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Devon Tread 2

Getting a message from a brand-rep allowing you to test-drive a watch you’ve been lusting after for about two years is always good news. Getting to do that in the horological hotbed that is Baselworld is even better. Lots of opinions, lots of opportunities to talk about the watch and lots of people wanting to take a look at something everybody knows exists but only few have seen in the metal: a Devon Tread 2. We’ve fully reviewed the Tread 2 “Shining” during the fair and give you the rundown in this extensive coverage.

In terms of traditional watchmaking, Devon doesn’t really fit in any perceivable category and kind off creates its own. It is not an automatic nor a mechanical watch as it is very much battery powered but a very special one at that. The concept first displayed in the rather gargantuan Tread 1 is further developed into the more wearable Devon Tread 2 and comes in many variations so far, including a chocolate delight and a golden nugget. Despite still being a sizeable watch, the Tread 2 is much more wearable then the Tread 1 is. You do not have to be a bodybuilder, or have “Arnold Schwarzenegger” stamped in your passport to be able to pull off the Devon Tread 2. Obviously, the first iteration of the time-through-belts watch is much more noticeable and thus guaranteed to spark a conversation. It looks radically different from anything else on the market, especially the Steampunk or Exoskeleton versions. Don’t be fooled by the more modestly shaped and sized Tread 2 though; it is still a magnet for attention, even from seasoned watchmakers. While going through novelties at various brands visited during the fair, and talking to the industry’s heavyweights during Baselworld’s annual Schnitzel Dinner for instance, just about everyone wanted to know more about it. And that is exactly what this watch will do for you, not just from insiders in the watch community but also from people in general. Mind you, it does cut down battery life since they all want to see the belts whirl around. The most notable features of the Tread 2, or any Devon for that matter, are the belts. Time is indicated through very thin but strong nylon belts that driven by micro-motors. Where the Tread 1 featured four belts (1 for the hours, 2 for the minutes, 1 for the seconds) the Tread 2 features just two. One for the hours, and one for the minutes OR seconds. That’s right, the minute belt can be turned into a seconds belt quite easily. Besides the time indication, it also features a power mode and a chronograph, both accessible through the articulating crown-lever and integrated pusher. For a seasoned journalist it is tempting to use a common word like “display” to describe this watch but it is better to talk about “settings” actually. In most watches the functions are visible whether they are in use or not, but this is not possible in the Devon. The articulating crown leaver allows the wearer to access all the settings for the watch by simply pushing it up or down accordingly. We go into detail a bit further in this review about the different options. Regardless of the obvious indications, the Devon Tread 2 has one BIG feature that cannot go unnoticed. The movement of the belts is a sight to behold, but happens in the blink of an eye. You really have to enter one of the settings to enjoy the action. Basically, there is no real dial and no real hands to show. Time is indicated through the moving belts, as mentioned, but other than an open worked plate to let you know the correct hour and minute (or second) at any given time is the only part that can be described as a dial. For the rest you can simply gaze through the sapphire crystal and see all the components that make up the “engine” of the Tread 2. You can see the actuators rotating the belts after every passed second, minute or hour and you can see the whole unit at work when switching it off. The belts are made of very light, very strong fiberglass reinforced woven nylon and are only 0.05mm thick. Depending on the model at hand, the belts have white or red numerals on them. The source of the belts is aviation, not unsurprisingly, since they are used in various indications aboard modern airliners. Despite the lack of hands, the time can be read very intuitively through the cut-out windows hovering over the belts. The horizontal belt displays the hours, and the overlapping vertical belt the minutes or seconds. When powered off, the hour-belt moves to 12, and the minute belt moves to any digit between 1 and 10. When it is at ten, the battery has a full charge and when at zero it is empty. In the chronograph setting, the hours belt move to 12 and jump to 1 after the first minute has passed. The minute-belt turns into a seconds belt and shows time through half-second increments. In total 12 minutes can be measured after which the hours belt will have made a full rotation. You could measure more than 12 minutes, by simply remembering the number of full rotations by the belt. The 316L stainless steel case is actually rather light compared to its size and appearance. Total weight comes to a very reasonable 90 grams for a watch this big. You would expect a bit more bulk but it is surprisingly easy to wear. The tonneau shaped case is milled out of a single block of steel, and measures 42mm wide by 44mm tall and 14,5mm thick. It is slightly curved to better fit the wrist, and combined with the unexpected lightness it is comfortable. The case features some nice design cues, which serve a function in some and aesthetics in other. The screws surrounding the crystal fit the engineered look of the Tread 2 perfectly for example. On the other hand, the prongs protruding between the lugs are more of designers’ choice the watch could probably do without to be honest. The Tread 2 I got to enjoy came on a no-nonsense black leather strap, which was pre-formed and padded and attached to a steel tang and buckle. The pre-formed strap is comfortable to wear, but doesn’t really give you a luxurious feeling. Devon states only to use the best hides possible to attach to their product, but the strap didn’t feel all that impressive. It is however, a nice sturdy strap, which aids the strong design of the watch. It’s just that, somehow, you would expect something a bit more up to par with a 10k watch. A more appropriate name for the movement would likely be “engine”. For each belt, micro motors are mounted on a central housing, which makes it look like the movement is floating inside the case. The motors operate in a precise, stepped succession in order to move the belts around. Given the way the movement is mounted, it allows you to see everything in action. You can really see the motors gears turning the belts. On top of the movement, the plate to cover the belts and indicate minutes and hours is screwed in place. The movement is powered by a lithium-polymer power cell that is wirelessly charged through the caseback. It is able to hold enough power to keep the Tread 2 running for as much as two weeks on a single charge. Reality is however, that during wearing and playing with it, the battery can deplete quite a lot faster. During this review, which involved a lot of playing with the Devon Tread 2 watch, the battery dropped from full to 80% after only the first two days of wearing it. Obviously it was exposed to a lot more abuse than normal. Precision cut ruby bearings are used in various parts of all Tread movements, cutting down on maintenance and increasing durability. In terms of accuracy, the Tread 2 will only deviate up to half a second a day.

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Devon Tread 2 Replica

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Devon Tread 1 watch

The basic theme of this electro-mechanical timepiece is that time is told on belts (the treads) and read through windows placed over segments of those belts.

It doesn’t take long to figure out how to tell the time when looking at the dial – even though you see a lot going on. This isn’t the first Devon Tread 1 watch to tell the time via belts, but certainly is one of the coolest to do so. In a nutshell, the Devon Tread 1 offers a totally unique wearing experience that is much more akin to a electronic gadget that a traditional timepiece. It transcends both the watchmaking world and the gadget world, but borrows heavily from each. It is the Tread 1 one, and it is certainly worth knowing about.
My first hands-on experience with the Devon Tread 1 watch was outlined here. The video I took of a prototype got a surge of views (and was pretty cool I have to admit – you can click on the link to check it out ). People never saw anything like it, and it goes without saying that the watch has a significant “gee whiz” factor to it. For many, it is the ultimate watch gadget – and in many ways it is.

While the Tread 1 is large, Devon did a good job with the design to ensure wearing comfort. The case is 53.3mm wide by 47mm tall and 19mm thick. I have small wrists, so the watch will likely not look at large on your arm. As you can tell, the lug structures that the rubber strap is attached to slope down considerably in order to have the watch wrap around the wrist. This helps the watch be more stable and comfortable.
The watch case is steel, but the back of it is DLC black coated steel. There you will also find the unique serial number of the watch. It is also where the watch sits when you are charging it. The crystal is polycarbonate – the same material used for bullet-proof glass. It is also AR coated for clarity. Inside the watch is a complex assortment of microstep motors, belts, and a processor. It is a quartz regulation based device, and according to Devon it is thermo-compensated which means it should be more accurate. The processor controls the functions and all the small motors. Rather than have a crown, the watch has a controller. You sort of operate it like a crown though, and is placed at the bottom parts of the case.
Looking inside of the watch is a treat. What is really special – especially for seasoned watch lovers is just how different it is. It looks more like a machine than something you’d see in a Swiss watch. There are screws and belts, and plates. It looks like some was playing with the world’s most complex Erector set. Seeing everything work together helps you appreciate how difficult it was to design from scratch. Few people in the mechanical watch world ever design things totally from scratch as there is generations of knowledge to build off of. For Devon, no one had ever done anything like this – so they have little to guide them.

The small one-step motors I understand were originally designed for use in medical devices. They move in just one position at a time, and the on-board controllers helps tell them how many times to move. Watching the Tread 1 operate never seems to get old, but the watch is loud. Devon tried to dampen the noise as much as possible, but each time a tread moves (which is every second with the seconds belt) it makes noise. It isn’t quite a “tick,” more a quick grind as the motors turn the belts.
While the Devon Tread 1 watch is loud, Devon does include a “quiet mode.” In this mode the watch stops showing the time and goes silent. Internally it still tells the time, but doesn’t show it until you de-activate quiet mode. It is a good idea that Devon included this. You can learn more about quiet mode and how to operate the Devon Tread 1 by looking at the online instructions manual here.

While the sound of the Tread 1 can be distracting at certain times, at other times you might see it as a benefit. This is a watch meant to attract attention, and it does that both visually and through sound. Imagine for instance that you are in an elevator with a few people. They are all gonna hear the Tread 1 and look straight at your watch. What other high-end timepieces literally call attention to themselves like that?
Reading the time and wearing the watch is pretty easy. The wide strap and unique buckle are cool to say the least. Operating the Tread 1 is also pretty simple once you read the instructions. The watch runs off a lithium polymer battery that lasts about two weeks during normal use. You don’t replace the battery regularly but rather charge it. To do this Devon includes a magnetic induction charger that you simply place the watch on top of. The seconds belts also doubles as a battery life indicator because it will move in two second steps when the battery life is running out. Given all the power that the watch consumes, I would say Devon made the best of the situation. By the way, the watch does have an ON/OFF function as well to conserve energy.
When it comes down to it this Devon Tread 1 watch pretty much epitomizes California cool. It took suave geeks to make this work and to design it. It plays games with the traditional notions of high-end watches and succeeds in offering something special that hasn’t been done before. It has its quirks, but that gives it personality. According to Devon, more watches are coming, but the same concept should remain the same. This is so much more than a gadget watch, it is a lifestyle watch for gadget lovers – and I am totally one of those people.

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Devon Tread 1 Replica Watch

Here it is, hands-on coverage with a close to final production ready prototype of the highly anticipated Devon Tread 1 watch. While it tells the time and is a luxury item, the Devon Tread 1 shares very little with the rest of the high-end watch world. Despite the fact that it has plenty of moving parts, this isn’t a mechanical watch in the traditional sense. It uses a micro-controller board, rechargeable battery, and small motors to power the movement, as opposed to being a purely mechanical machine that is spring powered. There are a series of small, micro one-step motors in the movement that pull the treads that indicate the time. The treads are sophisticated reinforced nylon belts that move around the dial in a ballet of synchronized moves. The video should illustrate that well. The Tread 1 is really among the most gadgety watches I have ever had the pleasure of wearing.
I wrote a bit more about it on the Jameslist Blog when it was first announced, but I wanted to wait to get further into it, until after I got my hands on the watch itself for some play time. Size wise it is pretty big. The squarish case is a nice mixture of curves and angles, but its dimensions are hefty. Still, the Tread 1 is surprisingly comfortable to wear. Unlike other large sizes watches with “novel” designs, the Tread 1 is a watch I think I could wear for hours and hours without and discomfort. Part of this has to do with the curved lug structures, and the form fitting, thick rubber strap. The case is in steel, due to have various levels of polish, and the back part of the watch will be DLC (diamond like carbon) coated. This prototype is sans DLC. Crystal over the dial is not sapphire, but rather the same type of polycarbonate that are used for bullet-proof windows. While at this thickness the Devon Tread 1 Replica won’t stop a bullet, it does provide for something a bit more durable on the shatter resistance side than sapphire. Though sapphire would be more scratch resistant. However, a sapphire crystal of this shape would be extremely expensive and difficult to manufacture, significantly upping the price of this watch.
It is a good idea to understand why this watch came into existence. It is the brainchild of Scott Devon, owner of the Devon line of luxury goods. Devon is working to have a full line of clothes, fragrances, and more. There was even the Devon GTX supercar, that may eventually see its way to full production. The two existing cars are beautiful American supercars. The Tread 1 is hopefully the start of an entire new type of luxury watch brand. American in spirit, design, and manufacture. Most of the parts in the Tread 1 watch are made by aerospace part suppliers, and the watch is assembled in Southern California. Almost no one who is supplying parts to the Tread 1 has ever made, or supplied parts to a watch before. This is a new experience for them all, which gives the Tread 1 a look and feel that is unique among the legions of novel European watches that are theoretical competitors. At the same time, while the Tread 1 isn’t a cheap watch, it is far less expensive than other wild looking watches of this type that you’d find coming out of Switzerland. Further, almost all the part in the Tread 1 are made specially for the watch. Save for the small motors and screws…

As a computer and a electronic device with motors, using the watch is a bit different than standard mechanical watches. The movement functions include the hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as a function for indicating the power reserve of the battery. On a full charge, the lithium ion battery should last two weeks. The watch can be “turned off” by pressing in the crown for a few seconds. This stops the treads, but allows the watch to continue telling the time for along time until you turn it back on again. The crown is more like a switch. It is a pushers, and can be moved from left to right like a switch. It doesn’t spin all the way around. When adjusting the time, pushing the crown in one direction adjusts the hours, while pushing it in another direction adjusts the minutes. The final crown will have a nice Devon logo engraved in it by the way. You’ll find that despite the complexity of the techie looking dial, the time is really easy to read through the proper windows. The tread with the seconds indicators on it is constantly moving horizontally on the lower dial. It makes a noise that sounds like a bionic quartz watch. To make a smaller watch with less power consumption, Devon is also working on a Tread 2 model that only shows the hours and minutes. No release or schedule for completion has been set for the Tread 2 however. Like all those gimmicky wireless charging pads for you phones, the Tread 1 also uses wireless charging to keep the battery powered. Only here, induction charging makes more sense. There will be a unit built into the watch case that is used for charging the watch. Simply place it down on the charger and let it do its thing. The case itself needs to be plugged in to the wall. Apparently the induction charging system was a pain to engineer, but it seems to work well, and produces a safe and convenient way to charge the watch. Power for the battery only last two weeks because of the large draw of power used up by the constantly moving seconds belt.
As the Tread 1 is closer to a computer than a tradition watch, it is something with software – which can be upgraded. The same place in Southern California that will assemble the watch will also service it. Devon Tread 1 Replica is set up to fully support its customers and service the Tread 1 timepieces when necessary. Enough people are confident in the product that they have some major retail partners, including Tourneau, which will be one of the places you get get a Tread 1 watch in a few months when they are released. Also look for a dedicated Devon boutique to open in Beverly Hills soon.

At $15,000 the Devon Tread 1 is sort of alone in the the market. Other fancy luxury watches that tell time in unique manners are closer to, or above $100,000. Then again, those are purely mechanical pieces with different types of materials, and manufacturing practices. Can you compare watches that the Devon Tread 1 reminds you of, with the Tread 1? Not really in my opinion. I see the Tread 1 as a luxury gadget that tells the time. Being American, and California grown, it shares more in common personality-wise with luxury sports cars, motorcycles, airplanes, and other modern high performance machines, than say traditional watch making. Not everyone is going to love the Tread 1, but I think it is pretty cool. It will CERTAINLY grab people’s attention, and you’ll be impressed at how it isn’t like all the things you see out of Switzerland – but rather an actually novel timepiece that will make a satisfying addition to any collector’s treasure trove, who is beckoned by the design and technology that Devon Replica has created.