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What are the taboos for men to wear watches

Any man is very concerned about his watch choice, because the used watch is your face and identity. But the taboo of men wearing watches may not be well understood by many people, and even they choose the wrong watch in some occasions. Although it’s said that not many people will notice your watch, the incongruous way of wearing it will certainly leave a bad impression. Here’s a brief introduction to the taboos of men wearing replica watches.

Pay attention to one, keep style harmony

Don’t care what style of fake watch you like. In some special occasions, we still need to ensure the uniformity of watch style, at least not too abrupt. For example, in business negotiations, we can’t wear some colorful fashion watches, but we still need to choose some basic business copy watches. While in sports, it is impossible to choose a watch that is too commercial. The taboo for men to wear watches is to keep matching. Watches are just like women’s jewelry. We must consider the style of Qin Guang.

Note 2: the dial should not be too large

Although many male friends like watches with large dials, pay attention to the thickness of your wrists. It’s forbidden for men to wear large watches. Basically, the dials of men’s watches are around 36-43mm, which is a very standard size. Unless it’s a tall man who can wear some extra large dials, it’s not recommended to wear such incongruous watches in business occasions, which gives people a feeling that you don’t pay attention to details and images 。

Third, consider identity

You can’t wear a used watch in a company without strict company regulations, although it’s all personal preference. The taboo for men to wear watches still needs to take your workplace situation into consideration. For example, leaders wear only Omega basic, and you wear collections directly. Although you won’t say anything, there will be some inappropriate places. So try to choose a watch that suits your identity. Some high-end watches can also be worn in daily leisure.