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How to adjust the time Tudor watch

Today’s watchmaking industry is full of flowers. Various types of watches are rushing into our sight. Some of them just take a share of some top watch brands. With the development of watchmaking industry, watches are becoming more and more complex. The complexity of watches also increases the difficulty of our use. How to adjust the time and the date of the Replica Tudor watch has become our number one problem. Next, we will solve it for you.

Since ancient times, there are countless idioms and fables about time. Time is very important for us, which our ancestors realized very early. From ancient time fragrance to modern pocket watch to today’s wristwatch, everything is explaining the importance of time. Today’s watchmaking industry, in a word, is blooming in a million flowers. Various watches dominate the whole watchmaking industry. Some just make up the numbers, while others win their own status by virtue of their “real ability and practical learning”. There is no doubt that the rudder watch is like this. The multi-function of the rudder watch complicates our operation. Now let’s learn how to adjust time and date for a simple fake tudor watch?

The watch’s calendar device only beats once in 24 hours a day. But the clock of the watch rotates two times. In the first case, the watch will change the calendar at 12:00 noon. It’s easy to correct. You only need to turn the clock clockwise for one turn. In case of the second situation, there are two ways to correct it. Generally, there are three gears in the watch with calendar (including calendar) function. When the watch handle is fully pushed in, it is also called “normal gear”. At this time, the rotating watch handle can only wind the watch; When the watch is pulled out completely, the watch can dial the needle forward or backward. There is another gear between the “normal gear” and the fully pulled needle gear, which is used to quickly adjust the calendar. You need to slowly and carefully put the knob in this position, and rotate the knob to correct the calendar disc accurately. But the old-fashioned watch generally does not have this fast adjustment function, so it can only be adjusted by the clockwise needle. There are also ways to be lazy, that is, when you dial the calendar, turn the dial counter clockwise back to the 7 o’clock position, and then turn the dial clockwise to the 12 o’clock position to skip the calendar, so as to avoid the trouble of constantly turning the dial clockwise.

When repairing the calendar mechanism and calendar adjustment mechanism of the copy tudor watch meter (1) the matching problem of the elastic force between the elastic head and the spring of the positioning rod; when preparing the spring of the positioning rod, the elastic force of the positioning rod when the positioning rod is pressed must be greater than that of the elastic head to the calendar ring when the reversing needle is pressed, otherwise the calendar ring will be reversed and replaced. However, the spring force of the positioning rod should not be too large, which will cause excessive loss of the energy supplied by the basic movement and affect the swing reduction of the cycloid. (2) The assembly of the quick claw and the quick wheel press them on the shaft and rotate around the upper hole of the pressing reed. After cleaning, oil must be filled here. Otherwise, the rotation will be inflexible or wear will be aggravated, which will affect the performance of the quick release.