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What is the repair method of the Used Tudor Watch

Watch repair can be said to make each of our watch friends need to be familiar with. With the function of repairing watches, we can solve our watch problem in an emergency. We have introduced the maintenance methods of other watch brands before. Next, we mainly focus on the rudder watch. What is the maintenance method of the Used Tudor Watch.

If you don’t have a little skill in repairing watches, you can’t say that you are a senior watch fan. When we use watches everyday, we will inevitably encounter some accidents, such as some small bumps, the watch doesn’t go away, and so on. If you blindly go to other watch repair points when transporting these problems, you will probably be trapped. Especially when our watch is such an expensive watch as the rudder, our repair can’t be more careless.

Generally, the Replica watch is cleaned by ultrasonic, the case is opened and the normal function of the battery in the rudder movement is maintained. If the internal parts of the watch are broken, they need to be replaced. The internal parts of the watch are relatively high. The specific price is determined according to the price of the watch. The more expensive the watch is, the higher the maintenance cost. Therefore, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the watch at ordinary times. Generally, the ultrasonic machine is used for cleaning for a period of time. Do not open the back of the watch at will to avoid the dust movement that affects the normal operation of the watch. Do not put the watch in the camphor pill in the wardrobe, so the oil deteriorates the watch. Don’t put your watch on the amplifier, stereo or TV to avoid magnetization. Mechanical watches and watches that are not worn for a long time should be placed at intervals.