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1970-2020 —-50 years since the advent of the imperial chronograph Tudor watch

In 1970, Tudor watch launched its first timepiece, oysterdate. This wristwatch is durable, powerful and unique in design, laying the foundation for the brilliant development of the rudder Chronograph in the past 50 years. The first Tudor chronograph is called oysterdate. Once it was launched, it has a close relationship with mechanical sports replica watches. This wristwatch came out in 1970, equipped with a solid and reliable model 7734 valjoux manual upper chain mechanical movement and cam timing device. The scale of the case is just right, the style is distinct, and the masculine temperament is fully displayed. The dial design is also different.

According to the outer ring design, the first generation of sports replica Tudor chronographs are divided into three models. Model 7031: the outer ring is equipped with Plexiglas resin glass word ring and 500 unit scale tachometer to calculate the average speed between two points. Model 7032: equipped with a frosted steel outer ring, also engraved with a speedometer scale of 500 units. Model 7033: equipped with two-way rotating outer ring and black anodized aluminum 12 unit scale word circle, fully retains the prototype features.

All three models are available in gray and black. The dial is equipped with a unique pentagonal luminous clock mark, which is similar to the baseball field’s home base, hence the name of homeplate. Another feature of these wristwatches is that the minute dial is 45 minutes, which is different from the 30 minutes generally used and has a unique style.