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Jacob and Co. Brilliant Mystery Watches

Most watch companies make it easy for you to read the time, but Jacob & Co., is not just any watchmaker. Their latest master timepiece is the Mystery Tourbillon Arlequino Watch. The word Arlequino, or Harlequin, speaks to the multicolored gems, and diamonds that deck this 50mm watch. Jacob and Co. Brilliant Mystery Watches

Being that the entire face of this watch is made with more than 1000 precious stones, it may be a bit difficult to tell the time. With an expert eye toward one 8.18ct pointer diamond, gives you the hour, and another 9.5ct one gives you the minutes. The watch above displays 10:10. Jacob and Co. Brilliant Mystery Watches

Within the bejeweled “The Mystery” Tourbillon Arlequino Timepiece, there are two central mounted triple-axis tourbillon. Each mounts individual 60-second escapements with additional concentric tourbillon cages.

This elaborate tourbillon system is mostly cosmetic, but puts a grand stamp on “The Mystery” timepiece that holds together this mix of stones in a White Gold setting. Even the band is adorned in jewels, completing a one-of-a-kind watch with pricing to be announced. Take a look.