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Jacob & Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon color

These words describe the Jacob and Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon collection from Jacob & Co. perfectly. Due to these attributes, this is a modern, beautiful watch for all the important moments of a woman’s life, combining high watchmaking with high jewelry.

For too long, women have had to choose from restyled men’s watches if they wanted something with a mechanical heart.

Jacob & Co. developed the Jacob and Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon collection for the woman who appreciates technical watchmaking, while at the same time wants something beautiful to adorn her wrist.
The tourbillon was originally invented to be a single-axis, rotating cage secured from above as well as below to carry the regulating organ of a mechanical pocket watch for improved timekeeping performance. The version in the Brilliant Flying Tourbillon presents this more than 225-year-old invention in a yet more spectacular way.

The one-minute flying tourbillon features a delicately decorated cage that encapsulates the balance wheel, hairspring, escape wheel and a number of other crucially important components. This open-worked cage not only features an elaborate web-pattern in its architecture, but is only secured from underneath, allowing for an unobstructed and full view at the ultimate refinement of its detailing and operation. It is a constellation of superbly finished components that, when assembled and fine-tuned expertly, allows the JCAA03 movement to keep accurate time throughout its 48-hour power reserve.
Jacob & Co. is one of the few brands that has the legitimacy to create high and fine jewelry, as well as high-end watches.

The diamond and gemstones industry is a closed society, and it is really a relationship business. Sourcing the very best diamonds and gemstones depends on reputation and personal connections, and thankfully Jacob & Co. has solid, decades-long relationships.

As a result, Jacob and Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon has access to the very best sources of diamonds and gemstones from all over the world. Many of the gem-set timepieces, like the Brilliant Flying Tourbillon, require meticulous care in the choosing of stones for quality, cut, clarity, and matching color. This can take many months or years, depending on the exact colors needed.

Jacob & Co. is also an expert in the setting of these stones, working with the very best gem setters in the industry. The 47mm 18K white gold case of the Brilliant Flying Tourbillon is completely invisibly set with baguette-cut precious stones. Covering the front and back of the timepiece are anti-reflective sapphire crystals. The dial of the Brilliant Flying Tourbillon is completely invisibly set with baguette-cut precious stones. Extremely challenging to perfect, the invisible setting shows no supporting metal between the stones, making the stones seem bigger.

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Jacob & Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon

Jacob & Co. is no stranger to making dazzling bejeweled high horology timepieces. This is the brand behind the famous Billionaire diamond tourbillon watch, after all. While Jacob & Co. unveiled some crazy complications at Baselworld 2019, in honor of the new season, we are highlighting a pair of colorful Jacob & Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon models to get you into the swing of spring.
First up we have the Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Pink Sapphires watch. A complete feast for the eyes, the substantially sized 47 mm tourbillon timepiece in 18k rose gold is blanketed with pink sapphires. Jacob & Co. declares that these are “Ice Cream Cut” sapphires—a creative gemstone cut that combines soft curves and sharp reflections.

The candy-colored sapphires hug the curvy bezel in multiple layers, while the bright pink precious gems on the dial set the stage for the pair of leaf-style gold hands at center and the one-minute flying tourbillon (with a Jacob & Co. upper bridge) oscillating at 6 o’clock. The watch features a total of 351 Ice Cream Cut pink sapphires distributed between the bezel, dial, strap buckle, and crown, in addition to one cabochon-cut pink sapphire set into the winding crown.
Powering the gem-set Jacob & Co. watch is the manually-wound Caliber JCBM01 movement, with a generous 100-hour power reserve. Turn the watch around and you’ll see that Jacob & Co. also gave the mechanical movement the lavish gem-set treatment. The plates and bridges are set with 346 brilliant-cut white diamonds.

Fancy colored sapphires are definitely having a moment in the luxury watch landscape these days. But rather than going for the rainbow look favored by so many other brands right now, Jacob & Co. stuck to a single sapphire shade with great effect.
Joining her pink sister is the Jacob & Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Tsavorites in a glorious green hue. Much of the timepiece is the same—from the 47 mm case to the flying tourbillon peeking through the dial to the hand-wound Caliber JCBM01 decorated with diamonds.

However, what is distinct is the use of rich green Tsavorites gemstones to adorn the watch. The bezel of the yellow gold case is invisibly set with 170 baguette-cut Tsavorites while the crown is set with 14 baguette-cut Tsavorites and topped with one cabochon-cut Tsavorite. The dial is further embellished with 146 baguette-cut Tsavorites and the yellow gold tang buckle attached to the white alligator strap shines bright with 21 baguette-cut Tsavorites.

Whether you opt for pink or green, these high-jewelry tourbillon timepieces by Jacob & Co. capture the spirit of springtime.

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Jacob & Co. Brilliant Flying Tourbillon

It’s not often that you come across a timepiece like Jacob and Co.’s Brilliant Flying Tourbillon Multicolor Pink watch. With its dazzling gem set face, and spectacular manual movement with tourbillon, this watch is something of a crossover between the worlds of haute horology and fine jewelry. It’s a watch that’s bold and bright, but still feminine and elegant.
Inside the 47mm white gold case is the manually wound Jacob&Co. Caliber JCBM01a with an impressive power reserve of 100 hours. The One-minute Jacob and Co.’s Brilliant Flying Tourbillon is visible at 6 o’ clock and its upper bridge is shaped like a circular “Jacob&Co” logo. The satin finished bridges are set with 346 Brilliant-cut White Diamonds (≈ 1.50 ct.) while the power reserve indication is also set with 8 multi-coloured baguette sapphires (≈ 0.05 ct.)

Meanwhile on the outside, the case is invisibly set with 24 baguette diamonds (2.27 ct.), 14 baguette tsavorites (1.56 ct.), and 132 baguette sapphires (15.53 ct.). The crown set with 14 tiny pink baguette sapphires (0.66 ct.) and one cabochon cut diamond (0.51 ct.). The dial is invisibly set with 14 baguette tsavorites (1.19 ct.), and 131 baguette sapphires (12.18 ct.). The white alligator strap has an 18K white gold tang buckle set with 3 baguette diamonds (0.24 ct.), 4 baguette tsavorites (0.30 ct.) and 14 baguette sapphires (1.07 ct.).

All in all the Jacob and Co.’s Brilliant Flying Tourbillon watch boasts 359 baguette sapphires and one cabochon cut sapphire (35.56 ct.) 346 brilliant-cut white diamonds (1.50 ct.). If this watch fascinates you, check out other watches from Jacob and Co.’s Brilliant Flying Tourbillon collection here: JacobAndCo