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Frederique Constant Classics Quartz Men watch

Frederique Constant is a Swiss company that specializes in selling and manufacturing affordable, luxury watches. Compared to many of the most famous Swiss watch manufacturers – such as Patek Phillipe – it is a very new company, as it was only founded in 1988 by Aletta Francoise Frédérique Stas-Bax and Peter Constant Stas.

Frederique Constant was purchased by Citizen watches in 2016, but even though the owner is now Japanese, Frederique Constant watches continue to be manufactured and designed in Geneva, which means that they are still very many Swiss watches.

If you look at a Frederique Constant watch, then it is apparent that the core values of the company have been represented in every level of design and construction. Frederique Constant is a watch company that has a clear ethos. The four most important elements that you will find in all Frederique Constant watches are attention to detail, cutting-edge innovation, precision design, and optimal quality.

Frederique Constant watches are available for men and women. When it comes to men’s watches you can purchase a wide variety of styles, including dress watches, as well as horological smartwatches. There is a huge choice of beautiful women’s watches too, and if you are seeking a luxury watch as a present for someone special in your life, then Frederique Constant watches are a superb choice.
Frederique Constant is a company with a conscience. Frederique Constant works most closely with heart-related charities, and it has been known to donate considerable amounts of money to these charities. It is a close partner with the World Heart Federation. Frederique Constant is known to run regular fundraising events in conjunction with the World Heart Federation which also raises awareness about heat-related illnesses.

What Makes Frederique Constant Watches so Special?
Frederique Constant manufacture luxury watches that have gone through a tremendous amount of quality control from each level of production, beginning at the design stage. This focus on design means that Frederique Constant watches are made with a lot of forethought, which often leads to a desire to innovate, leading to cutting-edge watches, just like the Frederique Constant horological smartwatch which was the very first smartwatch of its kind.

Unlike other smartwatches, the Frederique Constant horological smartwatch is able to monitor your movement and sleep through an analog dial, which means that it doesn’t feature a digital face, like most other smartwatches.

The fact that Frederique Constant watches manufacture affordable, luxury watches means that there is a lot that makes these Swiss watches so special. A signature design feature that has won countless awards for Frederique Constant is the Heart Beat movement that was first developed in 2001 but wasn’t featured in a Frederique Constant watch until 2005.

It isn’t the only innovative movement that you’ll find in Frederique Constant watches. In fact, there are more than fourteen original movements that are available on Frederique Constant watches. Worldtimer is another of the great movements that you might find on Frederique Constant watches.
Frederique Constant watches are also likely to contain some variation on the silicon escapement wheel that was first created by another manufacturer of Swiss watches, Patek Phillipe. This mechanism allows for a much more accurate and precise watch that will never lose time. Frederique Constant has also created a tourbillon that includes its innovative silicon escapement wheel.

The brilliance of Frederique Constant watches isn’t simply reliant upon the quality of the mechanisms or the attention to detail that is paid at every level of design and manufacturing. No, Frederique Constant watches are also extremely beautiful to look at, and they make a wonderful addition to anyone’s wrist.
These beautiful, Swiss watches aren’t just the preserve of men seeking dress watches either – which often the case with luxury watches. Frederique Constant sells both men’s and women’s watches, which means that you are able to purchase affordable, luxury watches made by Frederique Constant whoever you are.

Where Can I Buy Frederique Constant Watches?
Frederique Constant is a manufacturer of luxury watches, for that reason its watches are only available at official retailers. If you visit the Frederique Constant website, then you are able to purchase Frederique Constant watches direct from its online store. You will also find a page on the Frederique Constant watches website where you can put in your postcode and find the nearest retailers of its watches. There are also a number of online retailers where you can purchase Frederique Constant’s affordable, luxury watches at a lower price than the official retailers.
Frederique Constant watches come in a wide variety of styles. Not only can you buy dress watches or sport watches, but you can also purchase beautiful women’s watches too.

The top Frederique Constant men’s watches include the Classics Index Automatic which features an FC-316 automatic movement, as well as a solid gold case and a silver color dial.

Another top Frederique Constant men’s watch is the Classics Heart Beat Moonphase watch, which is an outstanding luxury watch with an automatic movement and water resistance up to 40atm.

The Classics Delight Automatic is another one of the top Frederique Constant watches that looks incredible due to the 25 jewels encrusted into it.

When it comes to women’s watches, there is a lot to choose from at Frederique Constant.

The Classics Art Deco oval is a top choice for women looking for a beautiful Swiss watch that keeps truly accurate time.

Another of the best Frederique Constant women’s watches is the Classics Carree, which is stunning in design, especially the model that features a gorgeous red leather strap. It is splashproof, has a silver dial, and has a stainless steel case.
There are so many amazing Frederique Constant men’s watches to choose from, that it is difficult to pick a single Frederique Constant watch that is the very best. The Frederique Constant Slimline Moonphase Quartz came very close to being the top pick. But when it comes to Frederique Constant men’s watches, then the Classic Hybrid Manufacture is simply the best.
It features an FC-730 Manufacture Caliber movement that is automatic and dates adjustable. The case is made from stainless steel but it has been given a rose gold polish to give it a stunning look. Overall, it is a beautiful watch that is a pure luxury at an affordable price.

Best Frederique Constant Watch for Women
When it comes to women’s watches, there is one Frederique Constant watch that towers about all others. It is the Double Heart Beat watch. Everything that the world loves about Swiss watches is evident in this timepiece which is a thing of beauty, as well as an accurate watch with an FC-303 movement.