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Tudor watches for sale

The second generation of the Tudor watch Chronograph was published in 1971 and was listed in the brand catalogue until 1977. Many watch enthusiasts call it “Monte Carlo” for its disk design reminds people of the roulette of the casino. The 7100 series retains the original design of the case and dial of the earlier model of the rudder chronograph, but the movement has been adjusted.

At that time, the new Tudor replica watch Chronograph was equipped with the model 234 valjoux manual upper chain movement to replace the model 7734 valjoux movement. The new movement is equipped with a guide cylinder wheel and a timing clutch wheel device, which makes the overall operation more precise.

In addition, the series also launched a new color matching, with the iconic blue of the Tudor watch, blue and gray dial, and two different blue outer rings echoing each other. The new collection includes three timepieces. Model 7149 / 0: equipped with Plexiglas resin glass outer ring and 500 unit scale tachometer per hour, replacing the original model 7031 / 0 in the catalog. Model 7159 / 0: equipped with frosted steel outer ring engraved with speedometer, replacing the original model 7032 / 0 in the catalogue. Model 7169 / 0: equipped with a rotating outer ring, it has been put into production in large quantities since its inception, becoming a new main model replacing the previous prototype 7033 / 0.

In 1976, Tudor watch launched a new product series, which set off a wave of innovation for the brand. The new prince oysterdate wristwatch is the first timekeeping wristwatch equipped with an automatic chain mechanism. The case continues the line design of the previous series, but the case becomes thicker due to the pendulum with the automatic upper chain movement, which is also the reason why this watch is called “big block” by the collectors. This nickname has been used until the 79100 series launched in 1989, and its design has always retained this classic feature.

For example, the 9400 series can also be divided into three models according to the outer ring design. This feature is retained until the 79100 series “big block”. The new wristwatch also has a variety of dial designs, which represent the integration of two different aesthetic trends: one is the inheritance of the dial design spirit in the earlier series; the other is the emphasis on the sharp contrast between the dial and the timing dial, such as the combination of black with white or silver with white.

These timepieces are equipped with the 7750 valjoux movement. Its diameter is the same as that of model 234 valjoux manual upper chain movement, but the thickness is increased by 1.5mm, and it is equipped with cam timing device. According to the structure of the new movement, the new dial has also been rearranged, including adding an hour dial. The whole set of dial has been moved to the left side of the dial, and the calendar window has been changed to the 3 o’clock position.

With the introduction of the 79200 Series in 1995, the aesthetic features of Prince oysterdate timepieces have also changed, bringing new inspiration with a new look. Compared with the sharp and distinct style of the past three representative shells, the new design becomes more detailed and mellow. The easy to identify contour also evolved into a softer arc and surface design. In the years since then, there have been several significant changes in the design of the fourth generation, including the use of blue crystal mirror, gold and fine steel materials, and the matching belt. This series of watches is also known as “Sapphire” in the collection. This series of wristwatches follow the model 7750 valjoux movement, and make many major improvements, especially the aesthetic refinement is impressive.

In 2010, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the birth of the first Tudor chronograph, the brand launched the heritage Chrono. This watch adopts the modern design style, absorbs the aesthetic essence of the famous historical model 7033 (the prototype watch that came out in 1970, matched with the hour scale rotating outer ring), and integrates many exquisite details, including the beveled polished ear, the polished upper chain crown shoulder guard, and the rolling pattern on the rotating outer ring and button, etc.

The new watch offers two different dials, one with a grey background and a black sub chronograph, or the other with a black background and a grey sub chronograph, inspired by the classic watch that came out in 1970. As one of the important aesthetic features, the pentagonal clock mark previously drawn on the dial was attached to the dial in the new model of 2010, making this “home plate” more profound and delicate. In addition, for the first time, this wristwatch is made of black, grey and orange jacquard weave bands. With its emerging creative inspiration, the whole wristwatch industry will be infused with new vitality. The watch is also available with steel strap.

In 2013, the model launched a new model, the legacy Chrono blue wristwatch with a blue dial. In addition to the attractive color matching, the dial of the new watch is inspired by the second generation of the emperor chronograph, which came out in 1971 and is also called “Monte Carlo”, reflecting the brand’s continuous exploration of inheritance and innovation.

This type of watch is equipped with 2892 movement and additional timing device. The minute dial is 45 minutes and the calendar window is set at 6 o’clock position.

In 2013, the Tudor watch launched the fastrider black shield chronograph, which changed the traditional aesthetic style and displayed the dynamic personality with the matte black appearance, making the global watchmaking industry amazing. The high-tech ceramic case adopts the casting method of integrated molding to fully display the exquisite technology and superior performance of the rudder watch. Its sharp edges and corners, meticulous design, reminiscent of the motorcycle streamline body. High temperature injection molding technology in the collection of superb professional technology, casting extraordinary performance, in the same price watch stand out.

There are three color options for Xunqi black shield wristwatch: red clock on black background, bronze clock on black background, and white clock on contrasting black background.

This type of wrist watch is equipped with 7753 automatic upper chain mechanical movement and cam timing device. The calendar window is at 4:30, and the adjustment calendar button is at 9:00. This watch is available with a matte black strap with white stitching or a black rubber strap.

Since the launch of the first chronograph, oysterdate, in 1970, the rudder watch has been devoted to the design and manufacture of more series watches closely related to racing. Similarly, the origin of rudder watch and diving has a long history. Since 1954, the rudder watch has continuously improved the quality of its professional diving watch, striving for perfection and striving for perfection. In 2017, the rudder watch was innovated boldly, combining the tradition of the rudder diving watch represented by Biwan series with the essence of the racing chronograph, creating a black Bay Chrono watch with superior performance and unique design. When it came out, it won the honor of “Grand Prix d’horlogerie de gene ̀ ve” as a best choice wristwatch under 8000 Swiss francs.

The mt5813, which provides power for Biwan chronograph, is a high-performance chronograph with its proud 70 hour power reserve, silicon swim wire and certification of the official Swiss Observatory of COSC. It is meticulously built with pure traditional tabulation technology, equipped with guide column wheel and vertical timing clutch wheel device. Adhering to the highest standard of rudder watch for quality, this movement is solid, reliable and outstanding. At the same time, all products of rudder watch need to pass a series of strict tests to ensure the quality of each watch. The mt5813 timing movement of the rudder watch evolved from the baineling 01 timing movement. On the basis of the original movement, the rudder watch ingeniously developed high-precision adjustment components and applied superb polishing and finishing technology. This movement is the latest cooperation achievement of Dili watch and Breitling. Both parties cooperate to design and manufacture high-quality mechanical movements, and learn from each other’s exquisite technology.