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Movado is always recognizable

Today leach is the chief marketing officer of Movado replica watch Movado. She appeared in Davos, Switzerland, on the eve of Basel watch show in March.

The snow up to a meter deep makes the town look romantic, and people from all over the world are coming.

The new products of 2019 were also released at the annual meeting.

Davos is a long and narrow area among the mountains of Switzerland. With special climate and high air quality, Davos has been a recuperation resort for respiratory diseases for more than a century.

The German writer Thomas Mann, the Nobel Laureate in literature, has a novel “mountain of demons” set here, not to mention the Davos world economic forum in January every year.

She has made a mark in her calendar, and every Chinese festival, she will urge other markets to prepare marketing plans.

“China is far ahead of European countries in e-commerce and digital payment.” Danni hammer, general manager of China for movanto, said he has been working in China for more than half a year.

“Before I was in charge of the Swiss market, I was mainly responsible for Chinese tourists. Now I go to work in China. I think my guests are almost the same.”

At Movado’s Davos dinner on March 18, the appearance of Amal Clooney caused a small stir.

She spoke very fast, talking about the Iraqi girl she had been supporting. She had escaped from Isis and was the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

The topic was serious, and no one even mentioned her star husband, George Clooney.

She was talking to Alexi Lubomirski, an internationally renowned fashion photographer, who produced many of the official photos of Prince Harry’s wedding.

The handsome photographer actually has the status of Prince of a country in Europe.

Starting with Andy Warhol, Movado has been launching artist collaboration series. This year, it is this photographer who will work with him to find inspiration from his passion for vegetarianism and meditation.

He has amazing beauty, but his heart is concerned about the profound issues of human, philosophy and nature. Why did he invite such two celebrities?

Hammer explained that Movado is an American company with many branches in Switzerland, and values are a top issue in the group’s culture.

Speaking of Movado, many people will immediately think of the legendary museum watch: round black dial, no time scale, a gold dot at 12 o’clock, and a slender hour hand.

This watch has been 72 years since its birth, with distinctive features. It is one of the few Swiss clock icon, and has become a synonym of the brand of movanto.

In 1947, Bauhaus style artist Nathan George hawitt designed this watch panel for movanto. The dot on the dial represents the midday sun.

“We don’t know that time is in numerical order, we only know that time is the position of the earth in its orbit around the sun.” He explains the source of creativity in this way.

Howitt is a versatile writer, photographer and sculptor. He also has many titles, the most interesting of which is mushroom Researcher – yes, he has large mushroom plantations in rural America.

This watch without time scale is a model of minimalist pragmatism, which soon became popular in the world.

In 1960, the Museum of modern art in New York chose the Hewitt dial as its permanent collection for the first time, which is the origin of the movado museum series names.

In the following decades, Movado adhered to the tradition and cooperated with avant-garde artists of all ages, leaving behind several classic art watches.

Andy Warhol, Romero Brito, Max bill, Kenny Schaeffer and others have designed watches for Movado artists.

Max Bill’s “bill time” watch and Yakov Agam’s “Rainbow” watch were later collected by museums and art galleries around the world.

More people are fond of talking about Andy Warhol, the father of pop art in America. He designed “time 5” for Movado in 1983. The essence of Warhol’s design is to create with repeated pictures.

The watch is made up of five separate rectangular cases with dials from five black-and-white street views of New York City captured by Warhol.

The watch was launched in 1988 with a limit of 250 yuan. Sometimes people call it a five time zone watch, because each watch is independent and can adjust the time independently.

Over the next 40 years, time 5 became one of the must-have items in the catalogue of art watch collectors. Whenever it appeared on the set, it would attract a lot of competition.

In 2018, the time 5 numbered 84 was sold for $7500 at Sotheby’s New York;

In 2015, Christie’s Geneva spring photo, No. 140, was collected by collectors with 7500 Swiss francs;

In 2007, Christie’s Hong Kong auction, No. 22, was collected for HK $120000

As an artist, Warhol has a lot of cross-border cooperation, but this is the only time that Warhol has worked with a watch brand.