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2020 rolex tudor watch Price increase

From January 1, 2020, Rolex has increased by 3-5% in the whole line. Compared with the price adjustment in 2019 (there are rises and decreases), this comprehensive price adjustment still shows that Rolex replica watches is very confident in the short-term sales situation and shipment volume of the brand in 2020. In the current downturn in the export of Swiss watches and clocks and the impact of smart watches on traditional watches, Rolex’s counter trend has attracted the attention of the industry.

There are many reasons for Rolex’s price rise, such as the rise of raw material price and currency depreciation. However, frequent price adjustment is not a smart measure for consumers. But for Rolex, as long as the quality is strong enough, the brand can not be sold.

Replica Tudor watch up 2% – 10%

With Rolex advance and retreat of the tudor replica watch , of course, can not avoid the price rise of this move, and compared with the big brother Rolex, the price rise is relatively bold. For example, popular small copper flowers, up nearly 10% of the price.

After the announcement of China’s tariff reduction measures, it is easier for luxury goods to enter China, and the price gap between domestic and foreign luxury goods is gradually narrowing. Of course, this price adjustment is not only in mainland China, but also in the global market.

For consumers, the price rise is bound to be detrimental to their “wallet”, extend the after-sales period, strictly abide by the quality demand, and the rise of currency. These reasons cause the final result of the above-mentioned brand price increase. Maybe it is true that the old saying “buy early, enjoy early”? Of course, all purchasing behavior must be within the scope of their own ability.