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BR 03 Type A Patrouille De France

Since it was founded in 1994, aviation and the military universe have been the main sources of inspiration for Bell & Ross. That’s why, through their design, dial and functionality, so many Bell & Ross watches still evoke the world of aeronautical instruments: one of the most demanding when it comes to readability and reliability.

Testament to the excellence achieved by Bell & Ross, elite units from various nations’ armed forces have chosen the watchmaker’s timepieces to accompany them in their perilous missions. So it is with the Patrouille de France, one of the most prestigious acrobatic formations in the world: a true ambassador of the French wings that embodies the expertise of the Air and Space Force.

Today, Bell & Ross is launching a new watch designed and produced in close collaboration with the Patrouille de France pilots, whose emblem of course adorns the dial.
“Bell & Ross shares the same values of precision and performance as the pilots in this elite aerobatic unit,” says Bruno Belamich, the watchmaker’s co-founder and creative director. After forging an official watchmaking partnership with the Patrouille de France in 2021, resulting in the launch of its first dedicated watch, Bell & Ross continues its aerial adventure with the BR 03 Type A Patrouille de France.

With its spectacular dial, this timepiece follows in the brand’s tradition: in 2008, it was at the request of the Air Force that Bell & Ross designed the BR 03 Type A instrument for fighter pilots. Now in the colours of the Patrouille de France, this new version is heir to the brand’s true tool watch.
It goes without saying that this watch respects rigorous specifications in line with the needs of Patrouille de France pilots, who manoeuvre in close formation at speeds of between 300 and 800 km/h. When the gap between two planes is only two or three metres, there is no room for even the slightest error. Knowing that it all plays out in a tiny fraction of time, time mastery has always been a professional pillar for these aerobatic aces. As such, all the technical expertise of Bell & Ross engineers and watchmakers came into play to create the BR 03 Type A Patrouille de France.

Adopting the aesthetic “rounded square” concept that constitutes a veritable visual signature for Bell & Ross, and designed for and by elite pilots, this new chronograph features the square BR 03 case in steel, with a diameter of 42mm.

Intended for professional use, the watch is equipped with a quartz movement giving a dual analogue and digital display. The high drain battery provides 30 months of battery life. To provide the best possible readability even in intense situations, the hours and minutes are displayed with conventional hands, while the seconds are displayed on a digital screen. “This device gives pilots optimal reading speed,” stresses Bruno Belamich. In addition, the bidirectional rotating bezel helps memorise time references.
Beyond time indications, the BR 03 Type A Patrouille de France offers many additional functions that come in useful in whatever the circumstance: 1/100th of a second chronograph with intermediate and additional time, countdown, alarm, date and dual time zone.

The window at the top of the dial displays the abbreviation of the chosen function. The second window, positioned at the bottom of the dial, digitally displays the measurement. The various functions are selected by pressing the crown.

As a sign of its exclusivity, only 100 copies of the BR 03 Type A Patrouille de France will be produced. Each pilot in the unit will be given with one of these emblematic watches, which has all the elements to fast become a collector’s item.

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Bell and Ross BR-X5

Inspired by the world of aviation, Bell & Ross has a history of creating quality timepieces with the reliability of aerial navigation instruments and an upscale tool watch aesthetic. The BR 05 line was introduced in 2019 and softened their iconic “circle within a square” design into a more modern and sophisticated profile for a sports watch with a more luxury look and feel. With the new BR-X5 collection in two distinctive models, they have pushed the silhouette to another level of chic modernity. The timepieces check all the boxes for Bell & Ross’ stated four fundamental principles of legibility, functionality, reliability and precision.
The case of the BR-X5 has several interesting changes from the BR 05 designs. The side has been hollowed out for a multi-layer look consistent with the sandwich type construction for incredible visual complexity and weight optimization. The size is 41mm, comparable to the BR 05 GMT for a substantial fit on the wrist.
The case design starts with a steel core machined from a single piece of metal along with the crown guards to build a strong base for the rest of the layering. A square bezel with a rubber ring detail and caseback complete the novel approach to the design while maintaining the recognizable Bell & Ross design aesthetic. The case assembly is held together with four screws that pass through the layers via four columns and create a finished product that is watertight to 100 meters with a variety of polished, satin-brushed and micro-blasted finishes that effectively highlight the various layers and surfaces.
Under the hood lies the caliber BR-CAL.323 that was developed with their partner, the Geneva-based watch movement manufacture Kenissi. The two are connected through another significant partner, Chanel, who holds a minority stake in Bell & Ross and Kenissi. Using a variable inertia balance wheel and rapid date correction device — a mechanism that allows quick date adjustments without affecting the timekeeping — the BR-CAL.323 is a powerhouse of a movement in line with Bell & Ross’ high standards for quality. Most notable is the improved 72-hour power reserve and the entrancing view of the skeletonized oscillating weight through the sapphire exhibition caseback. “While aesthetic daring was the guiding principle throughout the creative stages of the BR-X5, when it came to timekeeping reliability and precision, the notion of risk was banished from our vocabulary,” explains Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross creative director.
The most notable differences from previous models can be seen when we turn our attention to the dial of the BR-X5. The style can best be described as urban adventure available in a sporty black and red colorway or a truly arresting ice blue with an unexpected elegance. The dial continues the theme of layering with a varnish process that includes a rhodium plated finishing and a sunray texture. The timekeeping is pared back to simple baton indexes, filled with Super-LumiNova for enhanced legibility in low-light conditions. The 12 o’clock position is indicated with a double baton for orientation. The central hands are worked to match the indexes for a harmonious appeal. A beveled minute track circles the dial for added depth. Near the three o’clock position is a date window that recalls the look and feel of analog flight instruments. It shows three dates on the wheel with an arrow indicating the current day. Balanced opposite at nine o’clock is a power reserve display with a three-day meter gauge.
The design of the Bell & Ross BR-X5 leans into the avant-garde. It feels like an intricate puzzle pieced together with perfect precision and transformed into a timepiece. The black variation is masculine and sporty, serving its place in the realm of the expected. The ice blue, however, steps outside the box of sports watches for a design that can traverse the realms of business, sports and evenings out. The brand said of the design: “We are playing with different levels of sophistications and size. The BR-X5 is the ultimate version of the 05 collection. With its Kenissi manufactured movement, its new functions and new design features, we created an evolved version of the BR 05.”

The BR-X5 is paired with a matching steel bracelet for an integrated finish, or a sporty openworked black or ice blue rubber strap. It’s also interesting to note that along with the COSC certification, Bell & Ross has extended their usual two-year warranty to a five-year warranty on this timepiece.

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Bell and Ross BR 03-94

You may remember that earlier in the year, I reviewed Omega’s Speedmaster Chronoscope. Well, of course, you remember being a follower of WristReview (and if not, why not?). I remember that you lot were pretty mixed about the Chronoscope in the comments, but a familiar theme was that you weren’t sure if it was legible. I tried to get across that it sort of was, but maybe I need to work on that. So, given that you readers seem to like watches you can actually read, I wonder what you’ll make of Bell & Ross’ new watch, the Bell and Ross BR 03-94 Multimeter.
Just like the Chronoscope, the Multimeter can measure different things on its chronograph. It’ll measure your beat rate with a pulsometer, your rate of breathing with an asthmometer, and it’ll measure speed in three different ways. The three tachymeters are calibrated for different things. Tachymeter 1 is for cars over a long distance, while two and three are for people, either on a bike or running. The idea is that you can therefore use this to time more likely scenarios than with the standard tachymeter on, say, a Speedmaster. I hope the colours make it a little easier to see because the subdials seem hard to read, and I have no idea why there’s a date window at all. Perhaps if the diameter were enough, it wouldn’t be so bad.
In the midst of the Watches & Wonders madness, Bell & Ross launched a new limited edition BR 03-94 with one of the hottest dials of the year, ready to measure anything you dare throw at it. It’s called the Multimeter, and it features 5 separate scales in 5 different colors, including three different tachymeters. This is the analog activity tracking we’ve been waiting for, and it’s all brought together in graphic style with the ‘circle in a square’ ethos of the Bell & Ross instrument panel design language. Most importantly, the colors gel beautifully for maximum impact, making the vibe work regardless of the practicality of the scales.
The Multimeter features 5 distinct zones that each get their own measurement scale, dominating nearly the entirety of the dial in the process. Yes, there’s still a chronograph hidden in there. As is a date window. Each color gets its own function as follows: a pulsometer scale in orange for measuring heart rate; an asthmometric scale in green monitors monitors breaths in expirations per minute; a tachymeter in light gray based in 1 km for the pilot; a tachymeter in neon green based in 250m for the cyclist; and finally, a tachymeter in pale green based in 100m for the runner. If all you need is a reading on the time, well, the rehaut indexes the minutes. There’s an hour hand there, but you’ll just have to best-guess it.
A blocked off section along the left side of the dial breaks down each of the scales in case you’ve forgotten, but it may prove tricky to understand at a glance and on the go. No matter, lay out your.. it looks the absolute business, and in theory, uses the principle of color differentiation for harmonious presentation of information.Is it practical? Probably not for most of us, but it sure as hell scratches an itch when it comes to playful utilitarian design with loads of color applied to dramatic effect. A date window has been applied in pretty much the only area that could possibly accept it, just right of the (missing) 12 o’clock marker. The running seconds hand and minute totalizer are forced to make do with half of their scales in place as well. It’s ridiculous, and I kind of love it.

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br 03-92 red radar ceramic

Since their foundation in 1995, aviation and military-inspired watches have always been at the heart of Bell & Ross. This legacy continues today with the new Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic watch, a limited edition of 999 pieces with an extraordinary concentric disc dial housed beneath red sapphire crystal glass, a concept inspired by the radars used by flight controllers.
Some of Bell & Ross’ earliest landmarks include their Space 1 model, which became the first automatic chronometer worn in space, and their iconic Bomb Disposal Type watch with a remarkable anti-magnetic case with unbeatable precision. It wasn’t until 2005, however, that the Paris-based luxury watch manufacturer truly started to prick up the ears of collectors with the release of their iconic BR 01 series. Inspired by jet cockpit clock instructions, the BR 01 collection birthed what is now known to many as the legendary B&R aesthetic: a circle within a square. This range also included the Radar family with the first BR 01 Radar watch launched in 2010. It was the first of its kind to feature an innovative display with two rotating discs. A year later, a Red Radar was added to the collection topped by mysterious red sapphire crystal.
For 2021, Bell & Ross deliver their third addition to the successful Radar family with the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic Limited Edition. Continuing to revisit the graphics of aircraft navigation instruments, the 999-piece edition comes in a reduced size of 42 millimetres compared to the 46 millimetre diameter of the 2011 model and for the first time is presented in matte black ceramic, a more scratch resistant and lightweight choice than its black coated stainless steel predecessor. The case is then paired with a choice of two straps, both delivered with every order of the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar watch. The first is a classic black rubber strap secured by a black PVD coated pin buckle and the second a ultra-resilient black fabric strap with Velcro closing.

The real centrepiece to the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic Limited Edition is the dial. It feels familiar to the original Red Radar with the same playful aesthetic designed to reproduce the scanning motion of the light beam on a radar screen but with a few innovative improvements. The display is composed of two concentric discs which are fused within the dial. The external disc displays the hours while the inner showcases the minutes. To read both these intervals, follow the two screen-printed planes adorned above the dial which give the illusion of real flight. At the centre, a continuous seconds hand flows gracefully around the dial’s circumference evoking the realism of the scanning motion as done by the light beam on a real radar display.
The dial is topped by the iconic red tinted sapphire crystal glass which decorates its underside with the hour and minute scales, a choice made for better durability against impacts and abrasions. Beneath the two concentric discs lies a classic automatic winding movement, the BR-CAL.302 calibre. Due to the complex nature of the design, the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Red Radar Ceramic and its ultra-light discs had to be carefully engineered to preserve a decent power reserve. Bell & Ross’ team of talented engineers ensured that the precision of the watch movement was not altered by friction between these dials, guaranteeing no deformity and constant parallelism. In the end, they ensured the movement delivered a healthy power reserve of 42 hours.

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Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Heritage

Launched in 1992, Bell & Ross was founded by Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo. The first Bell & Ross models were very similar to those of Sinn Spezialuhren and officially, this collaboration lasted till 2002 (although Bell & Ross made their own models long before that year). Most people who started their interest in watches just recently, probably know the BR Instrument watches best. In 2005, the first BR instrument was introduced and Bell & Ross clearly have been inspired ever since. They have been introducing various models based on the famous flight panel instruments, including the BR 03-92 that’s now being featured on Fratellowatches. A 42mm glass bead blasted steel case with black carbon powder coating and amazing orange coloured hour markers, logo and hands. The matching Bell & Ross strap with a black carbon powdered steel buckle matches the dial perfectly. Inside the black case, an ETA2892-A2 movement is ticking away your precious time with 28.800 beats per hour. This movement could be considered commodity, as it is being used by numerous brands who don’t manufacture their own movements. It is a perfect movement, that has proven itself over time (since 1982, when the first version of this movement was introduced). A watch maker can get this movement to run as accurate as it gets with respect to mechanical watches. I didn’t have the time or the equipment at hand to test the accuracy of this particular Bell & Ross movement. As I wrote above, the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Heritage strap and clasp are a perfect fit to the case and dial. As you can see, the buckle is quite large but certainly not uncomfortable when wearing or using. The modest BR logo is engraved in the black carbon powdered clasp. The tan coloured strap with white stitches and fabulous & logo will probably become a bit darker when wearing, but just like good Santoni shoes, it will age nicely. The case back is a bit confusing with all the engraving in it. Especially the screw that you shouldn’t unscrew is very tempting to use your screwdriver on. This screw is to be able to remove the crown, but this should only be done by a watchmaker who knows what he is doing. The engraving further bears some very true but yet irrelevant information, like the fact that it is a stainless steel case, that it has a mechanical automatic movement inside and that it is made in Switzerland. The one thing engraved that is useful, is the water resistance level of this watch. You can use this watch with a Bell & Ross rubber strap as well, and that would make it perfectly useful for a swim. This rectangular shaped watch is very comfortable on the wrist. Although I could probably handle its bigger brother, the BR 01-92 (which is 46mm), this one sits perfectly on my (large) wrist. The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Heritage thick luminous hour markers and logo are a joy to glance at when wearing this Instrument watch. The 4 screws in the dial (for attaching/de-attaching the movement) are part of the ‘flight panel’-look and do not disturb me whatsoever. The small round date window is located between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock and keeps the dial very clean.

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Bell and Ross BR 03-92 Diver

In the time I spent with the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver I came to think of it as an armoured car. Not the conspicuously bulked-up and blinged-out vehicle beloved by the A-list, instead this diver is more akin to the subtly strengthened Land Cruiser, one that looks significantly like the regular model, but can handle IEDs and assault rifles. To me that’s what this Bell & Ross is — a super tough take on the brand’s famous instrument watch.
It’s the case that really earned the armoured car analogy. From a quick glance, the BR 03-92 Diver shares the same 42mm steel case, but look closer and you’ll notice that quite a lot has changed to earn that 300-metre water resistance rating. The sapphire crystal is significantly super-sized, at 2.85mm thick, and the caseback, with its four screws, is a millimetre thicker than regular, non-diving models. And while these modifications would go largely unnoticed, the block crown guards and solid unidirectional bezel give the dive watch game away.
Bell & Ross dials have always prioritised function and legibility, and this diver is no exception, even though the execution is a little atypical. Instead of the more traditional Arabic hour markers, this watch has the system of dots and dashes that is fairly stock in trade for the diving genre. Similarly, the hands are relatively simple and straight, with ample lume. The hour hand is distinguished in orange, to avoid any confusion underwater. There’s a lollipop pip on the seconds hand — another requirement of the ISO standard for dive watches, allowing you to quickly see that your watch is functioning in low visibility. That subtle date at four isn’t required, but it is handy. The theme of tried, true and tough extends to the movement, as Bell & Ross has opted for the SW 300 to power this watch. Given the price, and the fact that the movement is hidden away, it’s an absolutely understandable choice. The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver movement is shielded from magnetic influence thanks to an iron cage. Heavier than you’d expect. Bell & Ross’ instrument watches have never been delicate on the wrist, but this diver really amps up both the weight and the visual impact. The stubby lugs and wide rubber strap make it a comfortable wearer, and not too top-heavy.
As I said in my video review, my initial surprise at a Bell & Ross quickly transformed into surprise that we hadn’t seen a square diver earlier. Square divers are pretty uncommon, and offer a nice alternative to the parade of circular models that we usually see. I think it’s a really strong move from the brand and one that opens up some interesting new doors for future collections.

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Bell and Ross – BR 05 DIAMOND

With this new chapter, launched in 2019, Bell & Ross has entered the urban landscape. As a new line, the possibilities are endless and the design of the BR 05 opens up an immense scope for creativity.

For this new version, the brand has worked to highlight the precious side of this Urban Instrument. As a result, the BR 05 has turned into a precious gem: the BR 05 DIAMOND.

Reflecting the finest Haute Horlogerie craftsmanship, this timepiece mirrors the architectural modern design of the brand’s latest urban collection. The lines of its 40-mm case combine round and square, the basic geometric shapes which form the identity of Bell & Ross.

For the BR 05 DIAMOND, the bezel of the steel case is set with 172 diamonds, equivalent to a weight of 0.88 carats.

For optimum legibility, the black sunray dial contrasts perfectly with the applique white numerals and metal skeletonised hour and minute hands, all filled with Super-LumiNova. The 11 diamonds (0.08 ct) replace the indexes, while the small date takes its place at 3 o’clock.

One dial but three possibilities to wear. For a sporty chic touch, the black rubber strap is perfect, while the satin-polished steel bracelet will provide its wearer an elegant look. Last but not least, a luxury version made of steel, and set with 218 diamonds – weighting 2.84 ct – will complete the range. To set the bezel, which offers a large setting surface, Bell & Ross opted for the circle alternative. A total of three concentric circles of diamonds around the opening. On the other hand, in the articulation links, the setting is linear. Both the circle and the straight line give a clean and graphic look to the setting.

The timepiece adorns a BR-CAL.321. mechanism, wound by a 360° oscillating weight. The sapphire glass case-back reveals the beating heart of this movement.

The BR 05 DIAMOND combines technicity, elegance and sophistication in an integrated design. It will appeal not only to art lovers, aesthetes, watch collectors, but also to men and women looking for singularity.
Staying true to its commitment to instrument watches, Bell & Ross shines it up a little in the new BR 05 Diamond watch by adding diamonds to the case, dial and bracelet — a first for the brand for this model. The 40mm case is the famed square with a round dial that has made the brand so popular, but now the bezel is set with 172 diamond brilliants, the dial boasts 11 diamond markers, and the stainless steel bracelet is set with 218 diamonds — for a total of 2.84 carats. It is powered by an automatic mechanical movement.

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Bell and Ross BR S BLACK

A few years ago Bell & Ross released their first women’s version of the BR 01 style watch called the BRS (which I first discussed here). The idea of the watch was to be a smaller, more fashion oriented version of the BR 01 done in ceramic. Available in black or white ceramic, it is hard to argue that Bell & Ross wasn’t at least partially influenced by the success of the Chanel J12. Lovely in its design the BRS cannot really be categorized as strictly a woman’s watch, but that is the intended market as I see it.
Bell & Ross experimented with ceramic before the BRS, and since the BRS has continued to offer good looking ceramic watches in various forms. The hard material makes for a good looking case that when polished retains the sheen forever really. The BRS case is a 39mm wide square and is very thin. I believe that originally Bell & Ross wanted to include a manually-wound mechanical movement in the BRS, but later decided that a Swiss quartz movement was best. I tend to agree as women often prefer the convenience of quartz movements, especially if they have a range of watches that they wear.
Unlike the BR 01, the BRS has a removable caseback which shows that the design of the case is different as opposed to being merely miniaturized. Though visually that is how it looks. The iconic square case is here complete with the large screws on the top of the case. You will however notice that the lug structures are different and better designed for the small case dimensions.
The white ceramic BRS is certainly more feminine that this black version and combines white ceramic with polished steel. On a patent leather strap all versions of the watch are rather feminine, but you can alter that look by placing the BRS on a different strap. For example, imagine this black one on a NATO strap and you can see how that can make it more unisex in design.

Water resistant to 50 meters, the case has an AR coated sapphire crystal. Looking at the dial you can see the evolution from the BR 01. The BRS has a more elegant dial with a subsidiary seconds dial. True to the theme, the hands and hour markers are all coated in SuperLumiNova.
For those wanting more of a jewelry look Bell & Ross offers the BRS watch collection (both the black and white models) with diamonds on the bezel. I’ve seen BRS watches on women “out in the wild” and I really like the look on feminine wrists. It isn’t something for everyone though due to the size and style, but I think Bell & Ross makes a rather persuasive argument for a nice looking womens’ collection with the BRS.

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Bell and Ross BR V2-94

One of the most fashionable new watches at Baselworld 2019 was, not surprisingly, released by Paris-based Bell & Ross. Using the BR V2-94 watch collection as a base, the new-for-2019 limited-edition reference BRV294-BC-BR/SCA BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze combines a “rich look” with affordability in a non-tarnishing bronze case. On the wrist, you’d be hard-pressed not to think this watch was solid gold when viewing it from a few feet away. Enthusiasts, however, know that its wearer is more practical than flamboyant, opting for great design and aesthetics over sheer showing-off.

That isn’t to say the Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze is a budget watch, at just under $5,000 — but it sure costs less than if the case were in gold. Bell & Ross’s BR V2-94 case is 41mm-wide and paired with actual screw-down chronograph pushers and a matching crown. The rear of the watch has a bellytanker automobile motif printed on the exhibition caseback window, as this is part of the Bell & Ross Bellytanker watch collection that debuted not too long ago.
Inside the BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze watch is a Swiss ETA 2894 automatic chronograph movement (that they call the BR-CAL. 301) with a lightly decorated movement visible through the rear of the case. The chronograph on the dial is laid out with only one subdial (the other subdial is for the running seconds) making it a 30-minute chronograph. A small circular window between 4 and 5 o’clock has the date using a discreet black-colored disc.

Black and gold with some hints of red mark the attractively designed Bellytanker Bronze dial. The gold-toned subdials are a nice touch and remind me of the color palettes of certain Everose gold Rolex Daytona watch models. As I said above, Bell & Ross didn’t choose oxidizing bronze but rather a stable bronze alloy. This is an important distinction because the bronze alloys that helped popularize bronze as a modern watch material do, in fact, “patina” over time. This Bell & Ross with a bronze case (and some other watches out there) opted for a metal alloy that does not oxidize and subsequently patina. The watch will, of course, scratch, but it won’t start to get green or black over time. I prefer stable bronze, more often than not, and given that the BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze is going for a more chic (versus antique) look, I agree with Bell & Ross’ decision use stable bronze for the case.

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Bell and Ross BR 05 Copper Brown

A new Copper Brown watch from Bell & Ross will join the brand’s three-hand BR 05 family.

It revisits the famous square case with a round opening and screws at the four corners of the iconic BR 03 design.

Creative Director and Co-founder of Bell & Ross, Bruno Belamich, explained “You have to breathe life into a range. It can be achieved through technique (movement), materials, or details. For the BR 05 Copper Brown, we chose the colour.”

When presented in 2019, the 3-hand BR 05 range offered three different dial colours; black, silver grey and navy blue.

Today’s release is the brand 4th iteration, offering the watch in metallic brown with copper highlights.
As its name suggests, this watch is adorned with a golden-brown dial, enriched by a sunburst finishing which gives shine and a sense of preciousness recalling the light of the end of a summer’s day.

This colour was developed specifically for the BR 05, which is the only Bell & Ross watch to feature it.

Two main operations make it possible to obtain this tone and this particular depth:

– Machining: The sunburst effect is obtained by circular micro-engraving of the metal plate of the dial. This work gives all its luminosity to the colour which varies according to the inclination of the dial.

– Varnishing. Several coats of transparent varnish in brown are applied to the metal plate of the dial which gives its depth, and its uniqueness to the colour of the Copper Brown.

Mr Belamich recalls: “Brown is a colour that is increasingly in demand in watchmaking. It’s an easy-towear, stylish colour commonly found in the modern man’s wardrobe.

“The BR 05 Copper Brown is intended for elegant city dwellers looking for a chic, dressy, contemporary watch. Its mainstream light brown hue, which recalls the soft leather tints, is easy to wear every day.”

For a sportier feeling, the BR 05 Copper Brown is also available on rubber strap which comes in a colour, specifically developed for it, harmonising perfectly with the light brown of the dial.

This watch is powered by the in-house self-winding BR-CAL 321 calibre.
Bell & Ross’ BR 05 series has become increasingly diverse in recent months, introducing precious metals and additional complications to the collection. However, Bell & Ross haven’t forgotten about the steel, three-hand model at the core of the range, expanding it with a new dial option: the BR 05 Copper Brown. When the Bell & Ross BR 05 collection was first introduced, it added a simpler and more versatile interpretation to the aviation-themed, circle-in-square design that made the Parisian brand famous. The collection, which started with three-handed models, gained versions such as GMT and chronograph over time and developed in terms of color and material options. The newest member of the modern collection, on the other hand, has turned its eyes to the BR 05 product group again with its copper-toned dial.
As we march full into the autumn season and the leaves begin to fall, we’re enticed by pumpkin spiced lattes and urged to seek out sweaters to shield ourselves from breezy winds. But, for those that need an extra accessory to liven their outfits and keep them on time, Bell & Ross has released the brand new “BR 05 Copper Brown