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The best diving watch

This year’s “crooked handle” P01, the main product of emperor replica Tudor watch, has been sprayed from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. It’s pathetic (I think it’s OK, every flower goes into every eye); while another Biwan is brilliant and highly sought after. It’s really heartless to insert willows into the shade.

This is a bronze Biwan, copper shell, slate grey bezel and dial, so there is a nickname in the bezel called “slate grey”. This kind of gray has its advantages and disadvantages. People who wear it in traditional and retro style will look very advanced. But if it is worn by people with lively personality, it will be considered too plain. Personally, I prefer this kind of low-key and clean style a little more, and the more I look at it, the more it tastes.

The copper shell of Tudor watch is also different from other brands. A little aluminum alloy is added to make the corrosion resistance and hardness a little higher. The copper rust produced is not green, but close to the ancient copper color. With wire drawing treatment and 43mm large size, the temperament of the whole watch is special man. If it is used with the retro tooling style such as AMI Kaji, it will feel quite good.The movement is also very good. The self-made movement is certified by Swiss observatory. The 70 hour dynamic storage is long enough, and there is also silicon filament, which can prevent magnetism. Performance is not novel, is two words – real.

In general, this copper replica Tudor watches is particularly suitable for men with thick arms, hairy hands, or a love of retro hardcore style; however, it is not necessarily suitable for the thin and white type. Recognize the style and buy again!