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Minimalism appreciation Movado Ruihong watch series

To a great extent, Movado replica watch tabulation has changed a lot compared with before. In terms of design style, many brands have abandoned the complicated design and replaced it with clear and concise lines. Among them, Movado replica watch is loved by more people because of its iconic compact panel design. Today, the watch house will come to appreciate a minimalist watch of the red series.

When brand design forms its own unique style, it represents people’s recognition and love for it. This is the case with Movado replica watch. Among the brands with the same positioning and pricing, why is it more popular with most consumers. The reason is closely related to its unique design and self style.

The design of this Ruihong series is similar to that of the brand’s iconic Movado replica watch Museum series. It is also a simple disk without time mark design. But what’s special about it is that it adds a date display panel at 6 o’clock (below the dial) and a red brand logo design, which gives this watch a little bit of brightness and practical performance.

The whole dial still adopts the minimalist design style. The design of the small second dial and the sword shaped pointer present a young and simple style.

The case is made of stainless steel, and various grinding methods are used to present different layers of styles.