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Glashuette SeaQ Replica Watch 1-39-11-09-82-08

1-39-11-09-82-08. Calibre movement. Automatic movement 39-11 Functions. Second second stop Date display Hour and minute. Case. Polished/satin brushed stainless steel with rotating bezel, rotating bezel set with 47 brilliant-cut diamonds and 1 sapphire, case replica 1-39-11-09-82-08

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German fine watchmaking brand Glashütte Seaq Replica has expanded its diving watch collection by launching two new models. Introduced in 2019, the SeaQ diver’s watch takes inspiration from the first diver’s watch made in Glashütte, the Spezimatic Type RP TS 200 from 1969.

In 2019, Glashütte Original introduced not only the SeaQ diver’s watch but the new “Spezialist” collection at the same time. The latter takes up the idea of instrument watches, drawing on a rich legacy of particularly accurate and robust timepieces developed to determine the time and location on land, water and in the air.