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Tudor Fastrider Black Shield

1946 was an important year for Rolex.

It was the year that founder Hans Wilsdorf decided to create a watch of legendary Rolex quality which was more affordable. That’s where Tudor comes in. Dubbed the “little brother” of Rolex, Tudor has become a worldwide sensation, with a number of different watches that all satisfy Wilsdorf’s original vision.

The Tudor Black Shield, specifically the Replica Tudor Fastrider Black Shield, is the newest addition to the Tudor line-up. In 2012, Tudor combined forces with Italian motorcycle producer Ducati. Their collaboration produced the Fastrider Black Shield, inspired by the Ducati Diavel and hailed as the most creative timepiece to be released by Tudor in recent years. The Fastrider has essentially become the official watch of the popular motorcycle company, and its design is largely inspired by a combination of the essence and aesthetic of both the Ducati and Tudor brands.

At first glance, you’ll find little evidence of collaboration on the timepiece itself, as the Fastrider Black Shield doesn’t display a Ducati logo. But if you’re looking for evidence of Ducati’s involvement, the only immediately obvious hint at this is the triangle shield located on the left-hand side of the case, a nod to the Ducati logo itself.

The Tudor Fastrider Black Shield 42000
The Tudor Fastrider Black Shield ref. 42000, part of the larger Tudor Black Shield family, is black through and through. The chronograph has a bead-blasted surface and matte, scratch-proof finish, all inside a matching 42mmceramic case with a sapphire crystal. The pushers and crown are sturdy, built from PVD-coated steel to match the rest of the watch design.

As for the dial, the date can be found at the 4:30 mark; a 30-minute totalizer rests at 3, and the 12-hour totalizer rests at 6. The watch is water resistant up to 150m.

The Fastrider Black Shield comes on either a rubber or leather strap with a safety catch and a folding clasp. Keeping in line with its modern black look, the catch is set in black PVD-treated steel. Six different versions of the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield are available, with the only differences in the color of the markers and dials and wrist strap options.

The Tudor Fastrider is more than just good looks, however. Its engraved tachymeter scale helps calculate speed, and it runs on a high-quality Swiss ETA Valjoux 7753 automatic chronograph movement. Built for sport, the Fastrider Black Shield has a power reserve of 46 hours so that dedicated sportsman can keep going and going.

The Tudor Black Shield line of watches is unapologetically modern and stylish. Both useful and durable, the Black Shield is popular among racers, athletes, and other sportsmen. The Fastrider Black Shield’s capabilities reach below the sea, which makes it a hit with divers who like wearing higher fashion. Affordable and elegant, you’ll purchase this watch for its amazing versatility and wear it day after day for its undisputed class. Take it on the go or for a night on the town—the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield is perfect for any situation.

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TUDOR Black Shield Swiss Watch

The TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield features sporty lines and entirely matt finishes. The brushed middle case, sandblasted details and matt colours visually reinforce the technological prowess of this chronograph.

The TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield’s monobloc case is an archetype in its genre. What makes it so special? The whole case is produced as a single piece using nothing but high-tech injected ceramic, as opposed to ceramic applied as a coating. A unique operation for watches in this segment.

The Tudor Fastrider Black Shield is, unlike many other popular Tudor models, a watch that belongs squarely in the present. Even in these times when vintage watches are extremely popular, it’s crucial for brands like Tudor to also maintain a solid lineup of contemporary models.

The Fastrider Black Shield comes on either a rubber or leather strap with a safety catch and a folding clasp. Keeping in line with its modern black look, the catch is set in black PVD-treated steel.

The Tudor Fastrider Black Shield chronograph is extraordinarily light and scratch-resistant thanks to its ceramic monobloc case. You can measure periods of time of up to 12 hours in increments of a fraction of a second using its stopwatch function.

While the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield certainly has a conservative and sober personality, it has some very wonderful lines and angles. The view from the side of the case, for example, shows some of the very interesting architectural lines of the design.

The luxury watches in the Tudor Fastrider Collection have especially sporty designs inspired by the motorcycles from the Italian high-end manufacturer Ducati. Top models from this chronograph series are made of ceramic that is black, scratch-resistant, and light.

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TUDOR Pelagos Diving Swiss Watch

A magnificent example of a tool watch and symbol of adventure, the Pelagos is one of the most complete traditional mechanical divers’ watches available today. Waterproof to 500 m (1,640 ft), the Pelagos is fitted with TUDOR Manufacture Calibre. It is now available in a new “left-handed” version. The Replica Tudor Pelagos, a collection of tool watches, is one of Swiss watch company Tudor’s most popular timepieces. These are traditional mechanical dive watches that are waterproof to 500m. These are traditional mechanical dive watches that are waterproof to 500m.

  • GUARANTEEFive year guarantee
  • CASE42 mm titanium and steel case with satin finish

    Numbered steel case back
  • MOVEMENTManufacture Calibre MT5612-LHD (COSC)

    Self-winding mechanical movement with bidirectional rotor system
  • POWER RESERVEPower reserve of approximately 70 hours
  • WINDING CROWNTitanium screw-down winding crown at 9 o’clock with the TUDOR logo in relief

    Automatic helium escape valve at 3 o’clock
  • WATERPROOFNESSWaterproof to 500 m (1,640 ft)
  • BEZELTitanium unidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel with ceramic matt black disc and graduations with beige luminescent coating
  • DIALBlack
    Date at 3 o’clock with even numbered days displayed in red and odd numbered days in black
  • CRYSTALSapphire crystal
  • BRACELETTitanium bracelet with folding clasp and safety catch in steel with bracelet extension system developed and patented by TUDOR
Replica Tudor Watch Tudor Pelagos LHD M25610TNL-0001 Titanium
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TUDOR Black Bay P01 Swiss Dive Watch – m70150-0001

Replica watch TUDOR introduces the Black Bay P01, a watch based on a legendary prototype developed in the late 1960s and proposed to the US Navy, and in so doing lifts the veil on a little-known aspect of its history. THE ESSENCE OF BLACK BAY. Like all other models in the Black Bay line, the P01 adopts the TUDOR Replica Watch hands with their characteristic angular shape, known to collectors as “snowflake”, which appeared in the brand’s 1969 catalogue.

  • GUARANTEEFive year guarantee
  • CASE42 mm 316L steel case with satin finish
  • MOVEMENTManufacture Calibre MT5612 (COSC)

    Self-winding mechanical movement with bidirectional rotor system
  • POWER RESERVEPower reserve of approximately 70 hours
  • WINDING CROWNScrew-down steel winding crown at 4 o’clock, with the TUDOR logo in relief
  • WATERPROOFNESSWaterproof to 200 m (660 ft)
  • BEZEL60-notch, 12-hour graduated steel bidirectional rotating bezel with stop system for the bidirectional rotating bezel via a mobile end-link at 12 o’clock
  • DIALBlack, domed
    Date at 3 o’clock
  • CRYSTALDomed sapphire crystal
  • BRACELETHybrid leather and rubber strap with folding clasp and safety catch, entirely satin-finished
Replica Watch New TUDOR Black Bay P01 Swiss Dive Watch - m70150-0001 black dial brown leather strap
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TUDOR Black Bay Chrono Dark Watch

Tudor Style No: M79360DK-0001 Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Watch – Steel Bracelet. Limited edition of 1000 pieces and celebrates Rugby World Cup 2019 and New Zealand’s national rugby team the “ALL BLACKS”. 41 mm satin finished black PVD-treated steel case, screw-down crown engraved with the Tudor rose, fixed bezel with tachymetric scale and silver markings on a matt black anodised aluminium .

The Black Bay Chrono Dark is a new limited-edition version of the Black Bay chronograph, celebrating TUDOR’s partnerships with the Rugby World Cup 2019™ and New Zealand’s national rugby team.

Model  :Black Bay Chrono Dark
Reference  :M79360DK-0001
Complement :Steel – Steel Bracelet
On sale :2019
List Price :$180
Diameter :41 mm
Styles :Sporty
Types :Self-winding
Calibre :MT5813
Calibre distinction :Chronometer 
Satin finish
Complication :45-Minute Counter 
Stop second mechanism
Small Seconds
Case material :Black PVD-trated steel
Case peculiarity :Screw-down winding crown in matt black PVD-treated steel engraved with the TUDOR rose
Fixed bezel in matt black PVDtreated steel with matt black anodised aluminium disc with tachymetric scale
Silvered markings
Matt black PVD-treated screwdown steel pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock
Shape :Round
Water-resistance :200 meters
Dial :Domed
Dial color :Black
Glass :Domed
Strap material :Steel
Strap color :Black
Strap clasp :Folding buckle 
Security clasp
Tudor Replica Watch Black Bay Chrono Dark M79360DK-0001 Steel - Steel Bracelet
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TUDOR North Flag Swiss Watch

Discover the sporty lines and technological prowess of the Replica TUDOR North Flag watch on the Official TUDOR Website .

The Tudor North Flag is one of, if not the, most anticipated watches from Baselworld 2015. It, along with the new Tudor Pelagos, made waves by announcing a truly in-house movement for the brand. That’s interesting for any brand, but it was perhaps most exciting for Tudor fans, as one of the key differences between Tudor Watch and Rolex was the presence of the in-house movement in the Rolex .

The Tudor North Flag is a stunning, minimalist men’s wristwatch from resurgent Swiss watchmakers Tudor. Inspired by the brand’s Ranger II model from the 1970’s, this modern watch is a luxury sports timepiece that’s nonetheless informed heavily by classic models of a similar ilk .

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Omega or TUDOR for men’s watch?

Let’s talk about the level of Omega fake watch and TUDOR Replica watch. According to the current classification standard, the two brands are not in the same level. Omega is positioned one step higher than the TUDOR.

Omega belongs to the classic luxury wristwatch, while the TUDOR belongs to the advanced wristwatch level, which belongs to the same group as Omega’s Longines. Rolex is the parent brand of the rudder, with the same positioning as omega, which is a classic luxury wristwatch.

From the perspective of movement, the TUDOR only uses its own movement in recent years, such as mt5621 movement. However, Omega has a greater advantage in the movement. Its 8500 and 9300 movements, which are the main ones of Omega, have been attracting much attention. Omega has a high antimagnetic function and has been regarded as a classic three needle movement by the clock industry.

Omega is a watch manufacturer with a long history and superb watchmaking technology. From the 19th movement to 30t movement to 321 movement’s brilliant landing on the moon a hundred years ago, we can feel the strength of Omega.

At the same time, Omega series wristwatches also have tourbillons and perpetual calendars, which are equipped with complex watches, while the TUDOR does not.

Finally, when it comes to the choice, thinks that the watch with the same configuration is, of course, OMEGA. If it is the same price, it is necessary to analyze the specific table of two brands, because, in terms of price, the brand premium of Omega is higher than that of REPLICA TUDOR.

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Why did logo have rose before TUDOR?

We all know that Rolex and the TUDOR’s family are close to each other, but compared with Rolex’s name, it is a bit legendary (see why Rolex is named Rolex for details)? 》The reason for the naming of the rudder seems to be “common”. As for why does Hans wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, want to set up another vice brand of imperial helm after owning his first watch brand? According to the brand itself, it’s because wilsdorf wants to expand the relationship of the broader market. After all, Rolex said that although the price of other senior brands is relatively friendly, it still needs to save a budget to touch the brand, but there is still a more entry-level price band market to develop, so wilsdorf created the new brand Tudor replica watch in 1946.

In fact, there is a direct source of the term fake Tudor watch. It was originally named after the famous house of England in the 15th-16th century Tudor) in China’s history, this dynasty is a bit like the Tang Dynasty’s “rule of Zhenguan”. In a word, it’s a highly valued era in history. For Rolex, who was actually a registered company in the UK in the early 20th century, finding a name that can be generally recognized by the British has its origin. Even though Rolex moved to Switzerland in the 1940s, But when wilsdorf named his new brand, he first looked for inspiration from the British background.

Before 1960s, considering the royal culture of Tudor Dynasty, the brand of emperor rudder had chosen the famous story of rose war as the inspiration of brand logo design. At that time, the battle for power between the two families of Tudor Dynasty was to use red and white roses as the national emblem of Lancaster family and York family respectively. Therefore, from 1940 to 1960, the brand logo of the rudder actually had a rose to symbolize the Tudor Dynasty. The rose figure first appeared around 1936, and was first seen on some Rolex face plates. At that time, the rose figure was wrapped in a shield shaped outline, symbolizing the combination of effort and beauty. Later, around 1969, the TUDOR gradually stopped putting on the rose figure, only Leave a shield pattern to form our general impression of the TUDOR logo today.

Now we generally call Replica Tudor watch, but among the more senior players, we will hear the word “TUDOR”. It turns out that it is a transliteration of early Chinese. Although it is catchy to read, but because the brand officials think that such a translation does not sound very elegant, it is said that it was not until the end of the 1980s that the Chinese name was officially changed to “emperor”, which keeps homophony At the same time, there is a word “emperor” in the name, which sounds very powerful. It happens to be connected with the Tudor Dynasty of the name brand. So now we are used to call Tudor as the rudder for a long time. On the contrary, the term TUDOR becomes a little strange to some young fans.

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The introduction of Black Bay 36 and 41 brought a more formal feel to the Black Bay model.

TUDOR is now expanding the Tudor Black Bay range even further to include a new feminine model. A 32 mm model is being added to the existing Black Bay 41 and 36 range with an additional blue dial option available for every case size.
As a nod to the history of the brand, which has been offering the blue dial colour in its collections ever since the 1960s, the dials of the Black Bay 41 and Black Bay 36 – black hitherto – will now also be available in a new blue version. Meticulously lacquered for a touch of elegance, the new blue dial captures the light in a spectrum of vivid electric blue to a navy so deep it is almost black. With their outstanding contrast and clarity, these shades are in keeping with Black Bay’s original purpose.
Alongside the new blue dial, Black Bay is also being offered in a smaller size creating a perfectly feminine form for the first time. With its new 32 mm diameter, TUDOR’s characteristic design brings all the features of a tool-watch to the feminine wrist. Refined as well as functional, the Black Bay 32 is typical of its family, historically and technically. It is waterproof to 150 metres (500 ft), has a self-winding mechanical movement and is highly legible. It has a steel case with alternate polished and satin finish. Finally, its flat, lacquered dial is available both in black or blue. Naturally, it also has the contrasting, luminescent hour markers that are characteristic of the Black Bay line.


Like other models in the Black Bay line, Black Bay 41, 36 and 32 feature a dial inspired by the TUDOR divers’ watches produced during the 1950s. They adopt the characteristic angular hands known to collectors as snowflake that appeared in the brand’s 1969 catalogue. These contemporary models also boast a large winding crown, characteristic of the first generation of TUDOR divers’ watches that were waterproof to 200 metres (660 ft).
The Black Bay line is the result of the subtle blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary watchmaking. Far from simply being an identical re-release of a classic, it brings together over 60 years of TUDOR divers’ watches at the same time as being resolutely anchored in the present. Whilst it is neo-vintage in conception, its manufacturing techniques, reliability, robustness and the quality of its finish are consistent with today’s more rigorous requirements.


The Black Bay 41, 36 and 32 are supplied with a choice of a steel bracelet, a leather strap with a folding clasp, or in black fabric. Made in the Jacquard technique, a traditional method achieved by a 150-year-old family firm from the St-Etienne region of France, this strap is a signature feature of TUDOR, which is regarded as a pioneer in this area.


TUDOR is a Swiss made watch brand, offering mechanical watches with sophisticated style, proven reliability and unique value for money. The origins of TUDOR date back to 1926, when ‘The Tudor’ was first registered as a brand on behalf of the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. He created the Montres TUDOR SA Company in 1946 to offer watches with the quality and dependability of a Rolex, at a more accessible price point. Throughout their history, TUDOR watches have been chosen by the boldest adventurers and seasoned professionals alike.
Today, the TUDOR watch replica collection includes emblematic models such as Black Bay, Pelagos, Glamour or 1926. Since 2015, it has offered mechanical manufacture movements with many diverse functions.


In 2017, TUDOR launched a new campaign with the “Born To Dare” signature. It reflects both the history of the brand and what it stands for today. It tells the adventures of individuals who have achieved the extraordinary on land, on ice, in the air or underwater, with a TUDOR watch on their wrists. It also refers to the vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of TUDOR, who manufactured TUDOR watches to withstand the most extreme conditions, watches made for the most daring lifestyles. It is testimony to TUDOR’s singular approach to watchmaking, which has made it what it is today. At the cutting edge of the watchmaking industry, its innovations are now essential benchmarks. The TUDOR “Born To Dare” spirit is supported throughout the world by first class ambassadors, whose life achievements result directly from a daring approach
to life.

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TUDOR 1926 en 36 mm

beautiful tudor women women’s tudor watch TUDOR pays tribute to its origins and watchmaking traditions with its 1926 line, a range of mechanical watches that are timeless, classic and elegant. Available in
four sizes with a wide choice of dials, the range epitomises TUDOR’s philosophy: one of affordability, refinement, and quality.

With its new 1926 line, Replica TUDOR renews its commitment to the traditional values of fine Swiss watchmaking – a world where mechanical excellence goes hand in hand with enduring sophistication. The 1926 line is named after the year when “The Tudor” was registered as a brand on behalf of Rolex Founder Hans Wilsdorf. It captures TUDOR’s philosophy and continues down the very same path that it has trodden ever since its inception, emerging as a high-quality watch technically and aesthetically, with a level of sophistication that transcends any apparent limitations.


The dials of the 1926 model are a fine example of TUDOR’S thorough attention to detail. Domed for a vintage touch and adorned at the centre, their delicately embossed design harkens back to TUDOR’s origins, in subtle contrast to the smooth minute scale. Offered in a choice of silver, opaline or black, these dials have appliqued even-numbered Arabic numerals between faceted arrowshaped hour markers. There are also versions where the odd-numbered hour markers are set with diamonds. The wealth of detail of the dials of the 1926 line creates a striking and intricate play of light that perfectly complements the sword shaped hands with their matching colours perfectly.

THE TUDOR watch replica

The metal bracelet has taken pride of place in TUDOR design from the very beginning. Much more than a mere accessory, it is an integral part of the brand’s aesthetic and practical heritage. The 1926 line naturally has a purposemade bracelet designed with comfort, refinement and quality in mind. Made up of seven links of varying size, it closely follows the curve of the wrist. Its external links are satin-brushed while those in the middle are polished – a variety of finish that enhances the elegant appearance of the watch. Meticulously assembled in accordance with TUDOR’s longstanding skill in the field, the bracelet is flexible as well as strong.


Ever-faithful to Swiss watchmaking traditions, and to its own mechanical philosophy, the 1926 line is fitted with self-winding mechanical movement that have proved to be robust and reliable. The traditional “ROTOR SELF-WINDING” marking on the dial is a direct reference to this characteristic. Finely decorated, with a 38-hour power reserve, they feature hours, minutes and seconds as well as the date in an aperture at 3 o’clock. Offered in steel or gold and steel, the 1926 line comes in four sizes – 28 mm, 36 mm, 39 mm and 41 mm. It has been designed for women as well as men to suit wrists both big and small, with those who love beautiful things in mind. The case is made of steel, polished all over and waterproof to 100 metres (330 ft). All four case sizes are available with finishing touches in 4N rose gold which embellish the bezel and winding crown and highlight the dial details.