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How to adjust the time Tudor watch

Today’s watchmaking industry is full of flowers. Various types of watches are rushing into our sight. Some of them just take a share of some top watch brands. With the development of watchmaking industry, watches are becoming more and more complex. The complexity of watches also increases the difficulty of our use. How to adjust the time and the date of the Replica Tudor watch has become our number one problem. Next, we will solve it for you.

Since ancient times, there are countless idioms and fables about time. Time is very important for us, which our ancestors realized very early. From ancient time fragrance to modern pocket watch to today’s wristwatch, everything is explaining the importance of time. Today’s watchmaking industry, in a word, is blooming in a million flowers. Various watches dominate the whole watchmaking industry. Some just make up the numbers, while others win their own status by virtue of their “real ability and practical learning”. There is no doubt that the rudder watch is like this. The multi-function of the rudder watch complicates our operation. Now let’s learn how to adjust time and date for a simple fake tudor watch?

The watch’s calendar device only beats once in 24 hours a day. But the clock of the watch rotates two times. In the first case, the watch will change the calendar at 12:00 noon. It’s easy to correct. You only need to turn the clock clockwise for one turn. In case of the second situation, there are two ways to correct it. Generally, there are three gears in the watch with calendar (including calendar) function. When the watch handle is fully pushed in, it is also called “normal gear”. At this time, the rotating watch handle can only wind the watch; When the watch is pulled out completely, the watch can dial the needle forward or backward. There is another gear between the “normal gear” and the fully pulled needle gear, which is used to quickly adjust the calendar. You need to slowly and carefully put the knob in this position, and rotate the knob to correct the calendar disc accurately. But the old-fashioned watch generally does not have this fast adjustment function, so it can only be adjusted by the clockwise needle. There are also ways to be lazy, that is, when you dial the calendar, turn the dial counter clockwise back to the 7 o’clock position, and then turn the dial clockwise to the 12 o’clock position to skip the calendar, so as to avoid the trouble of constantly turning the dial clockwise.

When repairing the calendar mechanism and calendar adjustment mechanism of the copy tudor watch meter (1) the matching problem of the elastic force between the elastic head and the spring of the positioning rod; when preparing the spring of the positioning rod, the elastic force of the positioning rod when the positioning rod is pressed must be greater than that of the elastic head to the calendar ring when the reversing needle is pressed, otherwise the calendar ring will be reversed and replaced. However, the spring force of the positioning rod should not be too large, which will cause excessive loss of the energy supplied by the basic movement and affect the swing reduction of the cycloid. (2) The assembly of the quick claw and the quick wheel press them on the shaft and rotate around the upper hole of the pressing reed. After cleaning, oil must be filled here. Otherwise, the rotation will be inflexible or wear will be aggravated, which will affect the performance of the quick release.

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Rolex And Tudor Postpone 2020 New Model Releases Indefinitely

The story of the watch industry’s response to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has been a story of reaction by degrees. In multiple circumstances over the past several months, we’ve seen brands react, adjust event schedules or release dates, and then adjust those same schedules even further as circumstances continue to develop. Rolex, the industry’s largest player, is by no means exempt from this.

As with every year, Replica Rolex and its sister brand Tudor were initially expected to unveil 2020 novelties on the first day of the traditional Baselworld trade show, slated for April 30 of this year. When Baselworld 2020 was cancelled amid tightening restrictions around public gatherings, Rolex and Replica Tudor Watch confided in authorized dealers and media outlets that the 2020 models would still be debuted on April 30, through a series of private press briefings and meetings with authorized dealers. As that possibility became less feasible due to the difficulties surrounding travel and social distancing, Rolex and Fake Tudor Watch announced another plan to unveil the 2020 novelties online on April 30 through the brands’ websites. As of today, that plan too has been changed. According to an announcement from Rolex, 2020 releases from both Rolex and Tudor have been postponed to an undisclosed later date.

While an exact date for the 2020 unveilings was not included in Rolex’s official statement, the brand is expected to follow up with further details in the near future. will continue to monitor this ongoing situation and deliver updates to our readers as they happen. This news update comes via

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Why did logo have rose before TUDOR?

We all know that Rolex and the TUDOR’s family are close to each other, but compared with Rolex’s name, it is a bit legendary (see why Rolex is named Rolex for details)? 》The reason for the naming of the rudder seems to be “common”. As for why does Hans wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, want to set up another vice brand of imperial helm after owning his first watch brand? According to the brand itself, it’s because wilsdorf wants to expand the relationship of the broader market. After all, Rolex said that although the price of other senior brands is relatively friendly, it still needs to save a budget to touch the brand, but there is still a more entry-level price band market to develop, so wilsdorf created the new brand Tudor replica watch in 1946.

In fact, there is a direct source of the term fake Tudor watch. It was originally named after the famous house of England in the 15th-16th century Tudor) in China’s history, this dynasty is a bit like the Tang Dynasty’s “rule of Zhenguan”. In a word, it’s a highly valued era in history. For Rolex, who was actually a registered company in the UK in the early 20th century, finding a name that can be generally recognized by the British has its origin. Even though Rolex moved to Switzerland in the 1940s, But when wilsdorf named his new brand, he first looked for inspiration from the British background.

Before 1960s, considering the royal culture of Tudor Dynasty, the brand of emperor rudder had chosen the famous story of rose war as the inspiration of brand logo design. At that time, the battle for power between the two families of Tudor Dynasty was to use red and white roses as the national emblem of Lancaster family and York family respectively. Therefore, from 1940 to 1960, the brand logo of the rudder actually had a rose to symbolize the Tudor Dynasty. The rose figure first appeared around 1936, and was first seen on some Rolex face plates. At that time, the rose figure was wrapped in a shield shaped outline, symbolizing the combination of effort and beauty. Later, around 1969, the TUDOR gradually stopped putting on the rose figure, only Leave a shield pattern to form our general impression of the TUDOR logo today.

Now we generally call Replica Tudor watch, but among the more senior players, we will hear the word “TUDOR”. It turns out that it is a transliteration of early Chinese. Although it is catchy to read, but because the brand officials think that such a translation does not sound very elegant, it is said that it was not until the end of the 1980s that the Chinese name was officially changed to “emperor”, which keeps homophony At the same time, there is a word “emperor” in the name, which sounds very powerful. It happens to be connected with the Tudor Dynasty of the name brand. So now we are used to call Tudor as the rudder for a long time. On the contrary, the term TUDOR becomes a little strange to some young fans.

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tudor watch Fastrider Black Shield

Fastrider was originally created in 2011 to mark the partnership between TUDOR and Ducati, becoming the technical and sporty TUDOR line dedicated to the world of performance motorbikes. In 2013, with the tudor Fastrider Black Shield chronograph and its matt black monobloc cer amic middle case, TUDOR presented the result of a cross-disciplinary approach to design, connecting the world of sports motorbikes to that of fine watchmaking. The collaboration also extended to the customization of a Ducati Diavel using the same design language.

In 2015, a new Ducati – the XDiavel – has inspired TUDOR Replica watch to create a new edition of its all- ceramic chronograph. With the impressively XDiavel motor bike calling for a relaxed, feet- forward riding position, Ducati enters the cruiser category. This generally com prises models with large displacement engines, often serving as the basis for customized versions in motorbike culture and exuding an unmistakable aura of great strength and inimitable style. The XDiavel is all that in a total black look, along with that little extra touch of elegance that only the legendary Italian manufacturer could give.


Sporting elegance, powerful lines and functionality are also the keynote characteristics of the new TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield. As well as ensuring seamless versatility from road to board room, the white on black contrast inspired by the XDiavel also guarantees excellent legibility. With its matt black dial punctuated by white hour-markers and numerals, a white lumi nescent material, a white chronograph seconds hand, white chronograph totalizer and small-seconds hands, this chronograph enables at-a-glance readings that are ideal when at the controls of a powerful motorcycle.

Waterproof to 150 meters and virtually scratchproof, the monolithic high-tech ceramic case of the new replica TUDOR watch Fastrider chronograph expresses technicality, performance and power by its all-matt look and its taut lines. Its angular yet sculpted contours echo the streamlined bodywork of a superbike. Its production based on ultra-high-temperature injection processes stems from industry-leading technological expertise and represents a unique performance for a watch in this price segment.

Its mechanical self-winding movement offers a power reserve of approximately 46-hours and a fast-adjustment calendar function displayed through an aperture between at 4.30. Fitted with a matt black leather strap with white stitching, this new TUDOR Fastrider model is also available with a matt black rubber strap further reinforcing the watch’s technical and sporty DNA.


The TUDOR collection is steadily building, based on its two main pillars: heritage and technol ogy. TUDOR watches feature a subtle blend of references  to the brand’s history alongside contemporary touches skilfully combined in varying proportions according to the pillar to which they belong.

In keeping with this spirit and consistently driven by an experimental attitude to materials and innovation, the technology models include the sporty TUDOR North Flag, Pelagos, Fastrider and Grantour lines. Each features a shared aesthetic vocabulary most vividly embodied in the all-matt finish, brushed middle cases, sandblasted details, and matt colours: this deliberate choice induces  a vision of the object based on contrasting volumes rather than reflecting light, meaning a sculptural, form-based language as opposed to a more decorative approach.

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Tudor Watch Tudor Pelagos 25600TB Titanium – Blue Dial – Titanium Bracelet

  • The modern adventure is a new neo-romantic vision of our relationship with nature, marked by the desire for outdoor experiences in which aesthetics play an important role. This trend originates from the simultaneous need for activity and the desire to take calculated risks against the backdrop of the great outdoors. In true pioneering spirit, for several years replica TUDOR watch has presented its products within the context of modern adventure. Some were fictional, such as the Fastrider Black Shield’s dark world of volcanic eruption, and some more realistic, like the Tudor Heritage watch Chrono Blue’s sunny Riviera and the Heritage Ranger’s journey across Arctic lands. As different as they may be, these worlds each embody an aspirational dimension with the promise of escape. And with that, comes a self-sufficiency that only TUDOR can inject by way of the ultimate tool watch. Technical, reliable, relevant and highly evocative, fake TUDOR watches are made for the modern adventurer, who expects a tool watch to know no limits other than those of his imagination and courage. A magnificent example of a tool watch and the symbol of a lifestyle made up of aquatic adventures, TUDOR Pelagos is one of the most complete traditional mechanical divers’ watches on the market. In 2015, this emblematic model has been updated with a movement manufactured by TUDOR and an additional colour combination, a reference to the most glorious period in the history of the brand’s divers’ watches. In 2015, North Flag and Pelagos become the first TUDOR models to be fitted with movements developed and produced by the brand itself. A logical evolution of TUDOR’s development process, this introduction represents the first stage in a major industrial strategy aiming to provide greater independence to the brand founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1926. A TRADITION OF QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE By tradition, TUDOR’s watchmaking culture places the quality of its products and the experience of their wearers at centre stage. Historically, the movements used by the brand, sourced exclusively from Swiss suppliers, have always been required to achieve a high level of reliability and precision. The remit for the development of the new TUDOR movements retains these high standards, requiring an unprecedented level of performance for the brand’s products. So the new calibre TUDOR MT5612, now powering the Pelagos model, provides impressive autonomy. Its power reserve of approximately 70 hours means that its wearer can, for example, take off the watch on Friday evening and put it on again on Monday morning without having to wind it. In addition to the hour, minute and central second functions, it provides an instant date display visible through an aperture positioned at 3 o’clock. Beating to a frequency of 28,800 beats/hour or 4 Hz, the calibre TUDOR MT5612 is regulated by a variable inertia oscillator with silicon balance spring spring, held in place by a traversing bridge fixed at both sides to improve resistance to shocks and vibrations. Its self-winding system is bidirectional. And, a first for a TUDOR product, it is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). This technical update of the TUDOR Pelagos is accompanied by the introduction of a new colour combination for the dial, bezel and rubber strap. In addition to its original matt black version, this model is now available in matt blue, the emblematic colour of the brand’s divers’ watches since the 1960s and the one chosen by the French Navy for the TUDOR Submariners that have been used in great numbers by its divers. It presents the additional distinction “CHRONOMETER OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED” written on two lines on the dial, in reference to the chronometric certification of its movement, as well as its name: “PELAGOS”. THE ULTIMATE TOOL WATCH The history of the TUDOR divers’ watch is closely tied to its intensive use by professionals in underwater work, particularly by major navies throughout the world. The brand’s submersible products are genuine tools, which have evolved over the years to take into account the comments of these intensive users. When the Pelagos model was developed, it was with this heritage in mind and based on numerous tests carried out in real conditions all over the world – particularly on Lake Geneva, close to the TUDOR headquarters – that its characteristics specific to extreme diving were established. The first of these is substantial waterproofness, guaranteed to a depth of 500 metres and equipped with a helium escape valve, an essential device for preserving the watch during so-called “saturation” dives. This technique consists of saturating divers’ organisms with a gaseous blend of helium and oxygen, allowing them to alternate periods of undersea activity with rest periods in the chamber, and therefore avoid very long decompression phases for the entire duration of their mission. As the helium atom is the smallest gas particle in existence, after a certain amount of time it is able to penetrate the interior of the watch despite its waterproofness. The helium escape valve therefore allows the gas to escape freely from the watch without damaging it during the long decompression stage in the chamber at the end of the mission. The helium escape valve accounts for this overpressure, and therefore any watch damage is avoided. OPTIMUM READABILITY Another essential characteristic of a good diving instrument is its readability. Several solutions have been adopted on the Pelagos model in order to optimise this. Its dial presents generously-sized square hour markers, complete with a large quantity of luminous material, a guarantee of greater effectiveness that provides excellent contrast. The luminescence is blue, the last colour on the spectrum to be discernible at great depths. Its hands, particularly the hour hand with its characteristic square tip, allows the wearer to distinguish it from the minute hand at first glance. Incidentally, this configuration, often known as “snowflake” in collectors’ circles, is emblematic of TUDOR divers’ watches produced from 1969 onwards. This is another way in which Pelagos fits perfectly into the brand heritage. With the same goal for optimum readability, the ceramic disc of its titanium unidirectional rotating bezel features luminous markers that allow for all information to be read even in conditions of extremely low visibility. PATENTED AUTO-ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE The Pelagos model also stands out with its titanium bracelet featuring a steel folding clasp with a unique auto-adjustable spring mechanism developed and patented by TUDOR. This technical system allows the bracelet to be adjusted during the dive through contraction when the combination is compressed due to water depth. In turn, there is reduction in volume, and conversely, expansion, when the pressure decreases again during the diver’s return to the surface. An additional rubber strap is also provided with an extension system making it easily adjustable for any type of diving conditions. Finally, titanium was chosen for the external parts of the TUDOR Pelagos for its intrinsic qualities of lightness – approximately 60% of the weight of stainless steel for the same volume – and great resistance to corrosion by seawater. The highly functional matt appearance of its entirely brushed finishes, its technological overtone and its colour are also excellent ways of conveying the watch’s technological and professional design attributes. In a continuation of its external parts, the TUDOR MT5612 movement that drives the TUDOR Pelagos also presents matt finishes, emphasising its precision, reliability and high level of technology through large surfaces that have been sand-blasted, embellished with details or sunray-brushed, and an open worked central rotor. TUDOR’S TECHNOLOGICAL CORNERSTONE The TUDOR collection was developed according to two main cornerstones, heritage and technology. The watches it encompasses present a subtle alchemy of references to the brand’s history and modernity, masterfully measured according to the cornerstone to which they belong. In this spirit, and always with an experimental dimension in terms of materials and innovation, the technological cornerstone that forms the sporty lines of Noth Flag, Pelagos, Fastrider and Grantour presents a shared aesthetic language, the most representative feature of which is the entirely matt finish. Brushed middle cases, sandblasted details, matt colours: this choice provides a reading of the object through contrasting volumes rather than through plays of light. This is the language of plastic as opposed to a decorative approach, whose desired effect is the reinforcement of the functional and technological feel.