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Jacob and Co. Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal

Few names command as much respect as Bugatti. In the automotive world, and for most luxury lifestyle blogs, the brand is the definition of performance, luxury, excess, style, and exclusivity. Crafted individually by hand and styled as a unique work of art unto itself, Bugatti transcends the idea of a car, sports car, or even a hypercar and breaks into its own halcyon tier where it only has to compete and reference itself. It can be said that, in the realm of watches and, particularly, one-of-a-kind timepieces, Jacob & Co. has much the same tradition and reputation. Thus, when Bugatti’s Veyron ended its run in 2016, there was little doubt that the successor vehicle would be anything less than pushing the envelope even further than Bugatti had done before. Now that the Chiron is nearing its 500 unit production run, Bugatti is tasked yet again with showing the world the limits of performance, the heights of design, and the embodiment of art in motion that their vehicles symbolize. To help the company commemorate the end of such a legendary run, horological masters Jacob & Co. are honoring the Chiron’s legacy with a one-off piece of art in the form of the Jacob and Co. Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal. And, like the car it honors, the watch itself will not come cheap; in fact, at $1.5 million, the watch is almost as much of a statement about luxury as the car that inspires it. Part jewelry, part expertly-engineered timepiece, the Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal is a striking example of the craftsmanship at work at Jacob & Co. whose partnership with the Bugatti brand is well-documented. In essence, Bugatti wanted a watch that evoked the spirit and engineering of the Chiron and Jacob and Co. Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal are the world’s experts at demonstrating artisanal excellence with a artist’s eye for details and styling. The watch is notably similar to other examples from Jacob & Co. except for one major difference: The construction of the case in this piece uses a transparent gemstone material instead of metal. This can be seen in the tonneau itself which transitions from a deep blue color around the base to a crystal clear at the top. Utilizing the Jacob & Co. JCAM37 manual caliber, the main attraction here is a complication resembling the engine of the hypercar that inspires it. The blue sapphire and contrasting metal accents further underpin the hypercar aesthetic while also imbuing the entire piece with a traditional automotive vibe. Designed from the top-down with the end collector in mind, the watch invites appreciation with a transparent case that allows you to examine the intricate inner workings of the timepiece. For collectors that love to show off their wrist candy, or those of us that appreciate the construction and quality that goes into such a product, the Jacob and Co. Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal is an excellent demonstration of horology as art. Interestingly, Jacob & Co. opted for a white silicon rubber strap for the wrist that mirrors the automotive theme while also tying the rest of the design’s elements together in a cohesive fashion.