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Do you know so many kinds of watches?

It used to be said that women love beads and men love watches, but it was a long time ago. In modern society, watch is the choice of many fashion people, and many famous brands have entered the watch industry. But do you know how many kinds of watches there are? Let’s learn about watches~

Mechanical Watch

The timing instrument of mechanical vibration system, such as pendulum clock, cycloid clock, etc. Its working principle is to use a vibration system with constant period and continuous vibration. Multiply the period of vibration by the number of vibration times, which is equal to the elapsed time. Time = period of vibration week x number of vibration times. Generally, it consists of energy, gear train, escapement mechanism, vibration system, pointer mechanism and additional mechanism. eg swiss automatic movement watch…

Electronic Watch

The basic part consists of electronic components. The working principle of electronic clocks and watches is designed according to the physical phenomena of “electromagnetism and magnetoelectricity”. That is to say, from electric energy to magnetic energy, and then from magnetic energy to mechanical energy, driving the time minute needle to run, so as to achieve the purpose of timing.

Quartz watch

Generally speaking, the wrist watch uses battery and quartz vibrator to calculate and display time. Its movement is made of quartz. It can be divided into pointer type quartz watch and digital quartz watch. The biggest feature is accuracy. In the normal temperature range, the monthly error is about ± 15-20 seconds. Pointer type quartz meter: use the battery power to make quartz produce frequency, then use IC board to divide frequency and control coil and magnetic car, make it drive gear train and rotate pointer, at that time, minute needle is basically driven by electricity. eg Japan movement watch…

Electronic paper watch

Electronic paper watch is a watch equipped with electronic paper display screen inside, which can display time, week and date. The main ways to realize electronic paper technology include cholesterol liquid crystal display technology, electrophoretic display technology (EPD) and electrowetting display technology. The electronic watch paper used in electronic paper watch mainly uses electrophoretic display technology.

Divers Watch

The so-called diving watch, as the name implies, refers to the watch which is waterproof and used for diving. The general waterproof watch cannot be used for diving. The diving watch must comply with the strict regulations. It is not a diving watch that can be called if it is waterproof enough. The standard waterproof performance of the diving watch shall be at least 200m deep; there is an outer ring on the watch ring that can rotate in one direction to measure the diving time; divers are often in the gray water, so the pointer, scale or surface of the diving watch must be coated with fluorescent materials to make the user read the time more easily. eg Rolex watch,Omega watch…

Solar Watch

Solar cells are made of very high purity silicon wafers, which are specially treated to form two very thin layers. When sunlight or light hits the surface of the silicon wafers, light energy can be converted into photocurrent and photovoltage. eg Seiko watch

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