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Replica Glashuette Original PanoMaticLunar Green Watch

Since green has become popular in the watch circle, major brands have become more and more willing to withdraw from green watches, and most of them have achieved good responses. The more popular green watches are on the market, the more green watches on the market, the top German watch brand Glashütte Original has also released its first new watch in 2021-Red Gold Forest Green Eccentric Moon Phase Watch, which is still globally available in China First published paragraph. Replica Glashuette Original PanoMaticLunar Green Watch
With a distinctive and classic design, this new model of the Pano eccentric series is fascinating at first sight: surrounded by a polished red gold case, the various displays on the dial adopt a unique eccentric layout, which vividly presents The principle of harmonious aesthetics: the golden ratio.

The Replica Glashuette Original PanoMaticLunar Green Watch uses a classic 40 mm round case and a traditional leather strap. The distinctive asymmetric dial is equipped with complex off-center hour and minute hands, a striking small seconds display, and a large date with brand characteristics at 4 o’clock. And a beautiful moon phase display. The transparent sapphire glass back cover makes the exquisite homemade 90-02 self-winding movement equipped with an off-center rotor. The exquisitely polished red gold case and crown contrast with the deep green of the dial; smooth green alligator leather strap Become the finishing touch of this classic watch.
On the hand-made dial, the color gradient is particularly eye-catching: starting from the dark green in the center, the edge color gradually changes to black. This unforgettable rich color change effect is personally created by professional dial masters from Glashütte Original’s own dial factory in Pforzheim, Germany. First, electroplating a nickel coating on the dial, and then spraying black paint on the edges to create a unique gradient effect. Next, apply transparent green paint to the entire surface. Such an extremely delicate hand-made can achieve a unique color gradient effect, and therefore make each dial unique.
The golden bright moon of the moon phase display device reminds people of the pleasant scenery of the bright moon in the sky, the sparkling lake, and the flowing green waves. The complex moon phase disc is also made by the brand’s dial factory in Pforzheim. The first step is to use a milling tool to cut out two moons and give them a wonderful convex shape. Then polish the surface of the moon with a diamond milling tool, which gives the moon a particularly bright and dazzling light. The silver night sky shining with stars is created by sophisticated electroplating technology.
Replica Glashuette Original PanoMaticLunar Green Watch iconic double gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism and various other Glashütte’s unique traditional watchmaking art elements (such as three-quarter plates, blue steel screws, screw-fixed gold sleeves and other Glashütte) Suti’s unique decorative craftsmanship) provide indisputable evidence of their extraordinary origins.