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Bell & Ross BR S EAGLE

Well, we have another Bell & Ross timepiece in our Hands On corner. However, it is not all about complex complications or oversized masculine designs inspired by aviation. I believe there is no watch enthusiast unaware of the French origin luxury watchmaker and its bold timepieces inspired by the gauges found in the airplane cockpits. This interesting concept, which managed to include the brand into the league of extra ordinary watchmakers, is being offered to the likes of the watch aficionados with a wide variety of iterations.
The model is offered in a glamorously beautiful white ceramic case that reminds us the hot summer days during this ugly winter. The case measures 39mm in diameter and features the signature details of the concept like the plain bezel and four flat head screws, both made of polished stainless steel. Accompanied with an elegant winding crown of the same material like its other accents, the case offers a solid cover at the back featuring some information specific to the model. Let me remind you that Bell & Ross BR S White Diamond Eagle Ref: BRS-EW-CE/SCE is water resistant to 100 meters / 10 bars. Therefore you can keep your watch on your wrist while attending many water activities without worrying. The dial is also elegantly designed like the rest of the timepiece and in line with the white tone of the ceramic case (and bracelet). This eye-catching color palette that converts such a masculine design in to a delicate, feminine form is accompanied with a set of 7 diamonds that are located in the lay-out of the Aquila Constellation. This beautiful theme is accompanied with metal applique hour markers and hands offering a both simple and luxurious look. Obviously, legibility is not the best feature of the Bell & Ross BR S White Diamond Eagle Ref: BRS-EW-CE/SCE. However, I believe the person who buys this timepiece is surely cares more about the design, not functionality. Bell & Ross BR S White Diamond Eagle Ref: BRS-EW-CE/SCE is powered by the Caliber BR-CAL.102. Quartz movement. The movement nicely matches with the simple and elegant character of the model it powers by lacking even the basic features like a second hand and a date display window. Considering it is a ladies watch, hosting a battery powered movement is a not negative feature.
One of the most striking features of the model is undoubtedly its beautifully designed white ceramic bracelet. Being composed of thin links, which remind me the 70s popular Flex bracelets, the bracelet offers an extremely comfortable wrist feel. Thanks to the hard nature of the ceramic, we are sure that the bracelet will preserve its brand new look for many years. The folding clasp that secures the bracelet is push-button release type and as elegant as the rest of the watch. Bell & Ross BR S White Diamond Eagle Ref: BRS-EW-CE / SCE is a white ceramic bracelet without any doubt. The bracelet with thin shiny parts reminds us of Flex bracelets from the popular designs of the 70s and offers an extremely comfortable fit on the wrist. Thanks to the hard structure of the ceramic, we have no doubt that it will keep its new appearance for many years. Bell & Ross BR S White Diamond Eagle Ref: BRS-EW-CE / SCE is a very elegant ladies watch with fine details and a brilliantly arranged color palette that turns a masculine design into a feminine artwork. If you want to get away from generic women’s watches and complete your style with a truly unique looking model, the Bell & Ross BR S White Diamond Eagle Ref: BRS-EW-CE / SCE should definitely be at the top of your list of alternatives.