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black bay fifty eight m79030b-0003

black bay fifty eight m79030b-0003.M79030B-0003 The Black Bay line is the result of the subtle blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary watchmaking. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight is named after the year in which the first TUDOR divers’ watch, waterproof to 200 meters, the reference 7924, dubbed the “Big Crown”, was introduced.

Buy Tudor M79030B-0003 Watch at Windsor Jewelers. As an authorized retailer, all of our Tudor products are backed with a manufacturer warranty.

Shop Tudor M79030B-0003 Watches at Golden Tree Jewellers. We have easy financing options available and as an authorized retailer, all of our Tudor products are backed with a manufacturer warranty. TUDOR brings you this timepiece hard to resist for the savvy ones.

Replica TUDOR Black Bay Fifty-Eight (M79030B-0003) 33-mm steel case, steel bracelet Case: 33-mm steel case with polished and satin finish Bezel: Steel unidirectional rotatable bezel with 60-minute graduated disk Movement: Self-winding mechanical movement with bidirectional rotor system, Caliber MT5402 (COSC) Dial: Blue domed Winding Crown: Screw-down winding crown in steel with the TUDOR rose Crystal

Item: M79030B-0003. The Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” gets its name from its colour, of course, but also from the year 1958, in which the first TUDOR divers’ watch waterproof to 200 metres (660 ft), reference 7924 or “Big Crown”, was presented.

Shop Tudor M79030B-0003 Replica Watches at Golden Tree Jewellers. We have easy financing options available and as an authorized retailer, all of our Tudor products are backed with a manufacturer warranty.

Ref: M79030B-0003 A Brand New in Box & Very Beautiful New Model 2020 39mm Tudor 79030 Black Bay Fifty-Eight 58 Stainless Steel with Beautiful Blue Dial & Blue Bezel, Blue Fabric Strap. Purchased from Tudor Authorized Dealer in 07.2020.

black bay fifty eight m79030b-0003
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How about the price of tudor watches

A hundred year old watch, a watch born for the war. With its high-quality Swiss Movement and multi-functional integration, the replica tudor watch has become a luxury brand among watches. Among them, the emperor tudor series are more loved by people, and have sprouted the heart of ownership, so what’s the price of the emperor tudor series watches? What’s the recommendation of the emperor tudor series watches?

I believe most people are the same as The first impression of the tudor is its logo. I think the logo of the tudor is the most beautiful among many watch brands. The shield like logo gives people a sense of majesty and hardness. It is sure that the tudor’s watch has a full King’s style. There are many series under the tudor’s banner. If we want to say which series is as charming as dance, there is no doubt that the tudor series, like a dancer, give us a sense of picturesque.

With the theme of “excellence in the heart, refinement in the shape”, the tudor watch junjue series is a master work of high-end technology and aesthetic design, which perfectly displays the brand history and fine tradition of the emperor watch, and pushes the exquisite appearance and excellent technology to the extreme. The tudor’s display of junjue series is the incarnation of frankness, free will, courage to express the true self and true temperament. As a luxury brand, the price of this series of watches is unexpectedly close to the people. The average price of this series of watches is about 1w-4w. The average price of the 10000 watch network is less than 2W. 2W can buy a luxury brand watch, which can be said to be a blessing for watch friends.

Elegant and exquisite crystal, the symbol of style and taste, the tudor is famous for its excellent quality. The fashionable appearance of the rudder watch, inspired by the artistic trend of the 1950s and 1960s, is the ultimate combination of modern design and classical aesthetics. It has become a new style of wristwatch. Retro and refined style, elegant and refined temperament of elite men.

Replica tudor series 56000-68060 men’s automatic machinery has its own fashionable appearance and very practical features. The 56000-68060 men’s automatic machine of tudor series has always been loved by white-collar business consumers. It combines sapphire crystal glass and permanent durable materials, and uses black and silver as the basic color to match the simple and atmospheric structure on the dial, bringing us a fashionable and mature work table. Its temperament is calm and simple, which is the standard configuration for business people.

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How to adjust the time Tudor watch

Today’s watchmaking industry is full of flowers. Various types of watches are rushing into our sight. Some of them just take a share of some top watch brands. With the development of watchmaking industry, watches are becoming more and more complex. The complexity of watches also increases the difficulty of our use. How to adjust the time and the date of the Replica Tudor watch has become our number one problem. Next, we will solve it for you.

Since ancient times, there are countless idioms and fables about time. Time is very important for us, which our ancestors realized very early. From ancient time fragrance to modern pocket watch to today’s wristwatch, everything is explaining the importance of time. Today’s watchmaking industry, in a word, is blooming in a million flowers. Various watches dominate the whole watchmaking industry. Some just make up the numbers, while others win their own status by virtue of their “real ability and practical learning”. There is no doubt that the rudder watch is like this. The multi-function of the rudder watch complicates our operation. Now let’s learn how to adjust time and date for a simple fake tudor watch?

The watch’s calendar device only beats once in 24 hours a day. But the clock of the watch rotates two times. In the first case, the watch will change the calendar at 12:00 noon. It’s easy to correct. You only need to turn the clock clockwise for one turn. In case of the second situation, there are two ways to correct it. Generally, there are three gears in the watch with calendar (including calendar) function. When the watch handle is fully pushed in, it is also called “normal gear”. At this time, the rotating watch handle can only wind the watch; When the watch is pulled out completely, the watch can dial the needle forward or backward. There is another gear between the “normal gear” and the fully pulled needle gear, which is used to quickly adjust the calendar. You need to slowly and carefully put the knob in this position, and rotate the knob to correct the calendar disc accurately. But the old-fashioned watch generally does not have this fast adjustment function, so it can only be adjusted by the clockwise needle. There are also ways to be lazy, that is, when you dial the calendar, turn the dial counter clockwise back to the 7 o’clock position, and then turn the dial clockwise to the 12 o’clock position to skip the calendar, so as to avoid the trouble of constantly turning the dial clockwise.

When repairing the calendar mechanism and calendar adjustment mechanism of the copy tudor watch meter (1) the matching problem of the elastic force between the elastic head and the spring of the positioning rod; when preparing the spring of the positioning rod, the elastic force of the positioning rod when the positioning rod is pressed must be greater than that of the elastic head to the calendar ring when the reversing needle is pressed, otherwise the calendar ring will be reversed and replaced. However, the spring force of the positioning rod should not be too large, which will cause excessive loss of the energy supplied by the basic movement and affect the swing reduction of the cycloid. (2) The assembly of the quick claw and the quick wheel press them on the shaft and rotate around the upper hole of the pressing reed. After cleaning, oil must be filled here. Otherwise, the rotation will be inflexible or wear will be aggravated, which will affect the performance of the quick release.

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Tudor 1926 Watch

Tudor 1926 Watches The Replica Tudor 1926 collection pays tribute to the early history of its automatic movement with a new line of timeless and elegant timepieces. The series is available in four different case sizes and a wide variety of dial choices and materials.

A metal arm ornament is the standard in the Tudor 1926 accumulation. Built of seven-piece interfaces, the arm ornament offers extraordinary suppleness and solace while remaining very solid, with its rich stylish underlined by fake tudor 1926 watch .

Tudor does not claim that the Tudor 1926 Replica watch is the resurrection of any historical model or even that the design specifically references the 1920s, and it doesn’t look particularly retro (though the two-tone versions surely push it in that direction), in my opinion.

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Rolex And Tudor Postpone 2020 New Model Releases Indefinitely

The story of the watch industry’s response to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has been a story of reaction by degrees. In multiple circumstances over the past several months, we’ve seen brands react, adjust event schedules or release dates, and then adjust those same schedules even further as circumstances continue to develop. Rolex, the industry’s largest player, is by no means exempt from this.

As with every year, Replica Rolex and its sister brand Tudor were initially expected to unveil 2020 novelties on the first day of the traditional Baselworld trade show, slated for April 30 of this year. When Baselworld 2020 was cancelled amid tightening restrictions around public gatherings, Rolex and Replica Tudor Watch confided in authorized dealers and media outlets that the 2020 models would still be debuted on April 30, through a series of private press briefings and meetings with authorized dealers. As that possibility became less feasible due to the difficulties surrounding travel and social distancing, Rolex and Fake Tudor Watch announced another plan to unveil the 2020 novelties online on April 30 through the brands’ websites. As of today, that plan too has been changed. According to an announcement from Rolex, 2020 releases from both Rolex and Tudor have been postponed to an undisclosed later date.

While an exact date for the 2020 unveilings was not included in Rolex’s official statement, the brand is expected to follow up with further details in the near future. will continue to monitor this ongoing situation and deliver updates to our readers as they happen. This news update comes via

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hot tudor sports watch list purchase guide

Not long ago, Rolex officially released a message, saying that in 2020, the new tables of Rolex and the Tudor watch will be delayed. For the majority of players, this situation will not have any impact on you. On the contrary, the Rolex and Tudor currently on the market will not be updated, outdated, and normal purchase will not be affected. Rolex’s hot watch, sports, you are familiar with. In the past two years, the new strength of the Tudor is very strong. In a flash, many new models make people “dizzy”. Unfamiliar players will not be able to distinguish among many styles. At the time when Rolex and Tudor delayed the release of new watches, I will focus on the popular diving watches of Tudor, tudor series (small shield and axe needle), so that you can distinguish and choose them.
replica tudor watch series, red circle, blue circle, black circle, especially red and blue two, is the most popular sports watch of tudor in China. At that time, I also watched the red and blue circles of the Tudor, upgrading from 2824 movement to mt56 series movement (mt5602), from small flower to small shield (the symbol of the disk Tudor). Biwan red circle and blue circle is a sports watch worth buying for the emperor’s Tudor. The watch integrates the elements of the ancient diving watch of the emperor’s Tudor. It is characterized by an axe needle (officially known as the snow needle). It has a very high face value. With the red and blue circle, it has a very high recognition degree (later a black circle). The red circle and blue circle of replica tudor watch are 41mm in size, which are moderate in the sports table. Now, the whole line uses the mt56 series of self-made movements, silicon filament, 70 hour power, observatory certification, outstanding performance, while providing Breitling. This watch (red, blue and black, depending on your preference) can be said to be the most worth buying and the most standard choice. New players, old players, can play.
replica tudor series steel ring is a relatively new style in tudor watch. Because the red circle, the blue circle and the black circle we mentioned earlier are aluminum rings. So the Tudor came out of this steel ring style. The overall appearance, size, movement and red and blue rings of the steel ring are the same, but there are also some changes. First, the wiredrawing steel ring; second, the calendar is added, and the waterproof depth of the disk surface is red decoration (there is no calendar in the red and blue circle); the movement is the calendar model mt5612 in mt56 series. Although, in the domestic market, the hot degree of the steel ring version is not as high as that of the red circle and the blue circle, and the circulation volume is not as large as that of the red circle and the blue circle, considering that the steel ring looks very hard and the calendar is more practical, I think it is also a good choice. Of course, it’s mainly about personal aesthetics.
To say that the most popular bronze watch on the market now belongs to zenith bronze tudor watch bronze. The bronze trend that tudor watch brought in those days also made the bronze flying and Tudor bronze in the present zenith period. Compared with the red and blue circle of the steel shell in front, the bronze watch of tudor watch has to go further. Larger size, higher recognition and more expensive public price. The bronze size of tudor watch is 43mm, the bronze case (the bottom cover is steel), the same axe needle (snow needle), but the dial time scale has changed. 3. 6 and 9 are digital timescales, which are different from the red and blue circles. In terms of movement, it is also the self-produced movement of the Tudor mt5602, without calendar. The larger case, with a bronze color similar to gold, stands out. At present, the bronze watch of the Green Bay of the imperial Tudor has grey and brown plates. Among them, gray is for sale, and the brown color matching has been discontinued before, but due to the relatively large circulation of Tudor bronze, it can also be bought in the secondary market.
Jian Jin version of the tudor watch , can be said to be the whole Tudor brand, one of the highest positioning watches. Among them, the version with a gold metal watch chain, with a public price of more than 40000, has entered the public price range of Rolex. There is a gold watch between the Green Bay of the emperor’s Tudor. The gold of the watch ring is solid gold. The gold in the crown and the middle part of the watch chain is gold-clad. There is a layer of gold on the steel (the content of gold-clad is more than gold-plated). Because of the gold on the watch, the sense of luxury will be enhanced. The gold part is very conspicuous after the watch is put into use. It’s true that the public price of this Tudor has exceeded the price of some steel watches, including Omega, Cartier, vanguard, Breitling and tudor watch . However, with the influence and reputation of the Tudor in the famous watches, there are still many players who buy a golden bay. It is a watch that combines the iconic design of the Tudor, its own movement and luxury (gold).
As for the watch of 1958, one might say, what’s the difference between this watch and the one in front of it? It looks like it’s all the same. tudor watch 1958 is a more “retro” watch, the size of this watch is 39 mm, smaller than other tudor watch sizes. The 39mm size also brings the watch closer to the historic Tudor’s antique diving watch. The first professional diving watch in the history of Tudor, 7922 was launched in 1954, with a size of 38mm. In addition to the retro small size, the time scale of the dial and bezel of the timepiece in replica watch 1958 also uses dark gold, and the “imitation” antique dial and bezel form a yellow color due to oxidation (the number of the bezel in the regular version is white). replica watch 1958 uses the mt5402 core produced by Tudor (essentially the same as the mt56 series core), and its performance is consistent with that of mt56 series. Compared with the regular version of replica watch , 1958 has a smaller market volume. After all, only clock lovers can distinguish and understand the charm of 1958 in the replica watch series. I once had a meal in SKP, and saw a handsome guy at the next table wearing a replica watch 1958. I thought that this guy must also “understand the table”, which impressed me deeply.
replica watch GMT red and blue circle can be said to be a big “net red” of the Tudor. At that time, the blue and red circles of replica watch GMT and Rolex GMT five pearl chain steel shell were released at the same time. Whether Rolex or the Tudor, the two watches were on fire in an instant. Driven by the red and blue circle of Rolex GMT’s five pearl chain, the red and blue circle of replica watch GMT once exceeded the public price. Now, although the actual price of the red and blue circle of replica watch GMT has returned to the public price, it is still one of the watches with a relatively high price. It has to be said that the color value of replica watch GMT’s red and blue circle is still very high, that is to say, it keeps the characteristics of the Tudor sports watch and keeps up with the fashion of the “two-color circle”. Rolex’s “two-color bezel” uses ceramic bezel (red blue bezel, blue black bezel, etc.), and the Tudor’s “two-color bezel” uses aluminum bezel. Of course, the public price of the Tudor is here, which is no exception. replica watch GMT red blue circle uses mt5652, a dual time movement in mt56 series, which is also 70 hour power, and is certified by the observatory. Compared with the past, it is relatively easy to start with Biwan GMT red and blue circle. This red and blue circle is a more interesting watch for the emperor.
In addition to the above-mentioned replica watch series watches, there are also some small and special models circulating on the market, such as the limited edition of replica watch Harold, which was once popular as “green circle” of the green ghost of the emperor, and the all black model with PVD black plating. Among them, the limited edition of “green circle” was once very hot, and now it is also in the state of super public price. For the fully black plated model, the official price is 34200 (belt), because I have already had a “shadow” on the black plated watch (I have two black plated watches, both of which have been knocked off the coating), it depends on your choice.
Now, the replica Tudor watch also has a 5-year warranty, which is consistent with Rolex, which is a good thing. In addition to your reassurance, the 5-year warranty is good for the circulation of the Tudor in the primary and secondary markets and for the stability of the market. Now the Tudor has completely gone out of its own style, which is worth playing

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TUDOR Black Shield Swiss Watch

The TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield features sporty lines and entirely matt finishes. The brushed middle case, sandblasted details and matt colours visually reinforce the technological prowess of this chronograph.

The TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield’s monobloc case is an archetype in its genre. What makes it so special? The whole case is produced as a single piece using nothing but high-tech injected ceramic, as opposed to ceramic applied as a coating. A unique operation for watches in this segment.

The Tudor Fastrider Black Shield is, unlike many other popular Tudor models, a watch that belongs squarely in the present. Even in these times when vintage watches are extremely popular, it’s crucial for brands like Tudor to also maintain a solid lineup of contemporary models.

The Fastrider Black Shield comes on either a rubber or leather strap with a safety catch and a folding clasp. Keeping in line with its modern black look, the catch is set in black PVD-treated steel.

The Tudor Fastrider Black Shield chronograph is extraordinarily light and scratch-resistant thanks to its ceramic monobloc case. You can measure periods of time of up to 12 hours in increments of a fraction of a second using its stopwatch function.

While the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield certainly has a conservative and sober personality, it has some very wonderful lines and angles. The view from the side of the case, for example, shows some of the very interesting architectural lines of the design.

The luxury watches in the Tudor Fastrider Collection have especially sporty designs inspired by the motorcycles from the Italian high-end manufacturer Ducati. Top models from this chronograph series are made of ceramic that is black, scratch-resistant, and light.

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TUDOR Black Bay Chrono Dark Watch

Tudor Style No: M79360DK-0001 Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Watch – Steel Bracelet. Limited edition of 1000 pieces and celebrates Rugby World Cup 2019 and New Zealand’s national rugby team the “ALL BLACKS”. 41 mm satin finished black PVD-treated steel case, screw-down crown engraved with the Tudor rose, fixed bezel with tachymetric scale and silver markings on a matt black anodised aluminium .

The Black Bay Chrono Dark is a new limited-edition version of the Black Bay chronograph, celebrating TUDOR’s partnerships with the Rugby World Cup 2019™ and New Zealand’s national rugby team.

Model  :Black Bay Chrono Dark
Reference  :M79360DK-0001
Complement :Steel – Steel Bracelet
On sale :2019
List Price :$180
Diameter :41 mm
Styles :Sporty
Types :Self-winding
Calibre :MT5813
Calibre distinction :Chronometer 
Satin finish
Complication :45-Minute Counter 
Stop second mechanism
Small Seconds
Case material :Black PVD-trated steel
Case peculiarity :Screw-down winding crown in matt black PVD-treated steel engraved with the TUDOR rose
Fixed bezel in matt black PVDtreated steel with matt black anodised aluminium disc with tachymetric scale
Silvered markings
Matt black PVD-treated screwdown steel pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock
Shape :Round
Water-resistance :200 meters
Dial :Domed
Dial color :Black
Glass :Domed
Strap material :Steel
Strap color :Black
Strap clasp :Folding buckle 
Security clasp
Tudor Replica Watch Black Bay Chrono Dark M79360DK-0001 Steel - Steel Bracelet
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Why did logo have rose before TUDOR?

We all know that Rolex and the TUDOR’s family are close to each other, but compared with Rolex’s name, it is a bit legendary (see why Rolex is named Rolex for details)? 》The reason for the naming of the rudder seems to be “common”. As for why does Hans wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, want to set up another vice brand of imperial helm after owning his first watch brand? According to the brand itself, it’s because wilsdorf wants to expand the relationship of the broader market. After all, Rolex said that although the price of other senior brands is relatively friendly, it still needs to save a budget to touch the brand, but there is still a more entry-level price band market to develop, so wilsdorf created the new brand Tudor replica watch in 1946.

In fact, there is a direct source of the term fake Tudor watch. It was originally named after the famous house of England in the 15th-16th century Tudor) in China’s history, this dynasty is a bit like the Tang Dynasty’s “rule of Zhenguan”. In a word, it’s a highly valued era in history. For Rolex, who was actually a registered company in the UK in the early 20th century, finding a name that can be generally recognized by the British has its origin. Even though Rolex moved to Switzerland in the 1940s, But when wilsdorf named his new brand, he first looked for inspiration from the British background.

Before 1960s, considering the royal culture of Tudor Dynasty, the brand of emperor rudder had chosen the famous story of rose war as the inspiration of brand logo design. At that time, the battle for power between the two families of Tudor Dynasty was to use red and white roses as the national emblem of Lancaster family and York family respectively. Therefore, from 1940 to 1960, the brand logo of the rudder actually had a rose to symbolize the Tudor Dynasty. The rose figure first appeared around 1936, and was first seen on some Rolex face plates. At that time, the rose figure was wrapped in a shield shaped outline, symbolizing the combination of effort and beauty. Later, around 1969, the TUDOR gradually stopped putting on the rose figure, only Leave a shield pattern to form our general impression of the TUDOR logo today.

Now we generally call Replica Tudor watch, but among the more senior players, we will hear the word “TUDOR”. It turns out that it is a transliteration of early Chinese. Although it is catchy to read, but because the brand officials think that such a translation does not sound very elegant, it is said that it was not until the end of the 1980s that the Chinese name was officially changed to “emperor”, which keeps homophony At the same time, there is a word “emperor” in the name, which sounds very powerful. It happens to be connected with the Tudor Dynasty of the name brand. So now we are used to call Tudor as the rudder for a long time. On the contrary, the term TUDOR becomes a little strange to some young fans.

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The introduction of Black Bay 36 and 41 brought a more formal feel to the Black Bay model.

TUDOR is now expanding the Tudor Black Bay range even further to include a new feminine model. A 32 mm model is being added to the existing Black Bay 41 and 36 range with an additional blue dial option available for every case size.
As a nod to the history of the brand, which has been offering the blue dial colour in its collections ever since the 1960s, the dials of the Black Bay 41 and Black Bay 36 – black hitherto – will now also be available in a new blue version. Meticulously lacquered for a touch of elegance, the new blue dial captures the light in a spectrum of vivid electric blue to a navy so deep it is almost black. With their outstanding contrast and clarity, these shades are in keeping with Black Bay’s original purpose.
Alongside the new blue dial, Black Bay is also being offered in a smaller size creating a perfectly feminine form for the first time. With its new 32 mm diameter, TUDOR’s characteristic design brings all the features of a tool-watch to the feminine wrist. Refined as well as functional, the Black Bay 32 is typical of its family, historically and technically. It is waterproof to 150 metres (500 ft), has a self-winding mechanical movement and is highly legible. It has a steel case with alternate polished and satin finish. Finally, its flat, lacquered dial is available both in black or blue. Naturally, it also has the contrasting, luminescent hour markers that are characteristic of the Black Bay line.


Like other models in the Black Bay line, Black Bay 41, 36 and 32 feature a dial inspired by the TUDOR divers’ watches produced during the 1950s. They adopt the characteristic angular hands known to collectors as snowflake that appeared in the brand’s 1969 catalogue. These contemporary models also boast a large winding crown, characteristic of the first generation of TUDOR divers’ watches that were waterproof to 200 metres (660 ft).
The Black Bay line is the result of the subtle blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary watchmaking. Far from simply being an identical re-release of a classic, it brings together over 60 years of TUDOR divers’ watches at the same time as being resolutely anchored in the present. Whilst it is neo-vintage in conception, its manufacturing techniques, reliability, robustness and the quality of its finish are consistent with today’s more rigorous requirements.


The Black Bay 41, 36 and 32 are supplied with a choice of a steel bracelet, a leather strap with a folding clasp, or in black fabric. Made in the Jacquard technique, a traditional method achieved by a 150-year-old family firm from the St-Etienne region of France, this strap is a signature feature of TUDOR, which is regarded as a pioneer in this area.


TUDOR is a Swiss made watch brand, offering mechanical watches with sophisticated style, proven reliability and unique value for money. The origins of TUDOR date back to 1926, when ‘The Tudor’ was first registered as a brand on behalf of the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. He created the Montres TUDOR SA Company in 1946 to offer watches with the quality and dependability of a Rolex, at a more accessible price point. Throughout their history, TUDOR watches have been chosen by the boldest adventurers and seasoned professionals alike.
Today, the TUDOR watch replica collection includes emblematic models such as Black Bay, Pelagos, Glamour or 1926. Since 2015, it has offered mechanical manufacture movements with many diverse functions.


In 2017, TUDOR launched a new campaign with the “Born To Dare” signature. It reflects both the history of the brand and what it stands for today. It tells the adventures of individuals who have achieved the extraordinary on land, on ice, in the air or underwater, with a TUDOR watch on their wrists. It also refers to the vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of TUDOR, who manufactured TUDOR watches to withstand the most extreme conditions, watches made for the most daring lifestyles. It is testimony to TUDOR’s singular approach to watchmaking, which has made it what it is today. At the cutting edge of the watchmaking industry, its innovations are now essential benchmarks. The TUDOR “Born To Dare” spirit is supported throughout the world by first class ambassadors, whose life achievements result directly from a daring approach
to life.