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Omega or TUDOR for men’s watch?

Let’s talk about the level of Omega fake watch and TUDOR Replica watch. According to the current classification standard, the two brands are not in the same level. Omega is positioned one step higher than the TUDOR.

Omega belongs to the classic luxury wristwatch, while the TUDOR belongs to the advanced wristwatch level, which belongs to the same group as Omega’s Longines. Rolex is the parent brand of the rudder, with the same positioning as omega, which is a classic luxury wristwatch.

From the perspective of movement, the TUDOR only uses its own movement in recent years, such as mt5621 movement. However, Omega has a greater advantage in the movement. Its 8500 and 9300 movements, which are the main ones of Omega, have been attracting much attention. Omega has a high antimagnetic function and has been regarded as a classic three needle movement by the clock industry.

Omega is a watch manufacturer with a long history and superb watchmaking technology. From the 19th movement to 30t movement to 321 movement’s brilliant landing on the moon a hundred years ago, we can feel the strength of Omega.

At the same time, Omega series wristwatches also have tourbillons and perpetual calendars, which are equipped with complex watches, while the TUDOR does not.

Finally, when it comes to the choice, thinks that the watch with the same configuration is, of course, OMEGA. If it is the same price, it is necessary to analyze the specific table of two brands, because, in terms of price, the brand premium of Omega is higher than that of REPLICA TUDOR.