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Glashuette Original Watches

From their Saxon homeland, Glashütte Original timepieces often end up travelling far and wide. This is made possible by a network of reliable and exclusive partners, as well as an ever growing list of flagship stores. From Tokyo to Paris, they embody a piece of Glashütte watchmaking in miniature. Our boutiques. Based on this rich heritage, Replica Glashütte Original presents a further collection: the Spezialist. The premiere model in this new collection is the diver’s watch SeaQ, which unites history and modernity in exemplary fashion. SeaQ 1969

Modern German watchmaking, synonymous with excellence, quality and precision, is what Glashütte Original prides itself on. State-of-the-art watchmaking techniques come together with modern and original designs to produce Glashütte Original timepieces, which are only manufactured in limited quantities each year to guarantee excellence.

Glashütte Original Wristwatches. Popular Case Materials for Replica Glashütte Original Wristwatches: Tantalum. Stainless Steel. Gold-Plated. Aluminum. Solid Gold. Tantalum case wristwatches are designed with precious materials, making these timepieces upscale accessories. Constructed with scratch-resistant case, these watches will be great for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Drawing on over 165 years of watch-making history, Glashutte Original manufactures exquisitely engineered, luxury watches that excel in both precision and aesthetic appeal. Operating its own manufacture in the German town from which it draws its name, Glashutte watches are made of 95% in-house parts – a rarity for a luxury watch company.