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Carl F. Bucherer Heritage Bicompax Annual Hometown Edition

Since it was founded in 1888, Carl F. Bucherer has been at home in Lucerne, one of Switzerland’s most picturesque cities. The brand proudly identifies with Lucerne, but in its 134-year history, thanks to its adventurous and cosmopolitan founding family, it has established itself as a free-spirited, contemporary watch manufacturer that finds itself at home all over the world. The new Carl F. Bucherer Heritage BiCompax Annual Hometown Edition pays a unique tribute to 16 of the brand’s adopted hometowns in nine different countries.
Carl F. Bucherer will always have a powerful connection to the city of Lucerne, where it was founded in 1888. As a truly global brand, though, it also has strong links to some of the world’s most popular places and, with its Carl F. Bucherer Heritage BiCompax Annual Hometown Edition, it honors Lucerne and 16 of the other cities it is proud to call home.
Carl F. Bucherer is resolutely Swiss, so it should come as no surprise that eight of the watches in the collection pay homage to some great places in its home country: Lucerne is one of them, of course, and it is joined by Basel, Bern, Geneva, St. Gallen, Zermatt, and Zurich. Two of Switzerland’s neighboring countries, Austria and France, are represented by Heritage BiCompax Annual Hometown Editions dedicated to Vienna and Paris, respectively. Furthermore, models have also been created to honor two German cities, Berlin and Munich. Rounding out the offering are five other global capitals: Beijing, London, Mumbai, New York, and Tokyo.
Carl F. Bucherer’s CEO, Sascha Moeri, says that the Hometown Edition watches express an emotional message that is closely linked to the brand: “The entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes the Bucherer family has always included international travel. In essence, they paved the way for today’s contemporary business travelers. They set out to see the world and found themselves at home wherever they were, finding new opportunities and becoming closely acquainted with the people in the places they visited. As a result, we are represented in most of the world’s cosmopolitan cities and, in the spirit of the Bucherer family, find ourselves at home in all of them!”
Iconic Landmarks Engraved on the Case Back What makes each watch so special is a compelling 3-D-look engraving on the case back’s sapphire crystal, which is dedicated to its specific hometown. For example, the Lucerne Edition features that city’s landmark Chapel Bridge, while tribute is paid to Tokyo with its skyline and Mount Fuji in the background. The Heritage BiCompax Annual Beijing’s case back is engraved with the city’s Tiananmen Square landmark. Each edition is distinguished by a one-of-a-kind case-back crystal with a similarly iconic and identifiable monument to its respective city.

The Carl F. Bucherer Heritage BiCompax Annual Hometown Edition watches are also presented in different colors. CEO Sascha Moeri says, “We wanted something more special than a conventional watch launch. We talked to the boutique teams in each of our ‘hometowns’ about the preferences of their own clients, which allowed us to choose colors that will resonate with the wants and needs of the customers in each city.”