, the most respected watchmakers are usually very old very established brands such as Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet, for example. Ulysse Nardin is over 50 years older than Rolex yet, Rolex has built an incredibly valuable brand as a watchmaker.

Which is more durable Ulysse Nardin or Rolex watches?
Ulysse Nardin has fine watches and they are built well but how would they stand up against Rolex’s patented Paraflex shock absorbers which are found in many of their watches? Or how the bezels stand against Rolex’s proprietary Cerachrom bezel inserts which are highly scratch resistant and impervious the discoloration associated with prolonged UV ray exposure?

Rolex has invested tremendous resources into improving their watches for day to day use and design many watches made for people with active lifestyles.  Many luxury watch collectors who own many fine watches including those from Ulysse Nardin also own a Rolex which they will use as their go-to every day “Beater” watch.

Ulysse Nardin, on the other hand, has beautifully finished movements and they put a lot of work in the craftsmanship and aesthetics of their movements and in terms of appearance, they are often more pleasing to the eye. In most cases,  several different finishing techniques are used on their calibers and the various plates within to allow them to really shine. 

Which has better water resistance Rolex or Ulysse Nardin?
Both Ulysse Nardin and Rolex have excellent diver watches equipped with enough water resistance for diving enthusiasts (enthusiasts being the operative word here) The Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver, for example, has a water resistance rating of up to 300m/1000ft which is adequate for impact sports such as board diving, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming.

What about diving professionals? What about some deep-sea diving? What if I want to touch the ocean bed at its deepest point known to man? Between Rolex and Ulysse Nardin, who has the best water-resistant watch (period)? Rolex has. While Ulysse Nardin does have one watch that is particularly better than their standard diving watches, this is, of course, the Ulysse Nardin Deep Dive 46mm which has 1000m/3300ft of water resistance the Rolex Deepsea and has 3900m/12800ft of water resistance. That’s nearly 4 times the water resistance compared to the most water resistant Ulysse Nardin watch.

Which is more accurate, a Rolex or Ulysse Nardin watch?
Let’s start with a primer on how accuracy is graded in the watch industry. At the moment the highest 3rd party designation for accuracy is the Chronometer designation which is issued by COSC. This designation means that your mechanical movement is precise within -4/+6 seconds per day.

Ulysse Nardin is famous for their Marine Chronometers which throughout history allowed ship captains navigate the great waters of this earth using charts that required very precise maneuvers which needed to be timed to perfection.

So, in terms of a question like “Are all Ulysse Nardin watches COSC certified Chronometers?” Most of their collections of men’s watches are such as the Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer, GMT Perpetual Calendars, even many of the watches in the Maxi Marine Diver collection. There are few exceptions though it’s always good to check that it comes with a COSC certificate if accuracy is a concern for you.

Rolex, on the other hand, has taken their precision testing a step beyond the standard COSC certificate. After receiving their movement back from COSC, they place the now COSC certified Rolex calibers in a case and put them through another series of tests which regulates them to even higher accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day at which point they give their own designation of Superlative Chronometer. All Rolex watches made these days (except for the Cellini collection) have this higher level of accuracy.

Who has more complicated watches, Ulysse Nardin or Rolex?
Ulysse Nardin and Rolex are both very skilled watchmakers. However, when it comes to what the industry calls ‘Haute Horlogerie’ or high horology …simply put: watches with high complications, Rolex falls short.

Ulysse Nardin, on the other hand, has plenty of watches with high complications such as a Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar watch or even a mechanical Alarm complication. They can be found in the following collections:

What’s more affordable, a Ulysse Nardin watch or a Rolex?
In terms of their most affordable watches and considering the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, the cheapest Rolex is the Oyster Perpetual 39mm which starts at $200 according to the Rolex price list and comes on a stainless-steel bracelet.

The most affordable Ulysse Nardin watch is the Lady Classico at a list price of $200 and for the men, there is the Marine Chronometer Torpilleur both with a list price of $200. Both watches come on a leather strap. A Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer Torpilleur on a steel bracelet would run you about another $200.

What’s more expensive, a Rolex or a Ulysse Nardin watch?
On the higher end of each brand, you’ll find some expensive watches such as diamond-encrusted Ulysse Nardin tourbillon watches for over $1,000,000 and for Rolex fans you’ll find Platinum Rolexes with Diamond Bezels with 6-figure price tags.

Which holds its value more, a Ulysse Nardin or a Rolex?
Typically, a Rolex has a higher average resale value, more than any other brand in the business for that matter. There is more demand for a Rolex since it is a more widely known brand and they produce a very large quantity of watches each year. Their estimated output is estimated at about 2,000 watches per day.

Of course, there are always many variables that get considered with the valuation of a pre-owned watch. The things that are considered include and are not limited to the following:

  • the model itself (think limited edition, rare production flaws etc.)
  • the demand for a specific model (such as Rolex submersibles)
  • if it includes original papers and boxes, warranty cards etc.
  • if it is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • the condition the watch is in
  • if it was ever serviced and by whom it was serviced
  • the wear and tear on the straps

Many people say they want to “invest” in a luxury watch. It is not recommended to ever look at a fine watch as an investment. Watches are not the kinds of assets that usually appreciate. They do maintain a certain amount of their tangible value but should not be compared to any type of tradition security or investment.

They are like a vehicle in the sense that as soon as you use it, you can already expect it to lose a percentage of its purchase value. Yes, there are watches that have appreciated in value and have sometimes even more than doubled in value. However, these are few and far between and you should never count on this happening.

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Top ten day-date watches

This post on the best day-date watches 2020 looks at one of the most universal and practical types of replica watches, with just time indications, plus the date, and the day written in full at the top of the dial in a segment-circular window. All the essential information, shown clearly and legibly. There aren’t all that many versions of this watch pattern. Here is a selection, starting with the grand-daddy of day-date watches (Rolex), and then with other similar models in approximate ascending price order.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date

The day date watch is very much a Rolex thing. The brand launched this configuration in 1956, and since then it has always been exclusively in gold or platinum, with smooth or fluted bezel, and diamond-set versions. At 36 mm it is ideal for men who like a smallish watch, and for women. The days of the week are available in many different languages. It has the classic Rolex features, such as the cyclops lens over the date, the Oyster case waterproof to 100 metres depth, with hermetically-screwed caseback, and winding crown with the Twinlock double waterproofing system. It is powered by the Calibre 3155 movement, which has the brand’s own Parachrom balance spring, made from an anti-magnetic alloy. Prices start at about €200.

Tissot T-One

Tissot make this watch in paired versions, men’s and women’s, for occasions such as engagements, marriages and anniversaries. Reference T0384301105700, this version has a black leather strap, stainless steel case, the ETA 2834-2 movement, and black dial. 38.5 mm diameter in the men’s version. Price €480, available from the Tissot online store

Certina DS-1 Day-Date

Certina is a brand with a long history, as suggested by the date 1888 below the brand name on the dial. The dial, black or silver, is simple and well-balanced, with separate tracks for minutes and fifths of seconds, baton-shaped hour indices, day at the top and date at the bottom. The 39 mm case houses an automatic movement made by ETA, the Calibre 2834-2 with about 38-40 hours power reserve. The winding rotor can be viewed through the sapphire caseback. The case is in stainless steel. There are three versions, reference C006.430.16.081.00 with anthracite dial and leather strap, C006.430.11.051.00 with black dial and steel bracelet, and C006.430.11.031.00 with silver-finish dial and steel bracelet. Price starts at about €695. More info from

Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Vintage Day/Date

The Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Vintage Day/Date is part of the brand’s upward move in the field of watches. Famous for their Swiss Army knives, the brand now makes timepieces with mechanical movements, and this combines the military pilot’s watch look with the day/date function. This is an interesting entry-level piece, though I’m not sure whether it’s still available in official boutiques. On Amazon you can purchase it new at €200.

Hamilton Pilot Khaki Pilot Day Date

The Hamilton Pilot Khaki Pilot Day Date, reference H 64615135, is an attractive combination of the classic pilot’s watch, with a 42 mm dial, large chunky hands with loads of SuperLuminova, an hour scale cleverly positioned so that the skeleton tip of the hour hand corresponds exactly to the hours, a minute hand with its own scale at the edge of the watch, and the day and date windows. The Calibre 2834-2 movement can be seen through the sapphire caseback. It is a classic ETA movement providing 38-40 hours power reserve, and it also provides the hacking seconds function for the central seconds hand. The watch is a 2013 piece, and its price is around €980. It appeared in the movie Interstellar worn by Matthew McConaughey. Info

Raymond Weil Freelancer

The Freelancer by Raymond Weil is an automatic day-date watch in steel, reference 2720-ST-20021, 42 mm in diameter, 10.2 mm thickness. The watch has an automatic movement providing 38 hours power reserve. It has a sapphire caseback and 100 metres water resistance. The dial has a clou de Paris area at the centre. About €1,525. Info from

Tudor Glamour Date-Day

Tudor make several day-date watches, such as the Glamour Date-Day, reference 56003-68063. This piece is 39 mm in diameter, in steel and yellow gold. The two metals are also used for the double bezel and the bracelet; the dial is champagne colour. The case is waterproof to 100 metres. The automatic movement, calibre 2834, has a power reserve of about 38 hours. Another version is the Glamour Date-Day reference 56000, in steel, with feuille hands. Price about €1,580. Info

Maurice Lacroix Pontos Day/Date

Maurice Lacroix make the Pontos Day/Date, with the days of the week closer to the centre of the dial than the previous models. This piece, reference PT6158-SS001-03E, has a 40-mm dial, with various finishes available. The automatic ML155 movement provides 38 hours power reserve, and it is visible through the sapphire caseback. Price around €300. More info from

Paul Picot Gentleman Arc-en-Ciel 40 mm

This watch has a slightly different layout, with the day shown to the left of the 12 o’clock numeral, balanced by the label “Gentleman” on the other side. The days are in different colours, while the date is shown on a window with space for three numbers at the bottom of the dial. The case is 42 mm in diameter, reference P205.SG.3601, price about €157

Omega Constellation Co-Axial Day-Date 38 mm

The Omega Constellation Co-Axial Day-Date 38 mm has a similar layout, except that the date is at 6 o’clock, and this watch has a transparent caseback. The bezel features the “griffes” or claws motif on each side, moulded into the red gold bezel. The bracelet is in stainless steel and gold, with a silver dial. The transparent caseback reveals the co-axial 8602-calibre movement, providing 55 hours’ power reserve. Like the Rolex, this piece is water resistant to 100 metres. Reference, with many different versions available in different case and strap materials. Prices from about €100. Info from

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What is the repair method of the Used Tudor Watch

Watch repair can be said to make each of our watch friends need to be familiar with. With the function of repairing watches, we can solve our watch problem in an emergency. We have introduced the maintenance methods of other watch brands before. Next, we mainly focus on the rudder watch. What is the maintenance method of the Used Tudor Watch.

If you don’t have a little skill in repairing watches, you can’t say that you are a senior watch fan. When we use watches everyday, we will inevitably encounter some accidents, such as some small bumps, the watch doesn’t go away, and so on. If you blindly go to other watch repair points when transporting these problems, you will probably be trapped. Especially when our watch is such an expensive watch as the rudder, our repair can’t be more careless.

Generally, the Replica watch is cleaned by ultrasonic, the case is opened and the normal function of the battery in the rudder movement is maintained. If the internal parts of the watch are broken, they need to be replaced. The internal parts of the watch are relatively high. The specific price is determined according to the price of the watch. The more expensive the watch is, the higher the maintenance cost. Therefore, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the watch at ordinary times. Generally, the ultrasonic machine is used for cleaning for a period of time. Do not open the back of the watch at will to avoid the dust movement that affects the normal operation of the watch. Do not put the watch in the camphor pill in the wardrobe, so the oil deteriorates the watch. Don’t put your watch on the amplifier, stereo or TV to avoid magnetization. Mechanical watches and watches that are not worn for a long time should be placed at intervals.

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Ballon Bleu de Cartier

Although it’s less than 10 years old, Replica watch Cartier’s iconic Ballon Bleu de Cartier wristwatch has the look, feel, and presence of a watch with a long, interesting history.

Designed to appeal to both used watches men and women, the Ballon Bleu is a modern, elegant view that’s immediately recognizable as a Cartier fake watches . The unique rounded case, Roman numeral dial, and the signature blue sapphire crown give the Ballon Bleu a distinct, eye-catching appearance.
It’s no surprise, then, that the Ballon Bleu de Audemars has attracted the attention of everyone from Johnny Depp to Kate Middleton. Unlike other watches, which are exclusively created for women or men, the actual Ballon Bleu looks great on both men and women.

From its introduction in 2007 until today, the particular Ballon Bleu has drawn a great deal of attention from enjoy enthusiasts. Below, we’ll look at three notable Ballon Bleu references and study what makes this famous Cartier see so special.
With its 44mm stainless steel situation, the Ballon Bleu W6920079 is a large, eye-catching observe with a great deal of presence on the wrist. Designed for men, typically the W6920079 has a fairly thick 14. 8mm case that solidifies the commanding looks.

Like some other Ballon Bleu de Cartier models, often the W6920079 features a Roman numeral dial. This model also features a chronograph with the 30-minute register at three o’clock and a seconds subdial in six o’clock.

The W6920079 uses a Audemars Calibre 8101 MC movement, with a 42-hour power reserve. The date window is at nine o’clock within the dial. Thanks to its large size, bold black dial as well as crocodile leather strap, the exact Ballon Bleu W6920079 is arguably one of Cartier’s most masculine watches.
The actual Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 / 3001 is an elegant men’s casual look at that combines Cartier’s famous design with 18k yellow gold/stainless steel. With a 42mm circumstance, the W69009Z3 / 3001 fits most wrists comfortably.

The Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 / 3001 combines a silver dial and stainless steel case with an 18k gold and stainless-steel bracelet. Like other Ballon Bleu de Cartier models, it features a Roman numeral dial, this time with a date window from three o’clock.

The W69009Z3 / 3001 uses a Cartier Calibre 049 automatic motion, offering approximately 38 hours of usage fully wound. With its precious metal and stainless crown and also bracelet, simple but elegant dial, along with moderate size, the Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 is a great all-around casual check out.
The Ballon Bleu W69012Z4 / 3001 is a simple, timeless take on Cartier’s iconic sit back and watch. With its silver Roman numeral dial, 42mm stainless steel event, and matching bracelet, the very W69012Z4 includes all that’s great about the Ballon Bleu de Audemars into an excellent all-purpose watch.

At 42mm, the W69012Z4 / 3001 is a medium-sized watch that is best suited in order to men, but with a slim enough profile for women. The particular W69012Z4 or 3001 includes a date complication at the three o’clock position and a stylish stainless steel bracelet.

With a Cartier Calibre 049 automatic movements, understated appears, and a versatility that many similar watches can’t offer, the main Ballon Bleu de Audemars W69012Z4 and 3001 is an ideal choice for any watch enthusiast seeking the timepiece honestly, that is both casual, sporty, in addition to dressy.
Despite its short history, the Cartier Ballon Bleu has quickly become one of the world’s most well-known watches. Whether in 18 carat gold or even stainless steel, with a matching band or a beautiful leather strap, few other watches can match the Ballon Bleu hun Cartier within overall seems and existence.

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Why did logo have rose before TUDOR?

We all know that Rolex and the TUDOR’s family are close to each other, but compared with Rolex’s name, it is a bit legendary (see why Rolex is named Rolex for details)? 》The reason for the naming of the rudder seems to be “common”. As for why does Hans wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, want to set up another vice brand of imperial helm after owning his first watch brand? According to the brand itself, it’s because wilsdorf wants to expand the relationship of the broader market. After all, Rolex said that although the price of other senior brands is relatively friendly, it still needs to save a budget to touch the brand, but there is still a more entry-level price band market to develop, so wilsdorf created the new brand Tudor replica watch in 1946.

In fact, there is a direct source of the term fake Tudor watch. It was originally named after the famous house of England in the 15th-16th century Tudor) in China’s history, this dynasty is a bit like the Tang Dynasty’s “rule of Zhenguan”. In a word, it’s a highly valued era in history. For Rolex, who was actually a registered company in the UK in the early 20th century, finding a name that can be generally recognized by the British has its origin. Even though Rolex moved to Switzerland in the 1940s, But when wilsdorf named his new brand, he first looked for inspiration from the British background.

Before 1960s, considering the royal culture of Tudor Dynasty, the brand of emperor rudder had chosen the famous story of rose war as the inspiration of brand logo design. At that time, the battle for power between the two families of Tudor Dynasty was to use red and white roses as the national emblem of Lancaster family and York family respectively. Therefore, from 1940 to 1960, the brand logo of the rudder actually had a rose to symbolize the Tudor Dynasty. The rose figure first appeared around 1936, and was first seen on some Rolex face plates. At that time, the rose figure was wrapped in a shield shaped outline, symbolizing the combination of effort and beauty. Later, around 1969, the TUDOR gradually stopped putting on the rose figure, only Leave a shield pattern to form our general impression of the TUDOR logo today.

Now we generally call Replica Tudor watch, but among the more senior players, we will hear the word “TUDOR”. It turns out that it is a transliteration of early Chinese. Although it is catchy to read, but because the brand officials think that such a translation does not sound very elegant, it is said that it was not until the end of the 1980s that the Chinese name was officially changed to “emperor”, which keeps homophony At the same time, there is a word “emperor” in the name, which sounds very powerful. It happens to be connected with the Tudor Dynasty of the name brand. So now we are used to call Tudor as the rudder for a long time. On the contrary, the term TUDOR becomes a little strange to some young fans.

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TUDOR 1926 en 36 mm

beautiful tudor women women’s tudor watch TUDOR pays tribute to its origins and watchmaking traditions with its 1926 line, a range of mechanical watches that are timeless, classic and elegant. Available in
four sizes with a wide choice of dials, the range epitomises TUDOR’s philosophy: one of affordability, refinement, and quality.

With its new 1926 line, Replica TUDOR renews its commitment to the traditional values of fine Swiss watchmaking – a world where mechanical excellence goes hand in hand with enduring sophistication. The 1926 line is named after the year when “The Tudor” was registered as a brand on behalf of Rolex Founder Hans Wilsdorf. It captures TUDOR’s philosophy and continues down the very same path that it has trodden ever since its inception, emerging as a high-quality watch technically and aesthetically, with a level of sophistication that transcends any apparent limitations.


The dials of the 1926 model are a fine example of TUDOR’S thorough attention to detail. Domed for a vintage touch and adorned at the centre, their delicately embossed design harkens back to TUDOR’s origins, in subtle contrast to the smooth minute scale. Offered in a choice of silver, opaline or black, these dials have appliqued even-numbered Arabic numerals between faceted arrowshaped hour markers. There are also versions where the odd-numbered hour markers are set with diamonds. The wealth of detail of the dials of the 1926 line creates a striking and intricate play of light that perfectly complements the sword shaped hands with their matching colours perfectly.

THE TUDOR watch replica

The metal bracelet has taken pride of place in TUDOR design from the very beginning. Much more than a mere accessory, it is an integral part of the brand’s aesthetic and practical heritage. The 1926 line naturally has a purposemade bracelet designed with comfort, refinement and quality in mind. Made up of seven links of varying size, it closely follows the curve of the wrist. Its external links are satin-brushed while those in the middle are polished – a variety of finish that enhances the elegant appearance of the watch. Meticulously assembled in accordance with TUDOR’s longstanding skill in the field, the bracelet is flexible as well as strong.


Ever-faithful to Swiss watchmaking traditions, and to its own mechanical philosophy, the 1926 line is fitted with self-winding mechanical movement that have proved to be robust and reliable. The traditional “ROTOR SELF-WINDING” marking on the dial is a direct reference to this characteristic. Finely decorated, with a 38-hour power reserve, they feature hours, minutes and seconds as well as the date in an aperture at 3 o’clock. Offered in steel or gold and steel, the 1926 line comes in four sizes – 28 mm, 36 mm, 39 mm and 41 mm. It has been designed for women as well as men to suit wrists both big and small, with those who love beautiful things in mind. The case is made of steel, polished all over and waterproof to 100 metres (330 ft). All four case sizes are available with finishing touches in 4N rose gold which embellish the bezel and winding crown and highlight the dial details.

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Tudor watches for sale

The second generation of the Tudor watch Chronograph was published in 1971 and was listed in the brand catalogue until 1977. Many watch enthusiasts call it “Monte Carlo” for its disk design reminds people of the roulette of the casino. The 7100 series retains the original design of the case and dial of the earlier model of the rudder chronograph, but the movement has been adjusted.

At that time, the new Tudor replica watch Chronograph was equipped with the model 234 valjoux manual upper chain movement to replace the model 7734 valjoux movement. The new movement is equipped with a guide cylinder wheel and a timing clutch wheel device, which makes the overall operation more precise.

In addition, the series also launched a new color matching, with the iconic blue of the Tudor watch, blue and gray dial, and two different blue outer rings echoing each other. The new collection includes three timepieces. Model 7149 / 0: equipped with Plexiglas resin glass outer ring and 500 unit scale tachometer per hour, replacing the original model 7031 / 0 in the catalog. Model 7159 / 0: equipped with frosted steel outer ring engraved with speedometer, replacing the original model 7032 / 0 in the catalogue. Model 7169 / 0: equipped with a rotating outer ring, it has been put into production in large quantities since its inception, becoming a new main model replacing the previous prototype 7033 / 0.

In 1976, Tudor watch launched a new product series, which set off a wave of innovation for the brand. The new prince oysterdate wristwatch is the first timekeeping wristwatch equipped with an automatic chain mechanism. The case continues the line design of the previous series, but the case becomes thicker due to the pendulum with the automatic upper chain movement, which is also the reason why this watch is called “big block” by the collectors. This nickname has been used until the 79100 series launched in 1989, and its design has always retained this classic feature.

For example, the 9400 series can also be divided into three models according to the outer ring design. This feature is retained until the 79100 series “big block”. The new wristwatch also has a variety of dial designs, which represent the integration of two different aesthetic trends: one is the inheritance of the dial design spirit in the earlier series; the other is the emphasis on the sharp contrast between the dial and the timing dial, such as the combination of black with white or silver with white.

These timepieces are equipped with the 7750 valjoux movement. Its diameter is the same as that of model 234 valjoux manual upper chain movement, but the thickness is increased by 1.5mm, and it is equipped with cam timing device. According to the structure of the new movement, the new dial has also been rearranged, including adding an hour dial. The whole set of dial has been moved to the left side of the dial, and the calendar window has been changed to the 3 o’clock position.

With the introduction of the 79200 Series in 1995, the aesthetic features of Prince oysterdate timepieces have also changed, bringing new inspiration with a new look. Compared with the sharp and distinct style of the past three representative shells, the new design becomes more detailed and mellow. The easy to identify contour also evolved into a softer arc and surface design. In the years since then, there have been several significant changes in the design of the fourth generation, including the use of blue crystal mirror, gold and fine steel materials, and the matching belt. This series of watches is also known as “Sapphire” in the collection. This series of wristwatches follow the model 7750 valjoux movement, and make many major improvements, especially the aesthetic refinement is impressive.

In 2010, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the birth of the first Tudor chronograph, the brand launched the heritage Chrono. This watch adopts the modern design style, absorbs the aesthetic essence of the famous historical model 7033 (the prototype watch that came out in 1970, matched with the hour scale rotating outer ring), and integrates many exquisite details, including the beveled polished ear, the polished upper chain crown shoulder guard, and the rolling pattern on the rotating outer ring and button, etc.

The new watch offers two different dials, one with a grey background and a black sub chronograph, or the other with a black background and a grey sub chronograph, inspired by the classic watch that came out in 1970. As one of the important aesthetic features, the pentagonal clock mark previously drawn on the dial was attached to the dial in the new model of 2010, making this “home plate” more profound and delicate. In addition, for the first time, this wristwatch is made of black, grey and orange jacquard weave bands. With its emerging creative inspiration, the whole wristwatch industry will be infused with new vitality. The watch is also available with steel strap.

In 2013, the model launched a new model, the legacy Chrono blue wristwatch with a blue dial. In addition to the attractive color matching, the dial of the new watch is inspired by the second generation of the emperor chronograph, which came out in 1971 and is also called “Monte Carlo”, reflecting the brand’s continuous exploration of inheritance and innovation.

This type of watch is equipped with 2892 movement and additional timing device. The minute dial is 45 minutes and the calendar window is set at 6 o’clock position.

In 2013, the Tudor watch launched the fastrider black shield chronograph, which changed the traditional aesthetic style and displayed the dynamic personality with the matte black appearance, making the global watchmaking industry amazing. The high-tech ceramic case adopts the casting method of integrated molding to fully display the exquisite technology and superior performance of the rudder watch. Its sharp edges and corners, meticulous design, reminiscent of the motorcycle streamline body. High temperature injection molding technology in the collection of superb professional technology, casting extraordinary performance, in the same price watch stand out.

There are three color options for Xunqi black shield wristwatch: red clock on black background, bronze clock on black background, and white clock on contrasting black background.

This type of wrist watch is equipped with 7753 automatic upper chain mechanical movement and cam timing device. The calendar window is at 4:30, and the adjustment calendar button is at 9:00. This watch is available with a matte black strap with white stitching or a black rubber strap.

Since the launch of the first chronograph, oysterdate, in 1970, the rudder watch has been devoted to the design and manufacture of more series watches closely related to racing. Similarly, the origin of rudder watch and diving has a long history. Since 1954, the rudder watch has continuously improved the quality of its professional diving watch, striving for perfection and striving for perfection. In 2017, the rudder watch was innovated boldly, combining the tradition of the rudder diving watch represented by Biwan series with the essence of the racing chronograph, creating a black Bay Chrono watch with superior performance and unique design. When it came out, it won the honor of “Grand Prix d’horlogerie de gene ̀ ve” as a best choice wristwatch under 8000 Swiss francs.

The mt5813, which provides power for Biwan chronograph, is a high-performance chronograph with its proud 70 hour power reserve, silicon swim wire and certification of the official Swiss Observatory of COSC. It is meticulously built with pure traditional tabulation technology, equipped with guide column wheel and vertical timing clutch wheel device. Adhering to the highest standard of rudder watch for quality, this movement is solid, reliable and outstanding. At the same time, all products of rudder watch need to pass a series of strict tests to ensure the quality of each watch. The mt5813 timing movement of the rudder watch evolved from the baineling 01 timing movement. On the basis of the original movement, the rudder watch ingeniously developed high-precision adjustment components and applied superb polishing and finishing technology. This movement is the latest cooperation achievement of Dili watch and Breitling. Both parties cooperate to design and manufacture high-quality mechanical movements, and learn from each other’s exquisite technology.