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Hermès Heure H Double Jeu

Have you seen it? Do you still see it? The H playing hide and seek, vanishing, the better to reveal itself. At times concealed and at others highlighted, it disappears so as to reappear more clearly. The Hermès Heure H Double Jeu plays with the codes of Hermès’ identity. In its vertical-set version, the capital letter is boldly enhanced with diamonds, while in the horizontal setting, it slips away, its lines softened. A joyful sleight of hand that reinvents the spirit of the Heure H watch, designed in 1996 by Philippe Mouquet.
Playful and contemporary, the Heure H Double Jeu watch carries within its square the paradox of lacquer and diamonds. Its steel case celebrates contrasts. In black or white lacquer, it is reinvented through two graphic compositions that subtly stage the letter H. Whether vertically adorned with 122 diamonds or embellished in its horizontal version with 93 diamonds framing a dial also set with 138 diamonds, it skilful double jeu that either accentuates the recreation_ extends an invitation to temporal recreation by playing with tones and luminescence. A H or merely hints at it. The Hermès Heure H Double Jeu black Barénia or white grained calf- skin strap, enlarged by 3 mm on either side, merges with the dial in a simple tour around the wrist. Have you seen it? Do you still see it? The loop forms an H recalling the graphic totem of this watch. Hermès creates objects shaped by artisans to make them true companions for those who wear them. Practical, functional and stem- ming from uncompromising expertise, they radiate the lightness of the unexpected. They make everyday life their playground, and each instant a uniquely special moment. For Hermès Heure H Double Jeu, time is also an object. Its inher- ent tension is translated by the house into a singular characteristic. Rather than meas- uring, ordering, and seeking to control it, Hermès dares to explore another time, designed to arouse emotions, open up inter- ludes and create spaces for spontaneity and recreation. The Hermès Heure H Double Jeu is thus the custodian of a companionable, enduring and joyous vision of time.