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Louis Vuitton Tambour Slim Metallic Flower

Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Slim collection includes several incredible timepieces, but there’s now a new superb ladies watch worth talking about. The Tambour Slim Metallic Flower represents the French luxury brand’s latest offering, showing off a remarkable floral pattern based on the company’s emblematic Monogram Flower.

Inspired by fluid forms, plays of light and reflections, the chic dial of this watch actually displays 60 Monogram Flowers teasing our retinas with an intense metallic radiance, while eight polished cabochons add to the beautiful contemporary design of this watch. Do you like what you see?

You might have noticed the gold finished hands, Louis Vuitton Tambour Slim Metallic Flower complemented by four iconic motifs from Louis Vuitton’s stylistic repertoire at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The luminous contrast set against the polished steel of the case adds even more charm to the visual appeal of this timepiece, that will be available with 28, 33 and 39 mm cases.

The watch also benefits from an interchangeable strap equipped with Louis Vuitton’s patented system, which Louis Vuitton Tambour Slim Metallic Flower allows owners to personalize their watches and make them truly their own. Other than that, it’s all a matter of style, preferences and exclusivity; we’re guessing the Louis Vuitton name will make any lady feel special. Did you forget that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner?