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Ballon Bleu de Cartier

Although it’s less than 10 years old, Replica watch Cartier’s iconic Ballon Bleu de Cartier wristwatch has the look, feel, and presence of a watch with a long, interesting history.

Designed to appeal to both used watches men and women, the Ballon Bleu is a modern, elegant view that’s immediately recognizable as a Cartier fake watches . The unique rounded case, Roman numeral dial, and the signature blue sapphire crown give the Ballon Bleu a distinct, eye-catching appearance.
It’s no surprise, then, that the Ballon Bleu de Audemars has attracted the attention of everyone from Johnny Depp to Kate Middleton. Unlike other watches, which are exclusively created for women or men, the actual Ballon Bleu looks great on both men and women.

From its introduction in 2007 until today, the particular Ballon Bleu has drawn a great deal of attention from enjoy enthusiasts. Below, we’ll look at three notable Ballon Bleu references and study what makes this famous Cartier see so special.
With its 44mm stainless steel situation, the Ballon Bleu W6920079 is a large, eye-catching observe with a great deal of presence on the wrist. Designed for men, typically the W6920079 has a fairly thick 14. 8mm case that solidifies the commanding looks.

Like some other Ballon Bleu de Cartier models, often the W6920079 features a Roman numeral dial. This model also features a chronograph with the 30-minute register at three o’clock and a seconds subdial in six o’clock.

The W6920079 uses a Audemars Calibre 8101 MC movement, with a 42-hour power reserve. The date window is at nine o’clock within the dial. Thanks to its large size, bold black dial as well as crocodile leather strap, the exact Ballon Bleu W6920079 is arguably one of Cartier’s most masculine watches.
The actual Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 / 3001 is an elegant men’s casual look at that combines Cartier’s famous design with 18k yellow gold/stainless steel. With a 42mm circumstance, the W69009Z3 / 3001 fits most wrists comfortably.

The Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 / 3001 combines a silver dial and stainless steel case with an 18k gold and stainless-steel bracelet. Like other Ballon Bleu de Cartier models, it features a Roman numeral dial, this time with a date window from three o’clock.

The W69009Z3 / 3001 uses a Cartier Calibre 049 automatic motion, offering approximately 38 hours of usage fully wound. With its precious metal and stainless crown and also bracelet, simple but elegant dial, along with moderate size, the Ballon Bleu W69009Z3 is a great all-around casual check out.
The Ballon Bleu W69012Z4 / 3001 is a simple, timeless take on Cartier’s iconic sit back and watch. With its silver Roman numeral dial, 42mm stainless steel event, and matching bracelet, the very W69012Z4 includes all that’s great about the Ballon Bleu de Audemars into an excellent all-purpose watch.

At 42mm, the W69012Z4 / 3001 is a medium-sized watch that is best suited in order to men, but with a slim enough profile for women. The particular W69012Z4 or 3001 includes a date complication at the three o’clock position and a stylish stainless steel bracelet.

With a Cartier Calibre 049 automatic movements, understated appears, and a versatility that many similar watches can’t offer, the main Ballon Bleu de Audemars W69012Z4 and 3001 is an ideal choice for any watch enthusiast seeking the timepiece honestly, that is both casual, sporty, in addition to dressy.
Despite its short history, the Cartier Ballon Bleu has quickly become one of the world’s most well-known watches. Whether in 18 carat gold or even stainless steel, with a matching band or a beautiful leather strap, few other watches can match the Ballon Bleu hun Cartier within overall seems and existence.

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Is a used watch worth money?

Many people blindly pursue the public price watch. Once they mention the second-hand watch, they think it’s a very shameful thing. But in fact, many second-hand watches are worth more than the public price watch. Many watch collectors like to collect the second-hand price watch. As long as the second-hand price list is selected correctly, it may be higher than your public price list.

The most important thing to choose the second-hand price list is the brand of this watch. The bigger the brand, the better the maintenance performance, or the hot money, the burst money and whether it is within the warranty period; the more the watch becomes, the higher the recovery price will be. If the procedures are complete, the recovery price will be higher for the accessories of the watch, such as the warranty card, instruction manual, invoice, box, etc.; all in all For all these factors, the appraiser will check the wear degree, bump degree, travel time state, swing and water-proof function of the watch again to give a recovery discount. Generally, the second-hand price will be about 2-8.5% off.

Now there are many customer groups in the market ready to sell their idle second-hand watches, but they don’t know the specific process of watch recycling, because we often mentioned the second-hand watch recycling, the price of the watch is relatively expensive, which avoids unnecessary detours and the possibility of deception by many other businesses. We need a trusted second-hand watch trading platform.

It’s a simple way for a recycling company to evaluate the recycling price of a second-hand watch independently and accurately. If you meet a “appraiser” who can only rely on his mobile phone to take photos and send them to others for appraisal, he can’t give you the ideal recycling price. Many recycling companies will do this: the price reported to customers before the two sides meet is inflated, but etc When I met with the recycling company, I grabbed a lot of small problems that didn’t matter and haggled at prices. This kind of recycling company is the most unreliable. We advise you to change it as soon as possible in this situation, or you will be delayed in the end.

so buy used watch or replica watch do you want buy which style?