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Jacob and Co. Brilliant Watch Pendant

The Brilliant Pendant Watch collection brings together art, contemporary design, traditional high watchmaking, and bejeweled beauty to a women’s timepiece.

As the name suggests this collection of timepieces is designed to be worn as pendants, suspended from an 18K gold chain around the neck as a piece of jewelry. But this collection offers so much more. The highly polished 18K rose gold and diamond-set case houses an anthracite skeletonized movement, a product of both art and traditional high watchmaking craftsmanship.

The Brilliant Pendant Watch collection is a masterpiece of contemporary jewelry and timepiece design that combines the classic art of the skeleton watch with the jeweler’s skill of meticulous, invisible gem setting.
A skeleton movement, also known as “open-worked,” is one in which all the mechanical moving parts are visible. The “skeletonization” process involves the trimming of non-essential metal on the bridge, plate, wheel train or any other mechanical part of the watch, leaving only a bare skeleton of the movement required for functionality.

The exquisitely crafted skeletonized anthracite caliber JCAM01 manual winding movement for the Brilliant Pendant Watch collection is made of 150 components with high watchmaking finishes. Rose gold is used on the engraved bridges, gears, and a Roman numeral “XII” at 12 o’clock. The balance wheel is visible at 3 o’clock, adding to the artistic beauty of the finely crafted movement.
The highly polished 42.5mm 18K rose gold case of the Brilliant Pendant Watch collection has a bezel lined with 72 brilliant round diamonds. The crown above 12 o’clock is paved 31 brilliant diamonds. Sapphire crystal on the front and back of the watch provides a full view of the exquisitely crafted skeletonized movement.
Blued leaf hands for the hours and minutes glide across a sapphire crystal dial that provides an unobstructed view of the skeletonized anthracite caliber JCAM01 manual winding movement.