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Hermès Nantucket Watch

It’s a chain reaction. Reintroducing the Hermès Nantucket watch — now, linked up to a Chaîne d’ancre bracelet.

Chains are having a bit of a moment. Thick, robust curb chains meet slinky snake chains meet dinky little box links in genres that span to jewellery, accessories, and handbag hardware. It’s utility, transformed through time — softening, even — into an aesthetic that flirts with subtlety and elegance.

The Hermès Nantucket watch — designed by Henri d’Origny in 1991 alongside the square-cased Cape Cod — is immediately recognisable today with its infamous ‘rectangle within a rectangle’ case; a link-chain shape meant to evoke the House’s signature Chaîne d’ancre motif, which dates even further back to 1938. New for 2021, the Hermès Nantucket watch unfastens from its single- and double-tour leather strap and, instead, links up with a Chaîne d’ancre bracelet. A true meeting of House codes that tethers past to present.

This new anchor-chained presentation pushes the Hermès Nantucket watch closer towards the territory of high jewellery. It’s a decadent sense of occasion; one made even more so with a spray of diamonds — alongside the case on the rose-gold; a jeté dusting atop the steel — that infuses a dash of that always-welcomed moment of sparkle.

Find subtle variations between the rose-gold and steel Hermès Nantucket watch; the former glistens with a natural white mother-of-pearl dial (with or without diamond-set chatons) while the latter takes aim for modernity with sandblasted rhodium- and opaline silver-plated dials.