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Some watches are not bought to show you the time

Recently, although it’s too hot to wear a watch with two bare arms, I’m still enthusiastic about wearing a watch. Except for the belt style, I’ve come out to see the sunshine. For example, in the past week, T-shirt, jeans and shorts have been on the battlefield easily, and I’ve found the most exquisite one in all my watches, but I’m not bored with it.

Classic design exists in every price segment of a watch. It depends on how we accept it.

Just recently, I saw the official propaganda message: famous musician Li Ronghao has become the global spokesman of movanto.

One is a unique musician, the other is a famous but rarely fully understood watch brand, very well matched.

But the details behind it need to be tasted with history and stories.

In fact, my first reaction to the news was: “I actually know Li Ronghao. Although I didn’t listen to his music before, I knew a little bit about Li Bai, which made him become famous.”

One of the deepest memories is that netizens laugh that the name of the author of a song from the beginning to the end is Li Ronghao. Rather than amusing “too hard to complete a whole piece of music by one person”, it is better to say that it takes years of hard work to accumulate rich experience (in these years, he has written songs for many songs, including Mo Wenwei, Gu Juji, etc., but he became famous a little later)?

He chose a singer who worked quietly in his professional field. He didn’t hype himself or play with the false heat flow. It was like a clean stream – both sides were eager to maintain a serious and professional attitude in their respective fields.

When it comes to Movado replica watch, many people’s idea is “fashion table”. At this point, it seems that there is no need to further study the topic. It’s like someone would ask me, “Wow, sister rabbit, how can you have a mofanta?”

Regardless of the price, wearing a watch is probably one of my major characteristics, but how to be informal is based on understanding.

This time, with the momentum of Li Ronghao, movanto just launched a new series of works of the museum, which is equipped with a new Milan belt.

Minimalist design, except for the small dot at 12 o’clock, there is no scale. Someone will always send out soul torture: “ah, how do you look at time?”

If you are moved by the design and define it as “wrist accessories” (in my eyes, how expensive a watch has an accessory role, otherwise why I waste precious wrist resources), you won’t care about the problem of watch time.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the history of movanto – the Swiss rashadefen, founded in 1881, is also a Swiss watch of pure blood.

Compared with many heavy industry Swiss brands, the characteristic of movanto is that it is famous for its design. We can understand it as “the luxury of watch”, and the price is relatively friendly to the people.

He has won more than 100 patents and more than 200 international awards in watch design. For example, the artist series, which was born in 1987, left many interesting works.

All of these represent the creativity of the avant-garde, but it’s hard to be popular.

In 1947, the most popular series of natural products is the museum.

At that time, Nathan George horwitt, an American Bauhaus artist, introduced the concept of simplified time into the design of wristwatches, and the revolution of movanto began.

The 12 o’clock dot of his Museum Dial represents the midday sun, and the rest is light.

We don’t know that time is in numerical order, we only know that time is the position of the earth in its orbit around the sun This is Nathan George Hewitt’s own best comment on his design.

The black dial with single dot is regarded as one of the most classic works in Bauhaus style (the biggest feature is simplicity, elegance and practicality). In 1960, the New York Museum of modern art (MOMA) chose the dial design of Howitt as a permanent collection, so it also had the name “Museum Dial”.

In his opinion, they and Li Ronghao’s pursuit of art is the same – individuality and simplicity.

In fact, as far as the future consumption trend is concerned, I have analyzed it for a long time – the mass practical products are the largest, but at the same time, the pressure of consumption upgrading is the greatest.

In other words, some products are destined to be the passers-by of many people’s lives and stay for a long time. But only enough personality, can cross different stages of consumer groups, whether primary or high-level consumers, may choose.

At present, there are more than 70 shops in China’s first and second tier cities. In addition, tmall and Jingdong have been launched, so China’s layout is relatively perfect

“Winning the world with one design” is not a legend. It can go for a long time, especially in a big market like China.

However, I can more accept Li Ronghao’s words: “music and time have their own melody and rhythm, we should adhere to the original heart and find the origin of life.”

Whether we are not professional or not, we can always find our own strength.