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Replica Rolex Daytona VS Omega Speedmaster

When you’re in the market for a chronograph (a watch with a stopwatch/timer function) you most probably have already checked out the Omega Speedmaster and the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. These are two of the most popular chronographs on the market from two very well respected Swiss watchmakers. Each has its own great history, merits, and unique features. While there is a significant price difference between these two watches, let’s put all the money aside and just compare the watches themselves and let you decide which you think is better for your needs, the Fake Omega Speedmaster or the Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. For your convenience, you can examine any of these collections in a new window by clicking on the buttons below otherwise proceed with the comparison.

One of the wonderful things about the Omega Speedmaster is the use of the new standard by Omega; the Co-Axial Escapement. This offers greater precision, stability, and durability. The Co-Axial escapement has less friction and reduces the need for lubricants which allows for a longer amount of time between routine service and maintenance. Another proprietary feature is the Si 14 balance spring, a silicon balance spring. The Si14 shows higher resistance to outside influences and shock. As a result, it enhances the performance of the chronometer.

In terms of accuracy, the Omega Speedmaster falls short when compared to the Rolex Daytona with its Superlative Chronometer designation indicating accuracy of at least -2/+2 seconds per day, impressively more accurate than the Speedmaster’s standard COSC certified chronometer designation which is only accurate to -4/+6 seconds per day. Then again, that’s what an extra $12,000 would get you. There are certain Omega watches that have a Master Chronometer designation which means that after passing the COSC certification they then go through another testing Institute called METAS. When completing the METAS testing the watch receives a designation of Master Chronometer which indicates an accuracy of 0 to +5 seconds per day.

At the moment, the only Speedmasters with METAS certified Master Chronometer designations are the Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 44.25mm series and the Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer Chronograph 44.25mm series. At the time of writing this article, these two are the only series in the Speedmaster collection that received this prestigious horological designation.

More legible under dark conditions
Style Options
The Speedmaster is a large collection with many different style options
You can buy a Speedmaster for about one-third of the price of a Rolex Daytona

Brand Prestige
The Omega brand is not as prestigious as Rolex
Resale Value
The Omega brand generally has a lower resale value
Accuracy & Precision
The movement is not as accurate as a Superlative Chronometer

In terms of prestige, the Rolex brand is bar none, the most recognizable watch brand out there with almost 100% brand recognition worldwide, while Omega watches, is slightly behind at 70%. You probably also noticed a substantial price difference between these two watches but make sure to note that a Rolex will almost always have a higher resell value. Of course, the watch itself would really determine how much money you would get when selling it. In some cases, they may even appreciate in value. To some, resale value is a really important factor, to others, there are more important things. For example, some like iconic watches and value that the Omega Speedmaster (albeit not this particular model) is tied to the moon landing since the first watch on the moon was a “Speedy”.

In terms of accuracy, the Rolex Daytona takes the cake with its Superlative Chronometer designation indicating accuracy of at least -2/+2 seconds per day, impressively more accurate than a standard COSC certified chronometer designation which is accurate to -4/+6 seconds per day.

Resale Value
Rolex watches generally has a higher resale value than Omega but it always depends on the watch
Brand Prestige
They also have a slightly more internationally recognizable brand than Omega
Precision & Accuracy
A Rolex Superlative Chronometer designation means you have a more accurate movement

Style Options
Not as many style options
Price Tag
Higher price tag

You need to ask yourself a few things: Which features do you value most? Which of these two watches do you identify with? What’s more important to you when making a choice between these two watches?

Series:Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Chronograph 40mmSpeedmaster ’57 Co-Axial Chronograph 41.5mmCosmograph Daytona PlatinumCosmograph Daytona Stainless Steel
Model #:326. Ice Blue Baguette Index116500LN White
Case Material:Stainless Steel18kt Rose GoldPlatinumStainless Steel
Dial Color:Blue & BlackSilverBlueWhite
Bracelet/Strap:Stainless Steel18kt Rose GoldPlatinumStainless Steel
Clasp Type:Push Button Folding ClaspPush Button Folding ClaspFolding Clasp With Safety LatchDeployant Buckle
Crystal:Anti-Reflective Scratch Resistant SapphireAnti-Reflective Scratch Resistant SapphireScratch Resistant SapphireScratch Resistant Sapphire
Case Back:SolidTransparentSolidSolid
Water Resistance:100m/330ft100m/330ft100m/330ft100m/330ft
Case Diameter:40mm41.5mm40mm40mm
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What are the taboos for men to wear watches

Any man is very concerned about his watch choice, because the used watch is your face and identity. But the taboo of men wearing watches may not be well understood by many people, and even they choose the wrong watch in some occasions. Although it’s said that not many people will notice your watch, the incongruous way of wearing it will certainly leave a bad impression. Here’s a brief introduction to the taboos of men wearing replica watches.

Pay attention to one, keep style harmony

Don’t care what style of fake watch you like. In some special occasions, we still need to ensure the uniformity of watch style, at least not too abrupt. For example, in business negotiations, we can’t wear some colorful fashion watches, but we still need to choose some basic business copy watches. While in sports, it is impossible to choose a watch that is too commercial. The taboo for men to wear watches is to keep matching. Watches are just like women’s jewelry. We must consider the style of Qin Guang.

Note 2: the dial should not be too large

Although many male friends like watches with large dials, pay attention to the thickness of your wrists. It’s forbidden for men to wear large watches. Basically, the dials of men’s watches are around 36-43mm, which is a very standard size. Unless it’s a tall man who can wear some extra large dials, it’s not recommended to wear such incongruous watches in business occasions, which gives people a feeling that you don’t pay attention to details and images 。

Third, consider identity

You can’t wear a used watch in a company without strict company regulations, although it’s all personal preference. The taboo for men to wear watches still needs to take your workplace situation into consideration. For example, leaders wear only Omega basic, and you wear collections directly. Although you won’t say anything, there will be some inappropriate places. So try to choose a watch that suits your identity. Some high-end watches can also be worn in daily leisure.

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Ballon Bleu de Cartier

Although it’s less than 10 years old, Replica watch Cartier’s iconic Ballon Bleu de Cartier wristwatch has the look, feel, and presence of a watch with a long, interesting history.

Designed to appeal to both used watches men and women, the Ballon Bleu is a modern, elegant view that’s immediately recognizable as a Cartier fake watches . The unique rounded case, Roman numeral dial, and the signature blue sapphire crown give the Ballon Bleu a distinct, eye-catching appearance.
It’s no surprise, then, that the Ballon Bleu de Audemars has attracted the attention of everyone from Johnny Depp to Kate Middleton. Unlike other watches, which are exclusively created for women or men, the actual Ballon Bleu looks great on both men and women.

From its introduction in 2007 until today, the particular Ballon Bleu has drawn a great deal of attention from enjoy enthusiasts. Below, we’ll look at three notable Ballon Bleu references and study what makes this famous Cartier see so special.
With its 44mm stainless steel situation, the Ballon Bleu W6920079 is a large, eye-catching observe with a great deal of presence on the wrist. Designed for men, typically the W6920079 has a fairly thick 14. 8mm case that solidifies the commanding looks.

Like some other Ballon Bleu de Cartier models, often the W6920079 features a Roman numeral dial. This model also features a chronograph with the 30-minute register at three o’clock and a seconds subdial in six o’clock.

The W6920079 uses a Audemars Calibre 8101 MC movement, with a 42-hour power reserve. The date window is at nine o’clock within the dial. Thanks to its large size, bold black dial as well as crocodile leather strap, the exact Ballon Bleu W6920079 is arguably one of Cartier’s most masculine watches.
The actual Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 / 3001 is an elegant men’s casual look at that combines Cartier’s famous design with 18k yellow gold/stainless steel. With a 42mm circumstance, the W69009Z3 / 3001 fits most wrists comfortably.

The Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 / 3001 combines a silver dial and stainless steel case with an 18k gold and stainless-steel bracelet. Like other Ballon Bleu de Cartier models, it features a Roman numeral dial, this time with a date window from three o’clock.

The W69009Z3 / 3001 uses a Cartier Calibre 049 automatic motion, offering approximately 38 hours of usage fully wound. With its precious metal and stainless crown and also bracelet, simple but elegant dial, along with moderate size, the Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 is a great all-around casual check out.
The Ballon Bleu W69012Z4 / 3001 is a simple, timeless take on Cartier’s iconic sit back and watch. With its silver Roman numeral dial, 42mm stainless steel event, and matching bracelet, the very W69012Z4 includes all that’s great about the Ballon Bleu de Audemars into an excellent all-purpose watch.

At 42mm, the W69012Z4 / 3001 is a medium-sized watch that is best suited in order to men, but with a slim enough profile for women. The particular W69012Z4 or 3001 includes a date complication at the three o’clock position and a stylish stainless steel bracelet.

With a Cartier Calibre 049 automatic movements, understated appears, and a versatility that many similar watches can’t offer, the main Ballon Bleu de Audemars W69012Z4 and 3001 is an ideal choice for any watch enthusiast seeking the timepiece honestly, that is both casual, sporty, in addition to dressy.
Despite its short history, the Cartier Ballon Bleu has quickly become one of the world’s most well-known watches. Whether in 18 carat gold or even stainless steel, with a matching band or a beautiful leather strap, few other watches can match the Ballon Bleu hun Cartier within overall seems and existence.

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how to choose rolex submariner watch

Okay let’s do that. What you need to know prior to picking a Replica watch Submariner: take 1. So here we all go one more video in the Submariner, to start with you decide to quit watching this specific video has its own very helpful take into account navigating searching for the right Bass speaker for you, as the Rolex submariner watch is so all-pervasive, they’re numerous models and even references to select from so we believed we’d tenderize a guide to purchasing the Submariner fake watches.

We’re visiting cover the primary references and to look out there for after which give you the pick which Sub to obtain. So , we need to jump throughout.
For the sake of this kind of video we have been not attending look at antique Subs together with there’s a couple of reasons why. First of all, vintage Subs are an whole video with and of on their own, and 2nd this is designed to act as helpful tips to getting the exact Sub and that we would not advise a vintage Below as your 1st. It would sort of be like getting your daily car owner as a sixties 911. Whilst super great probably not useful and that is the strategy we’re able to take.

And also first a fast breakdown about what 4, five, and 6-digit refers to. The main reference, or even model range, for the Submission started like a 4-digit variety and showcased multiple figures until the 80s when it grew to become a 5-digit number. Additionally, in the 1980s things obtained a little out of commission because there was clearly a 6-digit reference inside the 168000, or perhaps the sixteen 8 thousand, however Rolex returned to the 5-digit, and in the very 2000s advanced into the 6-digit model selection.
Submariner Historical past
So , here is a quick recap of the final 60 many years. The Submariner is launched in 1953 by 69 Rolex presented the 1680 which is the very first date subwoofer. By the eighties, the Subs are going via some kind of your weird developing pain with all the 16800 into the 6-digit, 168000, and then lastly at the end of the main 80s the intro in the 16610. Shine dial, white gold surrounds, sky-blue crystal, fresh steel, brand-new movement. The update towards No Particular date followed around 1990, closing the almost 30-year rule of the 5513, and then this year Rolex experienced the largest leaving for the Submariner with the 116610 and in this the 114060 No Night out.

Okay since we’ve blazed through sixty years of Iwc history, let me start digesting the decision woods on picking the Sub-contract for you.

Before Ceramic or Ceramic Subs
The first thing to actually think about is actually pre-ceramic and post-ceramic. If you choose to go post-ceramic the choices are a small simpler, hence we’ll commence there. Because you’re choosing what’s vital that you you here are a few key inquiries to consider. Do you need the particular date or not? Otherwise, then your options are made.
You are doing want the actual date? Alright, then you need to decide. Are you wanting steel or perhaps steel as well as gold, and finally, do you have a good color choice? Steel indicates you get to choose from a dark Submariner or maybe green Submariner. Now saving money is limited and can generally have a premium. Iron and rare metal means you can find dating between some black Submariner or a azure Submariner. Along with it’s well worth mentioning there is a orange Sub, yet frankly if you’re looking at a good all-gold Sandwich then you most likely don’t require this movie, and you know what you need. Proceed you!

Now let’s jump into the devious waters on the pre-ceramic, and also we’re going to start similar to the way. Do you want the particular date or not? Going typically the no night out route will be much simpler for that reason we’ll start off there.

The actual Submariner
You have two recommendations to look at often the 14060 possibly the 14060M, plus the biggest alter was the distinction in the movements from the quality and reliability 3000 to your 3130. Reasonably the transform of movement may not be going to be in which noticeable which means that in our viewpoint considering the visible difference is really a better method to make this selection. So initial you need to analyse if you want a a pair of line as well as four-line Submariner. Now this appertains to the number of traces of wording at half a dozen o’clock. The particular four-line Subscription has been D. O. H. C. licensed and thus the extra two wrinkles of written text appear to the dial. Typically the two-line Submariner is often viewed as the most unadulterated form of the exact Submariner, but for some could be too large.
If you do need two-line Sub you can look at the very 14060 and also the 14060M, so then the judgement really depends upon whether or not you would like tritium. Right now tritium could be the material utilized for luminescence along with patinas with time. If you want the main vintage searching Sub and then go with the 14060 together with tritium watch dial and fingers. If you rarely want tritium then your choices for luminescence tend to be Luminova, that is distinguished through the “Swiss” simply dial over the 14060 or simply SuperLuminova having a “Swiss Made” dial in addition to that’s possibly the 14060 or the 14060M.

If you choose you want the actual four-line Subwoofer then this merely exists because the 14060M plus towards the ending of the production beginning in 3 years ago. And it is worth talking about that while using four-line edition you will almost certainly have the etched rehaut on the chapter engagement ring.
So now this that’s protected let’s proceed the final frontier of Subs, the preceramic Submariner Time frame. And here would be the references that people need to include the 16800, the 168000, the 16610, and the 16610T. Similar to the absolutely no date Bass speaker we’re likely to focus on the particular visual locations making the decision therefore let’s begin with one of the most obvious features of typically the Sub: often the dial.

If you prefer a vintage feel then you must go with a matte dial. Matte dial does mean painted in indices, and even that’s an earlier 16800 involve that much about 1984. Later 16800’s switched to gloss dial with the white gold or platinum surrounds. When you don’t would like the matte dial compared to from a technologies perspective, much more the most feeling to leap straight to the exact 16610, missing the 168000, but since we will here, we are definately at least clarify the 168000.

The 168000 is form of a quirky transition model. They have all the top features of the 16610 with the old 3035 activity. This restricted production really does make them desired to some, nevertheless unless you happen to be dead wear this research for a particular cause, like delivery year, subsequently we highly recommend going with another thing.
Okay, whenever you’ve caused it to be this much and prepared to still selecting then prepared probably thinking about a 16610. Now you have to determine whether not really you want tritium.

If you do then you definitely pretty much possess any 16610 up until 1998, and yet another cool function to look out and about for should you be interested in tritium dials is a open five and 9 of the earlier 16610 time frame wheels. A fresh nice retro touch of which disappeared from the early 90s and it truly compliments the very tritium switch nicely.

In the event you decide to not go with the main tritium call then you basically need to take a look at 16610 Submariners from 98 to the year 2010, and there are several things to focus on. Since the 16610 only is available in four ranges of word the use of Luminova and “Swiss” only knobs is a amazing distinguishing element because they had been only created for a yr so about 98 together with 99.

Often the solid conclusion link anklet bracelets started in i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet and removes some of the tremble. The 16610T, or transitional reference, arrived 2003 and did aside with the pierced lugs, along with the last two delicate changes will be the LEC and also laser imprinted cornet within the crystal, as well as engraved section ring.

As soon as you’ve decided what you want, aesthetically speaking, you can begin to part out, as well as similar to the hard Sub evaluate if you want to proceed steel or possibly steel and also gold. If you ever go iron and platinum again you must choose between a black or blue Submariner, and if you decide to go just stainlesss steel, similarly you will need to choose between the black or even green, along with it’s worthy of mentioning that this green viser 16610 transition Sub is known as the Kermit and is the 50th wedding anniversary version. Because of the limited character these perform fetch reduced.
If you want to go Stainlesss steel and Precious metal, then many of us recommend the actual newer 6-digit ceramic Below references. The exact updated strong bracelets provide themselves far better, having smooth precious metal for the reason that center hyperlinks.

And lastly keep in mind this is only a guide. You might be picking out YOUR OWN Sub. Acquire what you want. Receive what makes you cheerful. Personally, my personal favorite Submariner is definitely the Hulk. Therefore there you have it people our full… We in no way pressed perform, so I seldom know there is no benefits next. Haha! So , there they are folks. This really is our complete recommendation about picking out a Submariner. Let us know what type you would obtain, and if a person disagree using any of each of our recommendations, so that as always thank you for watching used watches.

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The introduction of Black Bay 36 and 41 brought a more formal feel to the Black Bay model.

TUDOR is now expanding the Tudor Black Bay range even further to include a new feminine model. A 32 mm model is being added to the existing Black Bay 41 and 36 range with an additional blue dial option available for every case size.
As a nod to the history of the brand, which has been offering the blue dial colour in its collections ever since the 1960s, the dials of the Black Bay 41 and Black Bay 36 – black hitherto – will now also be available in a new blue version. Meticulously lacquered for a touch of elegance, the new blue dial captures the light in a spectrum of vivid electric blue to a navy so deep it is almost black. With their outstanding contrast and clarity, these shades are in keeping with Black Bay’s original purpose.
Alongside the new blue dial, Black Bay is also being offered in a smaller size creating a perfectly feminine form for the first time. With its new 32 mm diameter, TUDOR’s characteristic design brings all the features of a tool-watch to the feminine wrist. Refined as well as functional, the Black Bay 32 is typical of its family, historically and technically. It is waterproof to 150 metres (500 ft), has a self-winding mechanical movement and is highly legible. It has a steel case with alternate polished and satin finish. Finally, its flat, lacquered dial is available both in black or blue. Naturally, it also has the contrasting, luminescent hour markers that are characteristic of the Black Bay line.


Like other models in the Black Bay line, Black Bay 41, 36 and 32 feature a dial inspired by the TUDOR divers’ watches produced during the 1950s. They adopt the characteristic angular hands known to collectors as snowflake that appeared in the brand’s 1969 catalogue. These contemporary models also boast a large winding crown, characteristic of the first generation of TUDOR divers’ watches that were waterproof to 200 metres (660 ft).
The Black Bay line is the result of the subtle blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary watchmaking. Far from simply being an identical re-release of a classic, it brings together over 60 years of TUDOR divers’ watches at the same time as being resolutely anchored in the present. Whilst it is neo-vintage in conception, its manufacturing techniques, reliability, robustness and the quality of its finish are consistent with today’s more rigorous requirements.


The Black Bay 41, 36 and 32 are supplied with a choice of a steel bracelet, a leather strap with a folding clasp, or in black fabric. Made in the Jacquard technique, a traditional method achieved by a 150-year-old family firm from the St-Etienne region of France, this strap is a signature feature of TUDOR, which is regarded as a pioneer in this area.


TUDOR is a Swiss made watch brand, offering mechanical watches with sophisticated style, proven reliability and unique value for money. The origins of TUDOR date back to 1926, when ‘The Tudor’ was first registered as a brand on behalf of the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. He created the Montres TUDOR SA Company in 1946 to offer watches with the quality and dependability of a Rolex, at a more accessible price point. Throughout their history, TUDOR watches have been chosen by the boldest adventurers and seasoned professionals alike.
Today, the TUDOR watch replica collection includes emblematic models such as Black Bay, Pelagos, Glamour or 1926. Since 2015, it has offered mechanical manufacture movements with many diverse functions.


In 2017, TUDOR launched a new campaign with the “Born To Dare” signature. It reflects both the history of the brand and what it stands for today. It tells the adventures of individuals who have achieved the extraordinary on land, on ice, in the air or underwater, with a TUDOR watch on their wrists. It also refers to the vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of TUDOR, who manufactured TUDOR watches to withstand the most extreme conditions, watches made for the most daring lifestyles. It is testimony to TUDOR’s singular approach to watchmaking, which has made it what it is today. At the cutting edge of the watchmaking industry, its innovations are now essential benchmarks. The TUDOR “Born To Dare” spirit is supported throughout the world by first class ambassadors, whose life achievements result directly from a daring approach
to life.