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Jacob & Co Opera Scarface

For the Scarface Opera Jacob & Co. has partnered with NBC/Universal to use the film’s iconic theme music. This is the first time Paramount has partnered with a watch company in this way and it was a challenge to secure the rights. Once the deal was done, however, Paramount agreed to license the music, The Scarface logo and the brand is now in negotiations for other iconic movie scores for future projects.
Just a press of the pusher at 10 o’clock and the 120-note music box plays this memorable music, while the entire dial rotates 120 degrees under the domed, anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The time display always stays in the correct 12/6 position thanks to an ingenious, and patented, differential system.

Also on the dial is an 18K gold, black-lacquered piano, whose keys move while the “Bolivia” music plays, and, prominently displayed on the dial in 18K gold, is the Scarface logo name plate.

Sitting in the middle of the movement is the 18K rose gold “The World is Yours” globe, taken straight from the entrance hall of Tony Montana’s Miami mansion.
Powering this timepiece is Jacob & Co Opera Scarface signature triple-axis tourbillon movement, wound by the 18K rose gold violin-shaped crank on the side of the watch. Comprised of 658 individual parts, the movement is ultra-complex, with a tourbillon that turns in 24 seconds on one axis, eight seconds on the second axis, and 72 seconds on the third. The power reserve for the movement and the music box function are separate — the watch has a power reserve of 42 hours, while the music can be played three times before you have to wind it again.
Two-comb, two-cylinder music box playing “Bolivia” from Scarface.

When the music plays, the entire dial turns 120 degrees.

Partnership with Universal Pictures.

Triple-axis, high speed tourbillon movement.

The keys of the 18K rose gold black lacquered piano move while the music plays.

18K Rose Gold “The World is Yours” globe in the center of the timepiece.

Instantly recognizable Scarface poster image on the dial.