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Jacob & Co. Epic X Racing

This year, Jacob & Co. Epic X Racing expands the EPIC X collection with the EPIC X Racing, new coloured versions of the EPIC X that take the sporting nature of these timepieces to a new dimension. Introduced in 2013, the Jacob & Co. Epic X Racing watches are modern versions of one of the most traditional forms of watchmaking: the open-worked, or skeletonized, watch, where the movement is visible both through the dial and the back of the watch, and, as well, has had as much metal removed as possible without compromising the functionality of the movement. The goal of the craftsperson making an open-worked watch is to achieve the highest level of transparency possible, and it’s this combination of visual lightness with structural integrity that gives this type of watchmaking its fascination.
Unlike most open-worked watches, which are skeletonized versions of normal watches, the Epic X collection is built around a specially constructed movement – the exclusive Jacob and Co. caliber JA, which has been designed as an open-worked caliber from the beginning.

The movement components are supported by two girder-like structures which flank the two most prominent elements in the movement: the mainspring barrel, which stores the energy necessary for the watch to run, and the balance wheel, at 6:00, whose oscillations allow the watch to keep track of time. The high tech nature of the movement contrasts vividly with its meticulous finishing, including carefully chamfered bridges and mirror-polished screws, with the entire composition punctuated by the highly polished settings for the going-train and balance jewels.
The engineers and watchmakers at Jacob & Co. have found a way to add color to the EPIC X, in the form of inserts into the distinctive case, while at the same time using new materials in the case itself. The two case styles are micro-blasted and Satin-finished Grade 5 Titanium (the Jacob & Co. Epic X Racing Titanium watches) and Black DLC-coated Grade 5 Titanium (the EPIC X Racing Black timepieces).
The colour is added via inserts that fit into the structured case. In all versions, the right-hand bridge has EPIC X engraved, with matching coloured lacquer on these bridges. Likewise, the engraved Jacob & Co. logo appears on the inside of the case. The colours available in the Titanium (Grade 5 Titanium with coloured rubber inserts) and Black (the black is Black DLC Grade 5 Titanium with coloured Neoralithe inserts) versions are red, blue, orange and white.