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Hermes Cape Cod Watch replica

Hermès ventured into the world of horology back in 1920 and has become unstoppable in its commitment to produce luxury timepieces for a wide range of market. There is always an accompanying difficulty for brands to expand expertise, especially in horology. Yet despite the discrimination against luxury fashion brands, Hermès is one of the few who stood their ground and charged head on into growing their manufacture and making their own name in haute horlogerie.

The Hermes Cape Cod collection is one of the brand’s breakthrough timepieces, attesting to the richness of background in the brand’s watches, as well as the impressive style that Hermès can bring into the table. With many impressive models under this collection, one of the major stand outs is the sleek and classy GM Matte Black Leather Wrap Watch.

The simple and straightforward first ever Hermes Cape Cod was released in 1991, bearing a single strap and evoking the coastline of Massachusetts, hence, its name. Since then, continued improvement was done to the model and various iterations have been launched, including the recent release of the Cape Cod GM Matte Black Leather Wrap Watch, also called Cape Cod Shadow.

The Hermes Cape Cod GM Matte Black Leather Wrap Watch benefits from the years-long of design tweaking and technology improvement that all the previous Cape Cod Watches have undergone. It is indeed a modern version of the iconic Cape Cod—successfully keeping intact the essence of the original timepiece, but unleashing a cool and sleek appearance that can be worn by a man or a woman. There’s no question of precision when it comes to this watch, as it proudly carries a quartz movement made in Switzerland. On the other hand, the casual elegance it exudes stems not from the minimalist dial and case, but the luxurious-looking single or wrap around bracelet made from matte black Barenia calfskin strap. Such design amps up the versatility of the timepiece, able to blend fashionably with varying dress codes, even casual wear.

Hard-core horology fans, enthusiasts and collectors tend to snub the Hermes Cape Cod watches, not because of their design and performance, but merely because of its brand name. The Cape Cod GM Matte Black Leather Wrap Watch is easily judged as just an aesthetic timepiece or sartorial detail, despite its highly impressive movement.