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Replica Vacheron Constantin VS Fake Rolex

Replica Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch brand in the world. They have been making high-end timepieces since 1755. That’s 150 years longer than Rolex (since 1905) which gives you some context as to how old.

Fake Rolex is the largest manufacturer of luxury watches in the world and cranks out an estimated 2,000 watches per day. Does Rolex’s production output compensate for Vacheron Constantin’s 150 year head start?

The one thing that is for certain is that both brands produce unbelievably well-made watches. While Rolex watches is the most famous luxury watch brand in the world today, Vacheron Constantin has some special credentials to call their own. Aside from being the oldest watch manufacturer in the world, they also produced the most complicated watch in the world, the double-dialed VC 57260 with an outstanding 57 complications. It has a value which is estimated at $8M.

Vacheron Constantin or Rolex
Who makes better watches?

To understand where this question is coming from, you should first ask yourself:
“What makes one watch better than another watch to me?”

There are features, specifications and characteristics which you value in a watch and oftentimes they may be different than what someone else finds most important.

In short, they both do. For some, Vacheron makes better watches because they may be looking for a high complication watch. For others, Rolex makes better watches because they are looking for watches with maximum resale value or a watch that everyone will recognize as a luxurious brand.

In terms of straight up horology know-how, the answer looks like it’s leaning towards Vacheron Constantin. Simply because the extra 150 years of experience that they have over Rolex puts VC in the category of Haute Horlogerie / High Horology (watches with very high complications).

In terms of brand recognition and resale value, the better one would have to be Rolex. Rolex produces many very well made, prestigious watches that hold their resale value (on average) more than any other brand. So as you can see they are both special watches in their own way.Start by asking yourself the real question: “What qualities am I looking for in a watch?”
Which Watch Brand is Better: Vacheron Constantin or Rolex?
Regarding brand recognition, VC isn’t nearly as world-famous as Rolex. The average layman wouldn’t know about Vacheron Constantin the way they would know about Rolex watches. Nonetheless, they are still high up there in the top 50 Swiss brands. Rolex is the most recognized brand of Swiss Watches in the world. Vacheron is #15 on the list of the most recognized Swiss watch brands.