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Is a used watch worth money?

Many people blindly pursue the public price watch. Once they mention the second-hand watch, they think it’s a very shameful thing. But in fact, many second-hand watches are worth more than the public price watch. Many watch collectors like to collect the second-hand price watch. As long as the second-hand price list is selected correctly, it may be higher than your public price list.

The most important thing to choose the second-hand price list is the brand of this watch. The bigger the brand, the better the maintenance performance, or the hot money, the burst money and whether it is within the warranty period; the more the watch becomes, the higher the recovery price will be. If the procedures are complete, the recovery price will be higher for the accessories of the watch, such as the warranty card, instruction manual, invoice, box, etc.; all in all For all these factors, the appraiser will check the wear degree, bump degree, travel time state, swing and water-proof function of the watch again to give a recovery discount. Generally, the second-hand price will be about 2-8.5% off.

Now there are many customer groups in the market ready to sell their idle second-hand watches, but they don’t know the specific process of watch recycling, because we often mentioned the second-hand watch recycling, the price of the watch is relatively expensive, which avoids unnecessary detours and the possibility of deception by many other businesses. We need a trusted second-hand watch trading platform.

It’s a simple way for a recycling company to evaluate the recycling price of a second-hand watch independently and accurately. If you meet a “appraiser” who can only rely on his mobile phone to take photos and send them to others for appraisal, he can’t give you the ideal recycling price. Many recycling companies will do this: the price reported to customers before the two sides meet is inflated, but etc When I met with the recycling company, I grabbed a lot of small problems that didn’t matter and haggled at prices. This kind of recycling company is the most unreliable. We advise you to change it as soon as possible in this situation, or you will be delayed in the end.

so buy used watch or replica watch do you want buy which style?