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Replica Omega Aqua Terra VS Replica Rolex Explorer

Below, is highly researched in-depth comparison and/or benchmark for the Replica Omega Aqua Terra VS the Rolex Explorer series of replica watches.

The purpose of this comparison is to organize all the data in a coherent way and provide you with the information needed to make an educated and informed decision when considering the purchase of any of these watches.

Both of these watches are terrific timepieces and we are not providing this information to say which one you should buy and which one you shouldn’t buy.

However, we know just how technical watches can get and understand how much consumers appreciate when technical information is organized and arranged in an easy to read and easy to compare format.

So for the sake of helping you make an educated and informed decision as quickly as possible, we created this detailed comparison to help you benchmark the Aqua Terra VS Explorer and decide for yourself if you should buy the Explorer or Aqua Terra.

For your convenience, you can examine any of these collections in a new window by clicking on the buttons below otherwise proceed with the comparison.


More Options
There are many, many more options when it comes to the Omega Aqua Terra collection. How many?
More Choices of Movements
There are a number of different movements used throughout this collection depending on the series and size.
More Strap Options
There are more options for straps from fabric to stainless steel to precious metal such as 18kt yellow gold and 18kt rose gold, and two-tone (stainless steel and gold)
More Dial Options
There are more options for dial colors
More Case Options
There are more options for case color
More Complications
There are more options with a higher diversity of complications
Better Prices
The Aqua Terra has prices that start at a lower price point than that of the Rolex Explorer collections
More Classier Models
The Aqua Terra collection also contains some more expensive looking watches than the Explorer series with many precious metal options
Better Discounted Pricing
You can usually find better discounts on a brand such as Omega compared to Rolex. This has to do with the differences with the prestige of the brand itself as well as the resale value

Accuracy & Precision
The Aqua Terra (NON-quartz) collections use a COSC certified chronometer, the highest designation that a watch can get from the Official Swiss Chronometric Testing Institute known as COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres). The COSC chronometer’s impressive accuracy of -4/+6 seconds per day doesn’t have the same precision as the Rolex Superlative chronometers which is -2/+2 seconds per day
Resale Value
The resale value on Omega watches is typically less than that of a brand like Rolex which has one of the highest resale values among luxury watch brands
Brand Prestige
The Omega brand doesn’t have the same prestige as the Rolex brand which has the highest brand recognition in the luxury watch industry

Brand Prestige
In terms of prestige, the Rolex brand is par none, the most recognizable brand out there with almost 100% brand recognition worldwide, while Omega watches has closer to 70% which is also amazing. So as far as which watch is a bigger status symbol, one would have to say that the Omega Aqua Terra watches are slightly behind Rolex Explorer but are still considered dream watches to many people.
Accuracy & Precision
Rolex Explorer watches have a superlative chronometer designation which has an accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day which is 2 to 3 times more precise than the Omega Aqua Terra’s COSC certified chronometers with -4/+6 seconds per day, which is still a very impressive and accurate movement.
Resale Value
Resale value is typically higher on Rolex watches compared to Omega watches

Available Models
Rolex Explorer series has a much smaller collection of watches with two watches in the Explorer 1 series and two more watches in the Explorer II series
The least expensive Replica Rolex Explorer costs more than the least expensive Omega Aqua Terra
Lower Discounts

Buying an even slightly more prestigious watch comes at a price. You usually can’t get the same types of discounts on a Rolex compared to a brand like Omega. This has to do with the esteem and prestige of the Rolex brand as well as the greater resell value.